2C-P: The Strongest Member of the 2C Family of Psychedelics

Very potent. Very long-lasting. 

By Justin Cooke Last Updated: December 12, 2023
Last Updated: December 12, 2023

2C-P is one of the more obscure research chemicals derived from the classic psychedelic compound, mescaline.

It’s a member of a large group of psychedelics known as the 2C-X drugs — which include popular members such as 2C-B and 2C-E.

2C-P is, by far, the strongest and longest-lasting of the 2C drug class. Its effects are compatible with LSD in terms of the profundity of the experience and the depth of consciousness this compound can induce.

Here, we’ll explore everything you need to know about 2C-P — including dosage, qualitative experience, safety, and more.

What is 2C-P?

2C-P stands for 2,5-dimethoxy-4-n-propyl phenethylamine. It’s an obscure substance from the 2C-X family of psychedelics. Recently 2C-P has started to rise in popularity due to its strength.

This compound was first discovered by Alexander Shulgin, who published the process for making it, along with qualitative information on its effects in his book, PiHKHAL.

Characteristics of 2C-P are its slow onset time, exceptional potency of experience, and long-lasting effects. This drug can take 3–5 hours to kick in, peaks for up to 10 hours, and lasts a total of 16–20 hours in total. It’s stimulating, empathogenic, and powerfully hallucinogenic.

2C-P: Specs & Technical Details

Active Ingredient2,5-dimethoxy-4-n-propyl phenethylamine
Level of RiskModerate
Most Common Side-EffectsMuscle cramping, nausea, vomiting
Duration of Effects16–20 hours
LegalityIllegal in most parts of the world

Guidelines for the Responsible Use of 2C-P

  1. 🐍 I understand why psychedelics should be treated with respect
  2. ⚖️ I’m familiar with the laws surrounding psychedelics in my country & state
  3. 🍄 I’m familiar with and confident in the dose I’m taking (dose range for 2C-P is 3-12 mg)
  4. 🧪 I’ve tested a sample of the substance I’m using with a drug testing kit
  5. 💊 I’m not mixing any medications or other substances with 2C-P
  6. 🏔 I’m in a safe & comfortable environment with people I trust
  7. 🐺 One of the members of my group is responsible and sober (AKA a trip sitter)
  8. 📆 I have nothing important scheduled for after the trip
  9. 🧠 I’m in a sound & healthy state of mind
  10. 🌶 I’m aware of the increased risk of heatstroke & dehydration with this compound
  11. 📚 I’m familiar with the four pillars of responsible psychedelic use — set, setting, sitter, & substance.
  12. ⏳ Know the timeline — the effects of 2C-P can last between 16 and 20 hours
  13. 🙅‍♀️ Know when to avoid stimulants — don’t take 2C-P if you have underlying heart, neurological, or psychiatric disorders

What’s The Dose of 2C-P?

2C-P has a much lower dose than most other members of the 2C-X family. The dose of 2C-P is roughly half the dose of 2C-B, 2C-C, 2C-E, and others.

Alexander Shulgin detailed the doses for this compound as sitting somewhere between 6 and 12 mg. The experience can change dramatically with differences of just a few milligrams. It’s wise for people who have never used this substance to titrate the dose — starting with a very low dose for the first session and increasing the dose gradually from there.

This compound can quickly move from being very enjoyable and manageable to overwhelming and scary.

Dosage Breakdown for 2C-P

  1. Threshold Dose — 1 mg
  2. Standard Psychoactive Dose — 3 to 12 mg
  3. Heavy Dose — 12–16 mg

Never exceed 16 mg of 2C-P. Overdoses have occurred.

What Does 2C-P Feel Like?

The 2C-P experience is strong — tread carefully with this one.

This compound isn’t recommended for anybody who doesn’t have a lot of experience with psychedelics already. This compound can bring the user deeper than most other research chemicals and can be a genuinely insightful and enjoyable experience — but it also has a dark side to it that can be overwhelming and potentially harmful to the uninitiated user.

For starters, there’s no such thing as a “mild 2C-P experience.” The threshold dose causes very subtle changes in visual acuity and an increased feeling of empathy. But when you take just a slightly larger dose, it brings you to what could be considered a “moderate” experience — consisting of strange and chaotic thought processes, strong visual hallucinations, and mental stimulation.

Secondly, 2C-P is very long-lasting. It’s common for the experience to last more than 12 hours, with some users reporting more than 20 hours in total.

Visions are notably strong with 2C-P and are somewhat comparable to LSD. The visual experience of 2C-P feels more cartoon-like than LSD but has the same breathing effects and merging patterns on objects in the environment.

Some people who have taken 2C-P report out of body experiences — meeting other entities in a similar way to DMT, ketamine (and other dissociatives), or deliriants. The difference here is that users don’t lose touch with their current reality while they experience these entities.

Overall, the 2C-P experience is well-loved in the psychonaut community, but there’s a lot of caution around its use. This compound can be overwhelming if you aren’t ready for the depth of experience this compound can produce. While it makes you feel euphoric, empathetic, and generally quite happy — it also has a dark side to it. Bad trips aren’t uncommon with this compound, and there’s a lot of mixed opinions of it as a psychedelic option overall.

2C-P has a notable effect on the body (referred to as body load) — which is common with 2C-X substances. It can cause sudden muscle cramping, nausea, increased body temperature, teeth grinding, or stomach discomfort. These effects are less pronounced than other 2C drugs like 2C-C or 2C-E.

The key features of 2C-P include:

  • Powerful open & closed-eye visuals
  • Increased mental & physical energy
  • Expanded sense of empathy & connectedness
  • Chaotic thoughts & mental imagery
  • Promotes deep philosophical thought
  • Body load (nausea, cramping, stomach pain)
  • Increased body temperature
  • Enhanced libido & sexual arousal
  • Can result in teeth grinding

How Long Does 2C-P Last?

2C-P lasts a very long time — up to 20 hours in total.

The onset of effects takes a long time as well. It’s common for people to wait 3 or 5 hours before reaching peak experience.

This is critically important to be aware of because one of the most common causes of overdosing on substances is impatience. People often feel like the substance doesn’t work if it doesn’t kick in right away, so they take another dose.

Understand that 2C-P simply takes more time than most drugs to take effect. Once one has taken a dose, they shouldn’t take any more for the rest of the session. This drug goes from 0–100 in the blink of an eye.

How Strong is 2C-P Compared To Other Psychedelics?

2C-P is widely considered the strongest member of the 2C-X family — at least as far as we know.

There could be yet undiscovered 2C compounds that are stronger than 2C-P — but from the substances that are currently available, few compare with the power of 2C-P.

The only other member that can compete in terms of potency is 2C-TCM (also referred to as 2C-CF3).

Comparing the potency of 2C-X drugs:

  • 2C-B — 10–30 mg
  • 2C-E — 10–30 mg
  • 2C-I — 10–30 mg
  • 2C-P — 5–15 mg

2C-P vs. LSD:

2C-P is thought of as being the closest member of the 2C family to LSD and other lysergamide psychedelics. This comes from some similarities in the visuals produced by these substances, as well as their potency and ability to occasion ego-death or mystical experiences.

Most other 2C-X substances offer psychedelic effects but rarely occasion deeper mystical experiences.

In terms of the qualitative effects of the experience, both 2C-P and LSD induce visuals that can be described as breathing, merging patterns, flowing surfaces, glowing edges, and tracer lines left behind moving objects.

The difference is that 2C-P has more “cartoon-like” visuals than LSD — a phenomenon that’s common in the 2C-X family.

2C-P is also longer-lasting than LSD. The standard LSD experience begins around 1 hour after taking the drug and lasts a total of around 10 hours. 2C-P takes 3 to 5 hours to start and lasts a total of 16–20 hours.

Is 2C-P Safe?

2C-P is a research chemical — and an obscure one at that. Therefore, there’s very little data available to confirm how safe this chemical really is. It’s very likely this substance shares similar safety profiles as other, more well-established 2C substances like 2C-B.

With that said, there’s only been one confirmed overdose resulting in death from this drug after it was taken at a music festival. The woman (24) took a “large dose of 2C-P” but also had MDMA and ketamine in her system. It isn’t clear whether 2C-P alone was to blame for her death.

The higher dose-dependent nature of this compound could increase the risk of this substance. It’s clear that even subtle increases in the dose of 2C-P have a dramatic impact on the intensity of the experience.

Like other 2C substances, 2C-P causes an increase in body temperature, which increases the chances of heatstroke or dehydration while using the substance.

Testing 2C-P With Harm-Reduction Kits

It’s important to always test your substance before you use them. This can be done with reagent test kits. The process is very simple and only requires a sample the size of a grain of sand. Test kits are cheap — costing less than $15 for a single reagent and around $20–$30 for a multi-reagent kit (recommended). These kits last a very long time as you only need one drop per sample.

Testing won’t show you the potency of your sample but offer a lot in the way of harm reduction. It’s the only way to confirm with a reasonable degree of certainty that the substance you have is truly what you think it is. The practice could save your life one day.

When testing 2C-P, it’s best to use at least two different tests; three or four is even better. We recommend using the Marquis test in combination with the Mandelin and Mecke tests.

Learn more: How to test your substances using drug reagent kits.

What to look for when testing 2C-P:

  1. Marquis — Should turn yellow
  2. Mecke — Should turn yellow-green, then brown
  3. Mandelin — Should turn green
  4. Froehde — Should turn green
  5. Liebermann — Should turn green
  6. Ehrlich — No color change
  7. Hofmann — Should turn light yellow
  8. Simon’s — No color change

Side Effects of 2C-P

There are a few side effects that are quite common with 2C-P, even in low doses:

  • Muscle-cramping
  • Increased body temperature
  • Dry mouth
  • Anxiety
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Headache

Is 2C-P Legal?

No, 2C-P is illegal in most parts of the world. It’s listed as a Schedule I substance in the United States, Schedule III substance in Canada, and Class A substance in the UK.

Most other countries also ban 2C-P by name or by proxy through new psychoactive substance (NPS) laws or analog laws that prohibit any analogs of known banned psychoactive substances.

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Final Thoughts: What’s The Future of 2C-P?

There’s no doubt that 2C-P is the strongest of the mainstream 2C-X substances — if not all 2C-X substances. The dose of this drug is about half that of 2C-B, 2C-C, or 2C-E, yet produces substantially more profound psychedelic experiences within its standard psychoactive dosage range.

2C-P is also one of the longest-lasting psychedelics available. A standard trip easily lasts 16 hours or more. The higher the dose, the longer it lasts. Some users have reported trips lasting well over 20 hours at a time.

This compound is well-loved in the psychonaut community, but not without its fair share of cautions and concerns. This substance produces substantially different experiences with even slight changes in the dose. It can quickly go from being a fun, empathogenic, and euphoric experience to being deeply psychedelic with dark and disturbing undertones.

Proceed with caution. It’s wise to start with a low dose of this compound first (around 1 or 2 mg) before increasing the dose.