Where to Buy Magic Mushroom Chocolates in 2024

Don’t like the taste of magic mushrooms? Psychedelic chocolate may be the answer.

By Connor McElroy Last Updated: March 22, 2024
Last Updated: March 22, 2024

Magic mushroom chocolate bars are all the rage right now — and for good reason. Chocolates do an excellent job of masking the nasty flavor of raw mushrooms and act as a natural preservative to protect the potency of your mushrooms for months or years. 

Most of the quality vendors we’ve tested operate out of Canada, but a few US-based brands have also recently emerged. 

Please keep in mind that psilocybin remains illegal, and a lack of regulation in the market has led to several fake, inactive, and potentially harmful chocolate bars being sold online. Always check your local laws and understand your risk before you order. 

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Top 8 Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars in 2024

We’ve ordered A LOT of magic mushroom chocolates over the years — they’re one of our favorite ways to take psychedelic shrooms.

Unfortunately, most have been disappointing or sketchy, but a few have stood out and are definitely worth a closer look:

  1. STEM Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars
  2. Bright Future Magic Mushroom Chocolates
  3. Wonder Shroom Chocolate Bars
  4. SERO Star Bar
  5. Moment Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar
  6. Psilouette Cacao Butter Melts
  7. Bliss Mushroom Chocolate Bars
  8. Neau Tropics Magic Mushroom Bars

1. STEM Magic Chocolate Bars 🇨🇦

The STEM Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars are high-quality shroom edibles made using a combination of Blue Meanie and Penis Envy mushroom strains. Both of these impressive Psilocybe cubensis strains are renowned for their impressive potency. 

Available in two potency options — 3000 mg and 6000 mg (3 g and 6 g, respectively) — the STEM chocolate bars pack a punch. The 3000 mg variant is divided into 15 squares, each containing 200 mg, making them ideal for people using shroom chocolate for microdosing. The 6000 mg chocolate bars are more suited to the psychonaut. They’re divided into six squares, each containing a 1000 mg dose — equivalent to one gram of potent P. cubensis mushrooms. 

The STEM chocolate bars are available in various flavors, such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, matcha, lavender essence, cookies & cream, and peppermint. Variety packs, gift packs, and chocolate boxes are also offered.  

You can buy the STEM magic mushroom chocolate bars directly from STEM. These chocolates are only available for delivery in Canada. 

STEM Magic Chocolate Bar Specs:

Score MetricsScoreNotes
Tripsitter Ranking10/10Some of the best magic mushroom chocolates on the market. Delicious, potent, and well-made.
Trust Score10/10Legitimate shroom brand (we’ve ordered several times in the past).
Potency Per Bar (mg)3000 & 6000 mgTwo potency options dosed at 200 mg per piece (3000 mg bar) & 1000 mg per piece (600 mg bar)
Taste10/10Several unique flavor options
Cost$55–$115A bit pricey but worth the money
Sold BySTEMAvoid buying elsewhere — fake STEM bars are all over the place.

2. Bright Future Magic Chocolate Bars 🇨🇦

Bright Future is a reputable Canadian microdose brand that sells a range of high-quality psilocybin capsules, teas, and edibles. The Bright Future “Magic” chocolate bar contains 3000 mg of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms and is divided into 10 squares in total, each dosed at 300 mg. 

These chocolate bars are available in Swiss milk chocolate and dark chocolate with Sea Salt. Although Bright Future doesn’t offer the same range of intriguing flavors as some of the other companies on this list, it uses high-quality organic ingredients and has “tuned” these bars to perfection. 

The Bright Future Magic chocolate bars can be purchased from Bright Future or the reputable magic mushroom vendor Zoomies. These edibles are only available for purchase in Canada. 

Bright Future Magic Chocolate Bar Specs:

Score MetricsScoreNotes
Tripsitter Ranking9/10High-quality chocolates that use Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms
Trust Score10/10Reputable Canadian microdose brand 
Potency Per Bar (mg)3000 mgDivided into 300 mg macrodoses
Taste8/10Two delicious flavors offered: milk chocolate & dark chocolate with sea salt
Cost$40Relatively average price for high-quality chocolate
Sold ByBright Future & ZoomiesAvoid purchasing from lesser-known dispensaries

3. Wonder Shroom Chocolate Bars 🇨🇦

The Wonder Chocolates come in a range of potencies. 1000 mg, 3000 mg, and 6000 mg chocolate bars are offered in various flavors. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, blood orange, hazelnut, cookies & cream, and S’mores are available in each potency option. 

Regardless of the potency selected, these bars are divided into 250 mg squares. The 1000 mg bar is divided into 4 squares, the 3000 mg into 12, and the 6000 mg bar into 24.

Wonder recommends half a square for microdosing, a full square for macrodosing, 6 for moderate doses, and 8 to 10 for “mega doses.” These bars utilize a moderate-potency strain of Psilocybe cubensis.

You can buy the Wonder chocolate bars from the Canadian shroom vendor Zoomies. Avoid purchasing them from elsewhere; several fakes contain inactive chocolate or chocolate laced with synthetic research chemicals on the market. 

Wonder Shroom Chocolate Bar Specs:

Score MetricsScoreNotes
Tripsitter Ranking8/10Overall a decent brand. Excellent value for money
Trust Score8/10Reputable brand that appears to use Psilocybe cubensis shrooms
Potency Per Bar (mg)1000, 3000, or 6000 mgThree potency options. All are divided into 250 mg doses
Taste9/10Several creative flavors offered
Cost$15–$75Cheaper than some other high-quality shroom edibles
Sold ByZoomiesAvoid purchasing elsewhere unless the vendor is 100% trustworthy

4. SERO Star Bar 🇨🇦

SERO is a Canadian-based company that offers microdosing capsules and macrodosing chocolate bars that are sustainably sourced and made in Canada.

Its product lineup of seven products is easy to navigate as it comes with a detailed explanation of the type of experiences you can achieve.

SERO has three chocolate bars:

  1. Ceremonial cacao
  2. Salted caramel
  3. Matcha chocolate

Each chocolate bar contains 3.75 g of psilocybin, which you can conveniently break into tiny squares to hit your ideal dose. 

One square is 250 mg (0.25 g) for a microdose; four squares are when you can start to feel the warm glow of magic mushroom’s effects, and eating the whole bar of chocolate will take you on a full-on psychedelic journey.

If you want to reap the benefits of cacao and mushrooms together, we recommend SERO’s Ceremonial Cacao Bar.

Ceremonial cacao is a cacao bean typically used in religious ceremonies or for deep meditation. It’s made by slightly fermenting and sun-drying the beans before grinding them down into a paste.

When consumed, ceremonial cacao can produce feelings of euphoria, calmness, and spiritual connection. It is also said to improve mental clarity and focus. For these reasons, many people use ceremonial cacao to assist with meditation and prayer. Others use it as a way to connect with the spirit world. In any case, ceremonial cacao is a powerful tool that can be used for both physical and spiritual healing.

SERO Star Bar Specs:

Score MetricsScoreNotes
Tripsitter Ranking10/10We. Love. This. Brand.
Trust Score10/10Tried and tested.
Potency Per Bar (mg)3.7gOne bar per macrodose.
Taste10/10Available in dark chocolate, salted caramel, and matcha.
Cost$59A little pricey but worth it for the quality.

5. Moment Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar

The Moment Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar is a  psilocybin edible from the reputable Canadian microdose brand “Moment Mushrooms.”

Moment Mushrooms manufactures high-quality magic mushroom edibles, capsules, and dried mushrooms. The Moment magic mushroom chocolate bar uses the finest ingredients and is manufactured with “the utmost care.” These bars contain 3000 mg (3 grams) of laboratory-tested Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. Two strains are used in a 50/50 blend — Golden Teacher and Penis Envy

One flavor is offered — dark chocolate (71% cacao). The bars are completely organic and fair trade. The only ingredients used other than Psilocybe cubensis are cocoa mass (65%), cane sugar (25.5%), and cocoa butter (9.5%). Each 3000 mg bar is split into 15 pieces, each dosed at 200 mg. 

If you’re looking for a premium chocolate bar and care about what you put inside your body, you can’t go wrong with the Moment Magic mushroom chocolate bar. You can buy them from Moment Mushrooms (Canada only).

Moment Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar Specs:

Score MetricsScoreNotes
Tripsitter Ranking10/10A one-of-a-kind high-quality organic shroom chocolate bar
Trust Score10/10100% legitimate
Potency Per Bar (mg)3000 mg50/50 blend of two P. cubensis strains: Golden Teacher & Penis Envy
Taste9/10Dark chocolate (71% cacao)
Cost$50A little pricey but worth the money
Sold ByMoment MushroomsAvoid purchasing from anywhere else. Moment Mushrooms sells all its products directly.

6. Psilouette Cacao Butter Melts

Psilouette is an emerging microdose company based out of California, United States. They offer a range of capsules, teas, and gummies, as well as their “Cacao Butter Melts,” which are chocolate bites infused with Psilocybe cubensis extract. 

These chocolates come in packs of 32 or 36 pieces. Each chocolate bite is dosed at 200 mg — a microdose. They are completely organic, fair trade, and vegan-friendly. The chocolates only contain three ingredients — 100% cacao, cocoa butter, and organic Psilocybe cubensis fruiting bodies. 

This is one of the few microdose brands offering detailed third-party lab results. The data shows the exact psilocybin, psilocin, baeocystin, and other tryptamine levels present in the chocolates. 

If you’re based in the US and are looking for the best of the best psilocybin microdose chocolates, the Psilouette Cacao Butter Melts are a fantastic choice. You can find them for sale on the Psilouette website. 

Psilouette Cacao Butter Melts Specs:

Score MetricsScoreNotes
Tripsitter Ranking8/10High-quality shroom chocolate bites from California.
Trust Score8/10Newer company, but our order with them didn’t raise any red flags.
Potency Per Bar (mg)6400 mg (per pack)200 mg chocolates in packs of 32 or 64.
Taste9/10Cacao & cocoa butter.
Cost$100–$170Expensive per pack, but the cost per mg of psilocybin is cheap.
Sold ByPsilouetteAvoid purchasing from anywhere else. Psilouette sells all its products directly.

7. Bliss Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Bliss Mushrooms is an Oakland, California-based magic mushroom brand that sells a range of dried magic mushrooms, capsules, and edibles. They offer a variety of magic mushroom chocolate bars that are made from Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. 

The bars are available in two potency options — 3500 mg and the “Holy Grail” at 6000 mg per bar. They come in a range of intriguing flavors, from milk chocolate, peppermint, Belgian creme brulee, “Firecracker,” and scarlet ruby chocolate. 

This brand has some interesting marketing tactics, but regardless, it’s one of the leading online shroom brands in the United States. All of Bliss Mushrooms’ chocolates are third-party lab tested, completely organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and kosher certified. 

Bliss Mushroom Chocolate Bar Specs:

Score MetricsScoreNotes
Tripsitter Ranking8/10Oakland-based shroom edible brand with impressively potent chocolates
Trust Score8/10Oakland-based shroom brand that lab-tests all products
Potency Per Bar (mg)3500 & 6000 mg3.5 or 6 grams of lab-tested P. cubensis shrooms per bar
Taste9/10Milk chocolate, peppermint, caramel, ruby chocolate
Cost$40–$105Reasonably priced for a US brand
Sold ByBliss MushroomsAvoid purchasing from anywhere else. Bliss Mushrooms sells all its products directly.

8. Neau Tropics Magic Mushroom Bars

The Neau Tropics Chocolate Bars come in a wide variety of flavors, from standard milk and dark chocolate to more innovative creations such as matcha, strawberry shortcake, and cookies & cream. This brand is famous for the “6-gram chocolate bar” (6000 mg) — one of the strongest genuine magic mushroom chocolate bars on the market. However, 4000 mg and “mini” 2000 mg bars are also available. 

Neau Tropics uses dried Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms in all of its mushroom chocolates. This is a legitimate brand, but sourcing the bars can be difficult. At the moment, the only way to purchase Neau Tropic magic mushroom chocolate bars is through one of their official social media accounts: @neautropics and @neautropics.official.

Neau Tropics Magic Mushroom Bar Specs:

Score MetricsScoreNotes
Tripsitter Ranking6/10Potent shroom chocolates made from high-quality ingredients.
Trust Score4/10Legitimate brand but difficult to source products. Several fakes on the market. Avoid buying anything through social media.
Potency Per Bar (mg)2000, 4000, 6000 mgMultiple potency options are offered.
Taste8/10Several intriguing flavor options
Cost$50+An average price for high-quality shroom chocolate 
Sold ByNeau TropicsOnly available via Neau Tropics’ official social media account and third-party vendors.

Shroom Scams: 4 Examples of Scammy Magic Mushroom Chocolate Brands

The magic mushroom edible space is sketchy — to say the least. You should always spend time vetting any companies you want to order from before placing the order. Check reviews like this, Reddit, and Bluelight forums to see what others are saying. 

There are a TON of unethical companies that sell products that are either inactive or contain low-quality or potentially dangerous ingredients. In some cases they’re complete scams — you’ll never actually receive the product after placing your order.

We’ve ordered from many of these companies. Here are some of the brands we recommend users stay far away from.

1. PolkaDot Chocolate Bars

The PolkaDot shroom bars seem to be everywhere across the internet at the moment. They’re being sold in the United States, Canada, and some parts of Europe. So, how is a black-market product available to buy in plain sight in so many countries?

Well, the PolkaDot brand doesn’t belong to one “company.” These chocolate bars are made by several small sellers because the packaging is freely available to buy in bulk from places such as DHgate and Alibaba. 

It’s impossible to know exactly what’s inside PolkaDot packaging. Some people have been sold completely inactive ordinary chocolate, and others have been sold potently psychedelic PolkaDot bars that contain synthetic research chemicals. Purchasing PolkaDot-branded “magic mushroom” edibles is extremely risky for this reason. 

Even the “legit” PolkaDot Telegram channel is filled with sketchy claims and products. We’ve heard way too many horror stories of products that don’t feel like magic mushrooms or never arrive to recommend this company to anybody.

2. Wonka Mushroom Chocolate Bars

The Wonka magic mushroom bars are made using the same chocolate molds and packaging as the non-psychedelic “Willy Wonka” brand. These chocolate bars look great at first glance, but easily accessible chocolate molds and bulk packaging put them at high risk. Anyone can buy the molds and make “psilocybin” chocolate to sell under the brand name. 

It’s impossible to know what’s inside the Wonka packaging. Reports of completely inactive chocolate and chocolates laced with research chemicals that induce undesirable psychedelic effects are rife. 

There are no legitimate websites or social media accounts that advertise these chocolates, and vendors selling them also sell PolkaDot, Mycrochips, and other sketchy “shroom” chocolate products. The Wonka shroom bars are best left alone.

3. Magic Kingdom Chocolate Bars

The Magic Kingdom chocolate bars are available from physical and online vendors across the United States and Canada. This recognizable brand looks great at first glance, but like others on this list, there are some red flags. 

The Magic Kingdom “mushroom chocolate” packaging is available from Chinese wholesalers on DHgate, Alibaba, and AliExpress. Anyone can buy Magic Kingdom packaging online and fill it with their own chocolate, making it impossible to know what’s inside chocolates stamped with this brand. 

These chocolate bars are often sold by sketchy pop-up vendors selling products like Wonka bars, PolkaDot bars and gummies, Shroomburst gummies, and fake Neau Tropics bars. 

Reports of completely inactive chocolate and chocolate that induce unusual effects dissimilar to psilocybin are everywhere. This is a brand to avoid at all costs. 

4. MycroChips Psilocybin Chocolate

The MycroChips “magic mushroom” chocolate bars raise several red flags. These chocolates are sold on several scammy websites that pop up, take customers’ money, and disappear without a trace. 

MicroChips-branded packaging is available for purchase on most major wholesale websites, like Alibaba and DHGate. It’s accessible to anyone who wants to sell “magic mushroom” chocolates. For this reason, it’s impossible to know exactly what’s inside MycroChips packaging.

We’ve been met with only bad things when looking at reports from people who’ve purchased these chocolate bars. Some people claim to have been sold completely inactive chocolate bars, some have received nothing in the post after making a wire transfer, and others have received bars containing sketchy research chemicals. 

MycroChips is definitely a brand to avoid.

What Are “Magic Mushroom” Chocolates? 

Magic mushroom chocolates are (as it sounds) chocolates infused with psychedelic mushrooms. Some chocolates are made with pure psilocybin or psilocin; others contain dried and powdered raw mushrooms.

Magic chocolates may also contain other naturally occurring tryptamine compounds found in shrooms, such as baeocystin and psilocin. Some shroom chocolates also contain things like 4-AcO-DMT or LSD — so make sure you read the ingredients list before you buy. 

Psilocybe cubensis is the most commonly used magic mushroom to manufacture psilocybin chocolates. This easy-to-cultivate species can produce an average total tryptamine content of 0.90% (combined psilocybin, psilocin, baeocystin, and other tryptamines).

These chocolates can come in a range of potencies, flavors, and sizes. You’ll find traditional chocolate bars that are dosed “per square” with a micro, macro, or mild psychedelic dose of psilocybin. Chocolate selection boxes, hearts, and truffles are also available, with each piece containing a dose equivalent to one to two grams of P. cubensis mushrooms. 

Are Magic Mushroom Chocolates Legal?

No. Magic mushroom chocolate bars that contain psilocybin extract or fungi containing the compound are illegal in most countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and most of continental Europe. 

There are a handful of states that have legalized the medical use of psilocybin, but mushrooms aren’t freely accessible. To access magic mushrooms in so-called legal states such as Oregon and Colorado, you must go through a government-funded research center where psilocybin therapy will be administered to eligible candidates. 

To source magic mushrooms for unrestricted personal use, people must do so illegally — even in “legal” states. Ordering shrooms and psilocybin chocolates online comes with a legal risk, and getting caught doing so could land you with fines, a criminal record, and even prison time in some regions. 

Magic mushrooms are also illegal in Canada. However, Canadian laws are notoriously lenient towards natural psychedelics. Some cities, such as Vancouver and Toronto, have publicly stated that magic mushrooms are deprioritized (still illegal, but not a major concern for law enforcement). Ordering still carries risks, so don’t fool yourself into thinking shrooms are completely legal here (yet).

The Effects of Magic Mushroom Chocolates

The effects of consuming magic mushroom chocolate come from the active ingredient psilocybin. When a dose of shroom chocolate is ingested, the psilocybin reaches the liver and is metabolized into psilocin — its active counterpart. The psilocin then reaches the brain where it interacts with the serotonin receptors in the brain. Specifically, the 5-HT2A and 5-HT2C receptors.

These serotonin receptors are crucial in mood regulation, cognition, and perception. It’s believed that psilocin’s interaction with these receptors is what produces the “psychedelic experience” associated with magic mushrooms. 

The effects of psilocybin chocolate begin after 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the amount consumed and the fullness of the individual’s stomach. The experience starts with “butterflies” in the stomach before feelings of euphoria, stimulation, and waves of energy begin to rush over the body.

After 60 to 90 minutes, the effects intensify, progressively becoming more psychedelic. Sense of time will likely warp, and objects will become distorted, appearing crisp, blurry, fuzzy, or wavy. During this time, mood alterations can occur, with users often experiencing intense feelings of joy, love, and connectedness. 

As the experience progresses and reaches the peak at around the 180-minute mark — when the effects are at their most intense. During the peak, both closed and open-eye visuals are strongest, and other sensory hallucinations can be noted. 

After the peak, the mushroom’s effects plateau for an hour or two before gradually decreasing in intensity. The effects dissipate in waves, slowly becoming less intense through each “wave” until the hallucinations stop entirely after five to eight hours (depending on the dose consumed). 

Here’s a list of common effects experienced during a psilocybin trip:

  • Altered perception 
  • Emotional changes
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Euphoria 
  • Increased sensory perception
  • Introspection
  • Stimulation 
  • Time distortion
  • Visual hallucinations 

Shroom Chocolate Potency Explained

Magic mushroom chocolate bars are labeled with “X-milligrams per bar.” So what exactly does this mean?

When a shroom chocolate bar says “4000 mg per bar,” it doesn’t mean 4000 mg of psilocybin. Instead, it means 4000 mg of “magic mushrooms” — most likely Psilocybe cubensis. In this example, 4000 mg is equivalent to 4 grams of dried mushrooms. 

A single gram of dried Psilocybe cubensis (1000 mg) contains somewhere between 10 and 30 milligrams of combined psilocybin and psilocin

If you’ve consumed magic mushrooms before and know what an effective dose in grams (dried) is for you, you can use this information to work out an appropriate dose of magic chocolate. For example, if you usually take 2.5 grams of dried shrooms for a trip, consume 2500 mg worth of shroom chocolate. 

Magic mushroom chocolate bars are normally divided into squares containing anywhere from 125 mg to 500 mg per piece. This makes it easy to split the bar up into doses. 

The Risks of Buying Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars Online

There are several risks to buying magic mushroom chocolate bars online. Customers ordering these products not only face potential legal repercussions but also possible health consequences and the risk of being scammed. 

These are the risks of ordering shroom chocolates online:

1. Risk of Legal Repercussions 

Psilocybin is illegal in most countries. Even in the liberal land of Canada, people still run a risk of legal repercussions when ordering magic mushroom chocolates online. That being said, you run less of a risk buying and consuming magic mushrooms in Canada than elsewhere in the world.

Buying magic mushrooms and psilocybin edibles in the United States, the United Kingdom, and most of Europe is much more risky. Getting caught buying shroom chocolate online can lead to fines in the best-case scenario and a criminal record, community service, or even prison time in the worst-case scenario. 

2. Risk of Being Scammed

Due to the lack of regulation in the gray-market psilocybin industry, there’s a high risk of being scammed when buying shroom chocolate online. Several pop-up online shroom vendors are selling completely inactive chocolate bars in trippy-looking packaging labeled as containing “magic mushrooms.” There’s nothing stopping companies from doing this because the products are illegal. 

Other scams simply take the customers’ money and don’t send any products at all. Again, the consumer has no right to complain because of the legality of psilocybin. 

3. Risk of Physical & Psychological Harm

The lack of regulation in the illegal shroom edible market has led to several unethical companies manufacturing potentially harmful chocolate bars. Instead of containing psilocybin from natural magic mushrooms, these edibles are made using synthetic research chemicals such as 4-AcO-DMT

Although many research chemicals will induce a psychedelic experience, some similar to psilocybin, the effects can be unpredictable and more potent. Consuming a product that contains an unidentified synthetic compound is dangerous. It could lead to physical and psychological harm.

How to Find a Reputable Magic Chocolate Brand

Buying shroom chocolates online is risky. It’s impossible to know with 100% certainty the contents of a particular magic mushroom edible without sending a sample for laboratory testing. However, there are a few ways to mitigate the risk and identify brands that seem more legitimate. 

Below, I’ve provided a 5-step list to help you find a reputable shroom brand:

1. Assess the Brand’s Reputation

First, assess the brand’s reputation by looking for customer reviews. Of course, any brand will show positive reviews on its website, so take it to the internet and search places like Reddit for genuine customer experiences. 

A genuine brand may not have tons of positive reviews outside of their website but they should have some at least. A scammy company selling low-quality magic mushroom chocolate bars gets people talking more. You’ll find several disgruntled customers warning other psychonauts of their negative experience online. 

Look for brands with a trail of positive reviews (outside of their website) that appear to be genuine. 

2. Check the Packaging

A great way to determine whether a shroom chocolate brand is legitimate or not is to check whether bulk packaging is available to buy online. Search places such as Alibaba, Ali Express, and DHGate for “magic mushroom packaging” or “[insert brand] packaging.”

If you find identical branded packaging from a company you’re investigating, this is a red flag. Anyone can buy generic magic mushroom packaging and fill it with inactive chocolate or chocolate laced with research chemicals. 

It’s important to note that although this is a great way to find out whether a company is legitimate, some genuine brands selling real shroom chocolates have had their packaging cloned. Companies such as Neau Tropics are legitimate, but similar packaging is available to buy online. 

Be sure to check the brand’s socials for information on counterfeit products before assuming that they’re illegitimate. For this reason, you’ll have to use some common sense and research skills before completely ruling out a brand. 

3. Read Descriptions & Ingredient Lists

Thoroughly read the product descriptions of the shroom chocolates you’re interested in. Language is a key giveaway of a scammy or poor-quality brand. 

Scammy companies often use poorly written English full of grammatical errors. They may also use terms such as “contains X milligrams of mushrooms” or similar to avoid stating whether the product contains genuine magic mushrooms or psilocybin. 

Any legitimate shroom brand will state the types of mushrooms used, the exact potency of the product, and have a full ingredients list. 

Avoid companies that use poor or evasive language to describe their products. If a brand hasn’t put the effort into describing the product fully, you can’t expect them to put effort into developing a high-quality product. 

4. Identify Payment Methods

Check out the payment methods offered on the brand’s website. In Canada, most legitimate shroom vendors and psilocybin edible brands will accept traditional payment methods, such as debit and credit card checkout. 

Although—understandably—some companies use untraceable payment methods to do business in this gray market, you are much more likely to be scammed when paying via wire transfer or cryptocurrency. 

If a normal checkout isn’t available and you don’t trust the company completely, it’s best to avoid purchasing anything.

5. Look at Shipping & Return Information

Although returns in this market are pretty much unheard of, a good magic mushroom edible brand that believes in its products may offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee. Some kind of guarantee shows that the company cares about the customer experience.

Don’t rule out companies that don’t have a satisfaction guarantee, but a company that offers one deserves bonus points. 

Any company selling psilocybin products will offer discreet and secure shipping. No one needs to know what you’re ordering online, so be sure that shipping is “stealth” or “discrete” before placing an order. 

FAQs: Shroom Chocolates

Have a question you need answered?

Read through the answers to some of the FAQs we’ve received below. If you’re still looking for an answer, feel free to reach out to us via feedback@tripsitter.com.

1. Can You Make Magic Mushroom Chocolate at Home?

Yes. It’s possible to make magic mushroom chocolate at home. In fact, it’s often safer to make psilocybin chocolate than to buy it online. If you have access to high-quality dried shrooms, you can be certain of the chocolate’s contents and potency. 

There are several ways to make magic mushroom chocolate. You can use raw ingredients or melt down a store-bought bar of chocolate and combine it with powdered mushrooms. 

Learn how to make shroom chocolate: How to Make Magic Mushroom Chocolate: 4 Simple Recipes.

2. What Other Types of Shroom Edibles Can You Buy Online?

Magic mushroom chocolate bars aren’t the only type of psilocybin edible you can buy online in Canada. There are several different types of edibles for those of you who’d rather steer clear of cocoa-based sweet treats.

Here are a few different magic mushroom products you can find online in Canada:

  • Magic mushroom gummies
  • Magic mushroom honey
  • Magic mushroom capsules
  • Magic mushroom tea
  • Psilocybin tinctures
  • Raw dehydrated shrooms

3. Where Are Magic Mushrooms Legal?

Psilocybin is illegal in most countries across the globe. It’s illegal to sell, buy, and possess magic mushrooms in the United States, the United Kingdom, and most of Europe

Shrooms have been decriminalized in a handful of US states such as Colorado, Oregon, and Washington DC. However, they remain inaccessible to the general public. 

A few countries have legalized or decriminalized magic mushrooms. In the Netherlands, magic truffles are legal (magic mushrooms are banned), and Austria, Jamaica, Nepal, Brazil, and the Bahamas have either legalized or decriminalized the use of psilocybin-containing fungi. 

Some parts of Canada, such as Vancouver, have publicly deprioritized magic mushrooms.

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