Penis Envy #6: A Potent Variant of Original Penis Envy

By Connor McElroy Last Updated: November 24, 2022
Last Updated: November 24, 2022

Penis Envy #6, like the original Penis Envy strain, is extremely potent. However, #6 is far easier to cultivate due to its aggressive colonization, contamination resistance, and ability to grow in unoptimized conditions.

Another difference between Penis Envy #6 and the original Penis Envy strain is the looks. The “phallic shape” that Penis Envy is famed for isn’t as present in this variation.

In this article, we’ll delve into this strain’s origins, qualities, relatives, and potency. We’ll also discuss where to buy spores and how to produce the best results.

What Are Penis Envy #6 Shrooms?

Penis Envy #6, not to be confused with the original Penis Envy strain, is a cross between Penis Envy and the Texas strain.

Penis Envy #6 is faster to colonize and easier to grow than the original, but they still retain the renowned potency for which the original strain is famous. 

The main difference between Penis Envy #6 and the original strain is its appearance. They don’t look as “penis-like” and more closely resemble the Texas strain. The mushrooms have rounded brown caps that widen and flatten out through maturity. They’re medium-sized and have thick wavy stems.

This strain is favored by relatively new cultivators who desire to grow a super potent strain but don’t necessarily want the challenges that often come with them.

Penis Envy #6 Specs

PotencyVery Potent
SpeciesPsilocybe cubensis
Substrate RecommendationRye Grain
Sold BySporeworks, Spores 101, Ralphsters Spores

Strains vs. Species: What’s the Difference?

A strain is not the same thing as a species. 

There are hundreds of different species of psychedelic mushroomsPsilocybe cubensis is one of them. Within each species exists several different strains. 

There are hundreds of different strains in the Psilocybin cubensis species alone. Penis Envy #6 is just one of these strains, but there are many more, such as Lipa Yai, Koh Samui, Golden Teachers, White Rabbit, and Tidal Wave. 

Although all of the strains I mentioned above are from the same species, they are vastly different from one another. Some, such as Golden Teacher, colonize quickly and produce fruits fast. Others, such as Koh Samui and Lipa Yai, are extremely contamination-resistant. Some are albino, such as White Rabbit, and others, such as Tidal Wave, have phenomenal psilocybin levels.

The fungi kingdom isn’t the only place to find species with several different genetic variants (strains). Strains can also be found in animal and plant kingdoms, especially with human interference.

We love cross-breeding genetic variants within a species to create new strains. We’ve done this for centuries to domesticate animals, create more potent medicines, tastier vegetables, and faster-growing crops.

Just look at the cannabis species in the plant kingdom, for example. We’ve created thousands of strains that look, taste, and feel dramatically different. Some are incredibly potent, some are bred for CBD production, some for high yields, and some for their flavor. 

History of the Penis Envy #6 Strain

The Penis Envy #6 strain was supposedly created by a mycologist who goes by the anonymous online handle “Roger Rabbit.” However, exactly how this strain came to be isn’t known for certain. 

The history of the Penis Envy #6 strain is relatively blurry. However, one of its mother strains, Penis Envy, has more of a back story.

Supposedly, the original Penis Envy strain (at least where it started) was a part of McKenna’s stock. It’s believed to have been discovered by Terrance and Dennis McKenna in the early 70s in Colombia. 

Although it’s believed to be part of the McKenna brother’s stock from their trip to the Amazon searching for psychoactive fungi, the story doesn’t end here.

The Penis Envy strain we know and love today is widely believed to be a result of Steven Pollock’s work. He supposedly received a sample of the spores from the McKenna stock and isolated the strain. He was then mysteriously murdered, and supposedly, his body was found clutching a Penis Envy mushroom.

Penis Envy became popular thanks to Hamilton Morris of Vice. The famous psychedelic journalist wrote an article that introduced the strain to the public eye. This strengthened the strain’s foundations and may have been part of the reason it has reached such a legendary status today. 

In a 2009 article by Morris, he explains the history of the Penis Envy mushroom, at least from the information he’d been able to get on the shroom at the time. However, over ten years later, Hamilton revised his article with a podcast interview with Richard Gutierrez.

Reportedly (and mentioned in Hamilton’s 2009 article), Richard Gutierrez was mysteriously sent a spore print of the Penis Envy strain after Steven Pollock’s murder. However, in the interview, Rich said that this was complete nonsense and that Pollock didn’t even know where he lived.

Richard Gutierrez was the creator of the original Penis Envy strain. It did originate from McKenna’s Amazonian stock, but the shroom as we know it was created “unnaturally” through genetic manipulation. 

Rich Gee wrote a book in 1976 that Hamilton was lucky enough to read. Although unnamed at the time, he saw the first pictures of what was clearly the Penis Envy strain. These photos were taken long before Pollock’s death. This backs up Rich’s claims and more-or-less proves that he created this strain that now has legendary status.

After the dramatic creation of Penis Envy, the strain became available to the broader market. From here, genetic off-shoots and hybrids began to appear after various cultivators started experimenting with the strain. It’s now one of the most popular and potent cubes on the planet.

Penis Envy #6 Potency & Psilocybin Content

Penis Envy #6 may look slightly different from the original Penis Envy strain, but it carries the same exceptional potency as its mother mushroom. 

The original Penis Envy strain is highly regarded for its extremely high psilocybin levels. It has done well in competitions, and an albino variety of the strain came first place as the “Spiritual Champion” in the Spring 2022 Oakland Hyphae Psilocybin Cup.

One sample of the original strain came third in the Oakland Hyphae Psilocybin Cup the year before, producing a whopping psilocybin level of 1.65 and a psilocin level of 1.26.

Although less common in the cup, one sample of Penis Envy #6 made it into the competition in 2021. The cultivator “HSSS Cultivation Coalition” sample produced a psilocybin reading of 0.63 and a psilocin level of 0.08. Now, this may sound less potent than the original Penis Envy, which had a podium finish, but it’s a great result nonetheless.

The potency of any Psilocybe cubensis strain can vary greatly depending on the conditions it’s grown in. The Penis Envy #6 sample that was entered into the 2022 Psilocybin Cup did better than some samples of original Penis Envy and other highly potent strains. 

No discredit to the cultivator, but perhaps if this strain was grown using a different technique or in slightly different conditions, it could’ve also had a podium finish. 

Despite the stats, Penis Envy #6 is an insanely potent strain of Psilocybe cubensis. It’s not a first-time trip kind of shroom and should be treated with a lot of respect. 

Penis Envy #6 is said to produce an intense body high with waves of energy and euphoria and strong closed and open-eye visuals. Although this strain can be grown by the beginner, it is a real trippy shroom for the experienced psychonaut.  

Penis Envy #6 Variations & Genetic Relatives

Penis Envy #6 is a cross between Penis Envy and the Texas strain. The original Penis Envy strain has been cross-cultivated several times to create new variants of the strain.

Here are some of the close relatives and genetic variants of Penis Envy #6:

Penis Envy (PE)

Of course, Penis Envy is a close relative of the Penis Envy #6 strain. Alongside the Texas strain, Penis Envy is the “mother strain” of Penis Envy #6. 

Penis Envy is renowned for its potency, and it gets its name from the phallic shape of the fruiting bodies it produces. It’s one of the most popular strains of Psilocybin cubensis currently available and surprisingly easy to grow. 

PE was possibly discovered in the early 1970s by Terrance and Dennis Mckenna in Columbia and, decades later still has quite the reputation.

Albino Penis Envy (APE)

The team at Sporeworks developed Albino Penis Envy, a non-pigmented version of the original Penis Envy strain. It carries the same exceptional potency as the original strain and has the potential to produce several prolific flushes. However, its ghostly-white appearance makes it stand out from the rest of the “PE series.”

Albino Penis Envy is much more prone to aborts than the other genetic variants of the Penis Envy strain. It’s not a particularly easy strain to grow and shouldn’t be approached by beginner cultivators with limited experience.

Penis Envy Uncut (PEU)

Penis Envy Uncut is an off-shoot of the original Penis Envy strain. It’s characterized by the veils under the cap that rarely open even once mature — this is where it gets the name “Penis Envy Uncut” from.

Many mycologists claim that this variant of Penis Envy is actually stronger than the original and the most potent within the “Penis Envy series.” It may be highly potent, but the mushrooms are much smaller than other varieties in the series. Therefore, large yields should not be expected.

Where to Buy Penis Envy #6 Spores 

Penis Envy #6 is not a hugely popular strain. However, spores aren’t impossible to find. Penis Envy #6 genetics are available from a few different vendors in the United States and Canada. Unfortunately, we haven’t found any vendor that stocks this strain in Europe, but there is an option for those living there.

If you’re in Canada, you’ll find Penis Envy #6 genetics in spore syringes from Spores 101 or Sporeworks

For those in the United States, Spores 101, Sporeworks, or Ralphsters Spores stock Penis Envy #6 spores in the form of spore syringes.

Unfortunately, if you’re based in the UK or mainland Europe, Penis Envy 6 spores are hard to find. However, you can order them from Sporeworks as they have international shipping. This does mean you’ll have to wait a while because shipping can take up to eight weeks. You also run the risk of the package getting lost or seized.

How to Grow Penis Envy #6 Mushrooms

Penis Envy #6 shrooms are surprisingly easy to grow for a super potent Psilocybe cubensis strain. 

This strain can be grown using the simple PF-Tek method. This method is best for beginners because it requires a few pieces of simple equipment and some basic knowledge, like what’s in our guide on how to cultivate magic mushrooms

PF-Tek involves injecting sterile glass jars with your chosen spores. These jars are filled with a substrate of your choice — Penis Envy #6 does well on rye grain, wild bird seed, or high mountain compost mixed with vermiculite. 

Once the jars have been inoculated with the Penis Envy #6 spores, leave them in darkness to colonize. After two or three weeks, the jars should be full of mycelium. At this point, the resulting mycelium cakes are transferred to a fruiting chamber — a box with a substrate layer on the bottom. 

The temperature inside the fruiting chamber should be monitored and controlled using a heat mat and thermometer. Keep the humidity high by spraying the inside walls using a mister. After a while, the cakes should begin to fruit. 

Now the fun begins. Harvest the shrooms as they mature until the cakes eventually succumb to mold growth and stop producing caps. You should be able to get multiple flushes of healthy shrooms before this happens.

PF-Tek should work for Penis Envy #6, provided you use a grain-based substrate. This strain does not do well on BRF (brown rice flour) cakes, and some report issues with the inoculation process when using the PF-Tek. 

Some prefer to grow this shroom on trays or monotubs but follow the steps in the guide linked above, and you shouldn’t have issues with PF-Tek.

Other Highly Potent Magic Mushroom Strains

Penis Envy #6 is an extremely potent strain of Psilocybe cubensis — but it’s not the only ridiculously trippy strain out there. There are many other options to look at, some of which may be even more potent than this strain.

If you’re interested in other highly potent albino magic mushrooms, definitely take a look at these:

Tidal Wave (TW)

Tidal Wave is a hybridization of Penis Envy and the B+ strain. It’s renowned for the unbelievable potency that sets it worlds apart from other Psilocybe cubensis shrooms. Tidal Wave won the 2021 Oakland Hyphae Psilocybin Cup with a whopping psilocybin level of 2.26 and a total tryptamine level of 3.82%.

Tidal Wave is quite short and fat. It has thick stems like Penis Envy and a wide golden cap like B+. It’s not a great shroom for beginners, but if you’re up for a challenge, this one is very rewarding. 

White Rabbit (WR)

White Rabbit is an albino strain of Psilocybe cubensis that’s a result of the hybridization of Moby Dick and Penis Envy. It has a ghostly-white appearance and is surprisingly easy to cultivate thanks to its impressive contamination resistance.

It was developed by a group of mushroom cultivators in Holland who clearly knew their stuff. White Rabbit is highly-potent and could take on the likes of Tidal Wave as the new “strongest cubensis shroom.” 

Treasure Coast (TC)

Treasure Coast is a highly-potent strain. However, the potency of the shroom ultimately depends on how it’s cultivated. There’s not much room for error with this one — it’s prone to aborts and isn’t particularly resistant to contamination. However, if you can make it through the first flush, a good yield of potent shrooms is possible.

These shrooms have thick, long, white stems and round tanned caps that lighten and open up during maturity. 

Final Thoughts: Penis Envy #6 Mushrooms

Penis Envy #6 is a hybridization of the original Penis Envy and the Texas strain. This is a highly potent strain of Psilocybe cubensis that’s surprisingly easy to cultivate. It doesn’t share aesthetic qualities with Penis Envy, but it shares its phenomenal strength. 

Although there’s limited information on this strain’s origins, its mother strain, Penis Envy, is steeped in history. Penis Envy is psychedelic royalty and is now one of the most famous cubensis strains. 

Several genetic off-shoots of Penis Envy exist, and it has been hybridized with many other strains to create new and exciting cubes with mystical properties — including Penis Envy #6. 

If you’re looking for a relatively easy highly-potent strain to cultivate, Penis Envy #6 is a great choice. Its genetics are widespread, and spore samples are available from several trustworthy vendors in the United States and Canada. Spores are also available in Europe from overseas vendors.