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HHC carts skirt many THC bans and give similar effects, with people comparing HHC to delta 8 THC. Yet, HHC is a cannabinoid of its own — let’s unpack the details.

The best live resin vape carts should contain high-quality extracts obtained from flash-frozen cannabis or hemp. Here are seven of the best from both sources.

Want an unbiased opinion on the best delta-8 carts? Here it is. Plus, get tips on what to look out for, current laws, safety, effects, and more.

Although the laws are gradually changing for the better, THC remains illegal in most countries. Here are the best options & legal alternatives.

THC-O gummies are available to buy from a variety of brands online. However, they may not be legal or safe to consume. Read on to find out more...

A cart is a cart, right? Wrong. Here’s how to get the best carts around, along with other much-needed info.

THC distillate uses a long refinement process to strip away everything but the main active cannabinoid. Here’s how it’s made, how to use it, and some key info:

Vape carts are the easiest (and cheapest) way to use cannabis. We’ve ordered A LOT of carts over the years — here’s a list of our top 8 best carts for 2024.