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Philosophy is the study or creation of theories about the nature of existence (ontology), knowledge (epistemology), or how people should live their lives.

Psychedelics have proven to be an integral part of our understanding of many world philosophies. Even Plato — one of the earliest philosophers — was thought to have derived his insights from a substance called kykeon — which many scholars believe was a psychoactive substance.

Join Justin Cooke and J Gordon Curtis as we sit down with Katherine MacLean, Ph.D., renowned neuroscientist and author of "Midnight Water: A Psychedelic Memoir." Katherine offers a deeply personal look into the interplay of psychedelics, grief, and death, drawing from her own poignant experience after her sister's passing.

“Thought loops” are repetitive, intrusive thoughts or actions and are a normal part of using psychoactive drugs. Like the effects of a drug, they are temporary.

The Stoned Ape Theory suggests that psychoactive plants played a key role in the evolution of human consciousness, intelligence, culture, and society.

Living in the moment can allow you to experience and appreciate life fully. Discover how psychedelics can offer temporary insights for living mindfully.

What are existential anxiety and doomerism? Learn how to find balance, meaning, and purpose in life despite the challenges of these emotions.

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Illicit drugs don’t usually go hand-in-hand with responsible parenting, but some experts believe psychedelic experiences can make us better parents.

Shamanism involves the use of altered states of consciousness to interface with the spirit world. Shamans serve as healers & guides to the community.

Jordan Peterson is surrounded by controversy, but is it warranted? Here’s an inside look at the life and ideas of this popular psychologist and author.