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APE Revert is a potent strain in the Penis Envy series. These shrooms have ghostly-white fruits and over three times as much psilocybin as a typical strain.

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding Plantasia Mystery — its history is full of rumors and speculation. Let’s clear the air and shed some light on this strain.

The Ban Thurian strain is a typical Thai cube. It's easy to grow, resistant to contamination, and moderately potent. Let's find out more about this strain…

PF Albino produces ghostly-white shrooms. They can be hard to grow, but those that take on the challenge will be rewarded with shrooms that have max bag appeal.

The Tasmanian strain is the only strain on the market that comes from the diverse island of Tasmania. This strain is mild, but it has some attractive traits.

The legendary mycologist John Allen first collected this strain of Psilocybe cubensis (magic mushrooms). It's potent and easy to grow, but despite the name, Mexican Albino is more gold than white.

The Palenque Mexico strain is a psilocybe cubensis mushroom from an area of Mexico that has been consuming psychedelic mushrooms for centuries.

The Tak Mountain Cube strain is a great choice for beginners to mushroom cultivation, but it does take a bit longer to colonize compared to other Thai strains.

This Mexican strain is so at home in the Netherlands that it adopted the name "Mexican Dutch King." So what's special about this international cube?