Sam Eskenazi

Sam Eskenazi

Sam is a writer from the UK with a strange fixation on making as many things from scratch as possible and eating all of it.

Whether it’s brewing beer, wild foraging mushrooms, or tending his bees, Sam is determined to try and make everything himself, as well as writing or making videos about it as he goes.

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Guadalajara is another classic magic mushroom strain from Mexico. Though it can be hard to find, its unique qualities make it worth hunting down and trying.

Despite the name, the origins of the Colorado strain aren’t exactly clear. Regardless of where it comes from, this strain packs quite a punch.

Microdosing psychedelics like LSD can benefit creativity and enhance problem-solving skills, but could it also improve a good night's sleep?

The Hawaiian shroom strain might look typical, but its standard appearance hides an intense potency and is surprisingly difficult to grow.

Shifting is the latest TikTok trend, but is it legit? Does it actually work?

The Brazilian strain is one of the strongest, largest, and easiest-to-grow strains. It's no surprise why this strain is so popular for amateur and expert growers alike.

Gulf Coast is a simple beginner strain — a classic example of a fast colonizer with plenty of fruiting bodies, perfect for first-time growers.

Many mysterious things come from the Amazon, but perhaps one of the best is the Amazon mushroom strain, capable of intense highs and expansive visuals.

Albino A+ is creamy white & potent — with more physicality in its high than other strains. Here’s all there is to know about this pearly white psilocybe.