APE Revert: An Intriguing Variant of Albino Penis Envy

APE Revert is an off-shoot of the original Albino Penis Envy strain. It shares the same other-worldly potency but has a few distinct differences…

By Connor McElroy Last Updated: November 14, 2023
Last Updated: November 14, 2023

APE Revert is a strain of Psilocybe cubensis that stems from the popular and potent Albino Penis Envy strain, hence the first part of the name “APE” — Albino Penis Envy. The “Revert” part of the name refers to a strain that has been “reverted” to an older phenotype. 

It’s believed that by reverting APE to a phenotype that’s closer to that of PE, potency and yield can be improved. However, this does affect other features of the mushrooms. 

APE Revert shrooms aren’t as phallic-shaped as Penis Envy or as white as APE. Most we’ve seen are much lighter in color than a regular shroom but retain some pigmentation. The caps are also wider and more convex.

It seems that APE Revert has the potential to throw out some monstrous shrooms as well, with one anonymous grower producing 6.26 grams (dry) from a single mushroom. 

If you want guaranteed albino fruits, APE Revert isn’t the strain for you. However, if you want big yields of large, mostly-white, highly potent shrooms, check it out.

In this article we’ll look at:

We’ll also answer a few frequently asked questions about magic mushrooms and Psilocybe cubensis strains.

APE Revert Specs: 

PotencyVery Potent
SpeciesPsilocybe cubensis
Substrate RecommendationRye Grain or BRF (brown rice flour & vermiculite)
Sold BySporeworks, Planet Spores, The Magic Mushrooms Shop

History of APE Revert

APE Revert is an Albino Penis Envy isolation created by “Jake Oncid.” Not much is known about the history of the strain, but its spores have appeared on the market over the last few years. 

However, the history of Albino Penis Envy and its pigmented mother (Penis Envy) goes much deeper…

Albino Penis Envy was created by people at Sporeworks by isolating and stabilizing an albino mutation of the original Penis Envy until reliable, stable spore samples were created. These spores are now available from a variety of vendors across the globe.

The story behind the original Penis Envy strain is a little more exciting. The original sample — the wild stock that likely looked completely different from the domesticated strain we know today — was part of the McKenna brothers stock. Terence and Dennis McKenna supposedly discovered the species in the Amazon rainforest during the early 70s. 

For decades, it was believed that a man called Steven Pollock created the Penis Envy strain we know today from a sample the McKennas sent him. He was mysteriously murdered, and his body was found with a Penis Envy shroom clutched tight in his grip.

Hamilton Morris later discovered that this story may not be strictly true. In an interview, Rich Gutierrez claimed to be the creator of PE, backing his claims with proof from a book he wrote in 1976 (five years before Pollock’s death). Pictures in the book clearly illustrate the original Penis Envy strain.

Want to find out more? Check out our article on the mysterious history of Penis Envy.

APE Revert Potency & Psilocybin Content

Like the original Albino Penis Envy strain, APE Revert is highly-potent. There isn’t heaps of information on this strain’s tryptamine content, but it likely produces similar levels to the original Albino Penis Envy strain. 

The Oakland Hyphae Psilocybin Cup is the perfect place to find information on magic mushroom strain potencies. This competition allows entrants to submit samples of strains they’ve grown for laboratory testing. These results are then published online, ranking “winners” and runners-up for psilocybin, psilocin, and various other tryptamine levels. 

Albino Penis Envy has been entered into the Oakland Hyphae Psilocybin Cup over 32 times (so far) — this has built a detailed picture of its potency and tryptamine levels. 

These results showed that APE produced an average psilocybin level of around 0.93% and a psilocin level of 0.14%. This average was taken from many samples — some of which produced well over 2.00% total psychedelic tryptamines. 

The most potent APE sample ever submitted was grown by the cultivator “Dr. Greythumb” in the Spring 2021 Psilocybin Cup, which had a staggering 1.73% psilocybin level and 0.61% psilocin level (2.34% combined). 

APE Revert Variations & Genetic Relatives

If you can’t find APE Reverts to try, here are some of its closest relatives.

1. Albino Penis Envy

Albino Penis Envy is the strain APE Revert was isolated from. Developed by “Workman” at Sporeworks, this strain is identical to the original Penis Envy, except it produces completely white fruits. 

APE is just as potent as the original and retains the same phallic-shaped mushrooms. However, it’s not as easy to grow — being much more prone to aborts.  

2. Penis Envy

Penis Envy is the original strain in the “PE series.” This is the mother strain to many of the most potent strains of P. cubensis on the planet. This strain is named after its penis-like appearance and is renowned for its unrivaled potency. Surprisingly, Penis Envy is relatively easy to cultivate.

The Shroomery user and respected mushroom cultivator “Roger Rabbit” is famous for saying, “A cube is a cube, with the exception of Penis Envy.” This strain and strains that feature PE genetics are like an entirely different species regarding potency. 

3. Penis Envy Uncut 

Penis Envy Uncut is a genetic off-shoot of Penis Envy that’s characterized by the mushroom’s veils that rarely open, even in mature shrooms. It gets its name “Uncut” because these veils make it look like an uncircumcised penis — mushroom cultivators are creative with their naming.

Some people claim that this is the strongest strain in the Penis Envy series. It has an average psilocybin content of around 1.36% but can produce higher levels when grown in ideal conditions. It’s relatively easy to grow, but yields are often lower than other strains in the series. 

4. Penis Envy #6

Penis Envy #6 is a hybridization of Penis Envy and the Texas strain

Penis Envy #6 is more aggressive than the original Penis Envy strain and colonizes substrates much faster. The mushrooms are less phallic-shaped than the original Penis Envy strain — they have wavier, wider caps more similar to the Texas strain. 

Although not as strong as some other strains in the Penis Envy series, PE #6 is still remarkably potent.

5. Trans Envy

Trans Envy was an accidental creation that occurred when two different spawns — Penis Envy and South African Transkei — were combined in the same fruiting tray. The tray produced distinctly different shrooms, which were then isolated — birthing the “Trans Envy” strain.

Trans Envy mushrooms have features from both its mother strains — thicker stems and insane potency from Penis Envy and larger size and broader caps from the Transkei strain. 

Where to Buy APE Revert Spores

APE Revert spores aren’t as common as other strains in the Penis Envy series. However, you can buy them from online spore vendors in the United States, Canada, and Europe. 

How to Grow APE Revert

APE Revert is not recommended for anyone new to mushroom cultivation because the strain isn’t particularly resistant to contamination and can be prone to aborts. However, the intermediate cultivator with a few grows under their belt and experience creating a sterile environment should be able to produce good results. 

APE Revert can be grown using a simple cultivation method known as the “Psilocybe Fanaticus Technique” — PF Tek for short. This cultivation method requires little in the way of equipment, doesn’t cost a lot, and is relatively easy to get the hang of. 

Learn how to cultivate magic mushrooms using PF Tek: How to Grow Magic Mushrooms: The Easy Way

Other Albino and Leucistic Strains

If you’re looking for albino or leucistic strains, here are some worth trying.

1. White Rabbit

White Rabbit is yet another potent hybrid featuring Penis Envy genetics. This strain is a cross between Albino Penis Envy and Moby Dick — both potent strains that produce white fruits. 

This strain was developed by a group of cultivators in Holland sometime during the 2000s; it has been gaining in popularity due to its staggering potency and ease of cultivation. 

2. Florida White (F+)

Florida White is a strain with many names. Depending on where you look, you may see this one labeled as F+, Florida Strain, Florida White, or simply F-Strain. 

Surprisingly, this leucistic strain isn’t particularly popular despite how easy it is to cultivate and produce good yields. Maybe it’s not particularly popular because of its name — F is often associated with poor results. 

It’s not a particularly potent strain — producing a total psychedelic tryptamine level of 0.36% in a recent Psilocybin Cup — but it’s a great white strain for beginners.

3. Albino A+

Albino A+ — often called “AA+” — is the albino variant of the classic A-strain. Although not a true albino, Albino A+ is easy to cultivate and produces (almost) completely colorless fruits. 

It shares the same large fruiting bodies, cap shape, and prolific spore production of the pigmented A-strain. It’s relatively average in terms of potency, producing roughly 0.80% total psychedelic tryptamines (dry weight). 

4. Albino Burma 

Albino Burma is a leucistic version of the original Burma strain. 

This is a great strain for beginners and commercial cultivators who want to produce large amounts of white fruits. It has above-average potency and appears stronger than the original pigmented strain. 

The only downside is that spores are hard to find — spore samples have all but disappeared.

5. Albino Melmac 

Albino Melmac is the leucistic version of the original Melmac strain. It’s easy to grow and produces above-average potency — three samples have been entered into the Psilocybin Cup so far, delivering an average psilocybin level of 0.66%. 

Like Albino Burma, spore samples can be difficult to find but not impossible.

6. Avery’s Albino

Avery’s Albino is a true albino variety that produces no pigment — even in the spores. These ghostly-looking shrooms have maximum bag appeal and are relatively easy to grow. It’s a rare strain, but you can find spores from several reliable spore vendors in the United States and Canada. 

With average potency, they’re nothing to write home about. However, the ease of cultivation and the potential for large yields make it appealing. 

7. True Albino Teacher

True Albino Teacher is the albino variant of the famous Golden Teacher. This strain shares the same consistent yields and potency as the original strain but can be a little more challenging to cultivate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Keep reading and see if we answer them.

1. How Many Albino Strains of Psilocybe cubensis Exist?

Any Psilocybe cubensis strain is capable of producing albino fruits. Mutations can occur regularly in mushroom cultivation, throwing up one or two albino mushrooms in a flush. 

Mutations are isolated and stabilized to create new strains, but it’s rare to find ones that reliably produce albino fruits. 

There are only around 10 different “true albino” strains of P. cubensis on the market. However, there are over 20 different strains that produce white fruits. Although these strains aren’t true albinos, they still lack pigment in the caps and stems, making them look “albino.”

2. What’s the Easiest Albino Strain for Beginners?

Albino strains are notoriously hard to cultivate. Many are prone to aborts, mutations, and contamination, making them difficult for beginners to grow. However, there are a few albino and low-pigmented strains that are approachable by newbie cultivators.

Here are some of the easiest albino and leucistic strains for beginners:

3. What’s the Strongest Albino Strain?

The most potent albino strain of Psilocybe cubensis is, without a doubt, Albino Penis Envy. This strain can produce combined psilocybin and psilocin levels upwards of 2.30%.

4. What’s the Difference Between Albino and Leucistic Strains?

You’ve probably heard the terms “albino” and “leucistic” used to describe white Psilocybe cubensis fruits. So what do these words mean, and what’s the difference? 

Albino fungi, plants, and animals have a complete absence of pigment. In Psilocybe cubensis shrooms, even the spores of albinos completely lack pigment. 

Leucistic fungi, plants, and animals have a partial absence of pigment. In leucistic Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, the spores still carry pigment, and the caps and stems of the fruits may have flecks of coloration.