Category: Fluorinated Amphetamines

4-FMA is closely related to the fluorinated amphetamine, 4-FA. However, despite their closeness, 4-FMA’s side effects have made it far less popular.

Although it seems to have lots of similarities with methamphetamine, users report that the effects caused by 3-FA can vary significantly from person to person.

2-FMA is one of the best-known members of its fluorinated amphetamine group. Boasting a highly functional nature, many users suggest it for productivity-related tasks.

2-FEA is a fluorinated amphetamine about which very little is known. The compound displays a primarily dopaminergic profile, but details on its effects are scarce.

2-FA is a psychostimulant with a strong emphasis on stimulant properties, enough to be considered the most amphetamine-like compound in its class.

As a recent arrival to the fluorinated amphetamine subtype, not much is known about 3-FMA other than its preference for empathogenic properties over stimulants.

4-FA is popular for its euphoric, empathogenic, and stimulant properties. Here’s a look at its safety, side effects, & more.