Adrienne Koziol

Adrienne Koziol

Adrienne has always loved learning, writing, and doing things wildly unconventionally. 

These traits did not make her popular in school. Nor did they help her do well in college — she avoided the core classes and went for ones that sounded the most interesting, like ethics, psychology, history, and music (the music was necessary, though, since she was a music major). 

Two years in, and enough was enough. She traded school for marriage and ultimately ended up homeschooling nine kids (unconventional, remember?). This wild but fun endeavor pretty much took up the next few decades until she could breathe a little and dive back into an old passion — writing.

Now she combines years of experience with alternative medicines, her thirst for knowledge, and a knack for throwing it all together, as an editor and writer — once her spawn are taken care of.

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