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Philosophy is the study or creation of theories about the nature of existence (ontology), knowledge (epistemology), or how people should live their lives.

Psychedelics have proven to be an integral part of our understanding of many world philosophies. Even Plato — one of the earliest philosophers — was thought to have derived his insights from a substance called kykeon — which many scholars believe was a psychoactive substance.

The practice of shadow work aims at resolving unwanted and repressed aspects of the self. Use these journal prompts to get started today.

A faction of the American government, the Central Intelligence Agency..

The shadow is all the dark or suppressed traits about ourselves we refuse to accept. Learning to integrate the shadow can improve our lives & relationships.

What’s the difference between legalization and decriminalization? What’s the current status of decriminalization of psychedelics in the US & around the world?

The default mode network is one of the seven large-scale brain networks. It’s involved with rumination, introspection, and interpreting self from other.

Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary. Here are 23 essential books in the field of psychedelics.

There’s nothing like a good quote to get you thinking. ..