Category: Phenethylamines

Psychedelics can be broken down into different classifications based on their chemical structures.

Phenethylamine psychedelics are a group of (mainly) synthetic compounds that interact with the serotonin and dopamine receptors.

The most famous phenethylamines are mescaline, MDMA, 2C-B, 2C-C, and 2C-E.

Alexander Shulgin outlined over 200 phenethylamine substances he invented in his lab in one of his books titled PHIKAL (Phenethylamines I’ve Known & Loved).

DON has been both praised and scorned by the psychonauts. If done correctly, DON can lead to a great experience, but it can also backfire on less experienced users.

DOPR doesn’t have the best reputation when compared to other DOX compounds. Its reputed tendency to cause nasty side effects has led to minimal popularity.

Most users agree that DOI is one of the most potent members of its subclass, but opinions differ on the quality of its effects profile. Let's examine the evidence.

DOET is one of the lesser-known DOx compounds synthesized by Alexander Shulgin. It produces powerful hallucinations but comes with considerable body load.

DOC is a poorly researched psychedelic amphetamine. Its profile is similar to that of other DOX compounds, which means potent effects with plenty of stimulation.

DOEF is another of the psychedelic amphetamine compounds synthesized by the American chemist Alexander Shulgin. Not much is known about its profile of effects.

DOAM is one of the lesser-known psychedelics discovered by Alexander Shulgin. It holds characteristics similar to other DOx compounds, but not much else is known.

DOBU is not a popular psychedelic compound by any means. The psychonaut community has reported its tendency to produce side effects and other undesirable traits.

DOM is one of the many creations of the late Alexander Shulgin. Learn why DOM is considered one of his favorite psychedelic creations of all time.