Justin Cooke

Justin Cooke is the co-founder and creative director of Tripsitter.com — an evidence-based educational resource and media company dedicated to the exploration of mind-expanding substances, harm reduction, philosophy, and policy reform.

After graduating as an EMT in his hometown of Calgary, Alberta, Justin visited the Peruvian Amazon to learn more about ayahuasca and other local plant medicines. His encounters with Aya and San Pedro in the lush Amazon rainforest inspired him to dedicate his focus to the study of plant medicines — a pursuit that continues to this day. He earned a Master Herbalist Diploma in 2014 before moving to Australia to pursue a bachelor’s degree in herbal medicine from Torrens University.

Justin spends his time learning, writing, and talking about topics related to psychedelics, herbal medicine, pharmacology, drug policy reform, and philosophy.

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