Orissa India Shroom Strain: One of the Largest and Most Potent Cubensis Strains

Orissa India shrooms are a highly sought-after strain for their fervent potency and gargantuan size.

By Dan Simms Last Updated: January 12, 2024
Last Updated: January 12, 2024

Orissa India shrooms are a strain of magic mushrooms that were initially discovered in Odisha( previously called Orissa), which is located near Nepal and Bihar, India.

The Orissa India strain is known for producing some of the largest mushrooms of any Psilocybe cubensis strain known. Only Xapuri and the South American strain have been known to beat the record sizes cultivators have reported from Orissa, India.

This mushroom is also notoriously potent (one of the strongest we’ve tried yet). 

Orissa India Specs

PotencyVery Potent 🤯
SpeciesPsilocybe cubensis
Substrate RecommendationRye Grain or Brown Rice Flour
Sold BySporeslab, Spores 101, High Desert Spores, Miracle Farms, Magic Mushrooms Shop

Orissa India Potency & Psilocybin Content

Most users who consume this strain report that the psychedelic experience is more intense than most other strains. 

The average for Orissa India is not clear, but it’s well above 1.5% and could even be as high as 3%.

For reference, the average total tryptamine content for magic mushrooms (Psilocybe cubensis) is around 0.5-0.9% by weight. The total tryptamine content refers to the sum of psilocybin and psilocin (the primary active ingredients in the fungi).  

However, it’s challenging — if not impossible — to estimate the tryptamine content of a given shroom strain. The concentration of psilocybin and psilocin depends heavily on growing conditions and can fluctuate naturally.

Where to Buy Orissa India Spores

Most vendors carry Orissa India spores. But here are some of our favorite sources:

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How to Grow Orissa India Shrooms

Orissa India shrooms are some of the most popular among cultivators because of their massive and appealing size, how easy they are to grow, and how potent they are naturally. This strain colonizes quickly, so it’s less likely than most to fall victim to mold growth. 

This strain responds well to ice water baths if you get stuck after one or two flushes.

The process for growing this strain is similar to most other strains. Read through our more in-depth guide to growing magic mushrooms for more information and guidance.

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Similar Strains

The Orissa India strain is popular among cultivators, and magic mushroom users, so many people seek alternative strains that provide a similar experience when growing or consuming them. We’ll include some similar strains below.

1. Penis Envy Shrooms

Penis Envy shrooms are best known for their high potency and the intense trip experience they provide to users. Anyone who enjoys the intensity of the Orissa India strain will also likely find the Penis Envy strain to be a pleasurable one.

2. B+ Shrooms

B+ shrooms also have a higher-than-average potency, although they aren’t quite as potent as Orissa India shrooms or the Penis Envy strain. Most users compare the distinct body high, and introspective experience associated with Orissa India shrooms to B+ shrooms.

3. Malabar India Shrooms

Malabar India shrooms also hail from India, as the name suggests. These shrooms are a popular alternative to the Orissa India strain for cultivators, as it also produces massive fruiting bodies that can be quite satisfying to grow and harvest.

4. South American Shrooms

The South American strain is the only one that has beaten the Orissa India strain in fruiting body size. It has a lower potency than the Orissa India strain, but it’s another favorite among cultivators looking for massive growth.

5. White Rabbit

Finally, the White Rabbit strain is a cross of two other strains: Penis Envy and Moby Dick. This strain is often cited as one of the most potent strains in the classification Psilocybe cubensis, along with Penis Envy and Orissa India. Anyone looking for an intense experience like that of the Orissa India strain will find solace in the White Rabbit strain.

Strains vs. Species: What’s The Difference?

It’s important to distinguish between strains and species. 

When we talk about magic mushroom “strains,” we primarily refer to unique variants within the greater Psilocybe cubensis species. 

There are many other species of psychedelic fungi, such as Panaeolus cyanescens or Psilocybe mexicana

Final Thoughts: Orissa India

Orissa India is a strain of magic mushrooms that is known for intense trips, owing to its potency. It was first discovered in Orissa, India, an area on the eastern coast of India. The original sample was collected and isolated by John Allen, also known as Mushroom John. The sample we have today produces massive stems and caps, and the strain is known to be the second-largest cubensis ever discovered.

Cultivators enjoy this strain for the size of the fruiting body and the rapidity at which it colonizes and fruits, and users enjoy it for its high levels of psychedelic chemicals. Some alternative strains that are similar either in their cultivation process or tripping experience include Penis Envy, B+ shrooms, Malabar India, South American, and White Rabbit.