Connor McElroy

Connor McElroy

Connor’s fascination with the natural world started at a very early age. It’s no surprise that he went on to study ecology and habitat conservation in one of the most renowned nature colleges in the United Kingdom.

Once he completed his degree, Connor went on to work across the country learning about the plants and fungi that make up the diverse habitats of England. It was during these years that he developed his passion for medicinal and mind-altering organisms. 

Connor’s obsession with nature and its many intriguing fruits never stopped growing. He now lives in Europe and spends the majority of his time writing about sacred plants and fungi. When he’s not working on his passion, you’ll find him out in the wilderness somewhere hiking, fishing, or admiring the local flora and fauna.

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There are hundreds of kinds of psychedelic mushrooms, but not all of them are potent. Let's look at the strongest mushroom species and strains on Earth.

The Hillbilly strain isn’t winning any awards for potency. Or is it? This strain holds the podium for its tryptamine content, but not because it’s super-potent.

Although the “first person to discover shrooms” has been lost with time, the Western pioneers of psilocybin started the psychedelic revolution of the ‘60s. 

The Malabar India strain is about as average-looking as a Psilocybe cubensis shroom can get. However, it’s potent and capable of producing some enormous mushrooms.

The Chodewave strain is a relatively new addition to the mushroom world. It has some strong genetics and should be capable of producing potent shrooms.

The Great White Monster strain produces monstrous white mushrooms. It’s the first ever Psilocybe cubensis strain to produce both albino and leucistic spores.

The Albino Chodewave strain has been a mystery until fairly recently. It’s slowly gaining popularity for its abnormally high potency and ease of cultivation.

The Hillbilly Pancake strain is an off-shoot of the original Hillbilly strain. These shrooms aren't potent, but they're rare and have an unusual appearance.

Hillbilly Pumpkin is an offshoot of the Hillbilly strain — a renowned microdose shroom. These pumpkins aren't potent, but they're mind-blowing to look at.