Your Guide to 1-Gram Cannabis Carts: How Long They Last & Where to Buy Them

There’s a reason we love these 1-gram carts…

By Phil Dubley Last Updated: April 04, 2024
Last Updated: April 04, 2024

Cannabinoid cartridges (carts) are everywhere these days. The industry is constantly evolving to offer new options every few months.

Now, you can pretty much tailor your experience however you want.

  • Want a more mellow vibe? — delta-8 THC.
  • Want something as close to natural marijuana as possible? — THCA or delta-9 THC.
  • Live in a state where weed is still banned? — delta-8, 10, THCA, or HHC.
  • Want something exceptionally strong? — THCP or THC-O.

We have other articles on the best cannabinoid carts, distillate pens, and more — but for this article we’re focused on one key factor — each of these carts has to have exactly 1 gram of distillate.

Of course, there are plenty of other great options we didn’t include on this list — these are just the ones we’ve tried and have come back to. Keep reading to learn how we assess cannabis brands before we buy.

We’ve tried to include a variety of different cannabinoids for this list — but most of the brands listed below carry 1-gram carts in just about every combination of cannabinoids and terpenes you can think of.

Affiliate Disclaimer

Here at Tripsitter, our recommendations are rooted in personal experience. We only feature brands we’ve tried and genuinely appreciate.

We’re transparent in our partnerships, receiving a commission on some of the sales generated through links on our website at no extra cost to you.

This symbiotic relationship supports the brands we like and helps us continue to publish high-quality psychedelic content.

Our affiliate deals in no way affect the decision to list or not list any brands we like.

List of the Top 1-Gram Carts in 2024

  1. Area 52 HHC Vape Cart
  2. TRĒ House Live Resin Cart
  3. TribeTokes Delta 8 THC Cart
  4. Eighty Six THCP Cart
  5. Canna River HHC Cart
  6. BudPop Delta 8 THC Cart

Don’t waste your time with low-volume carts — 1-gram is the bare-minimum to get your money’s worth.

These carts last long and are, in the long run, cheaper than buying smaller servings every couple of days. But navigating the world of marijuana carts isn’t as easy as it seems — and even more so if you’re not an experienced vaper.

Here are a few of our favorite carts that have stood out over the years:

1. Area 52 HHC Vape Cartridge

Area 52 HHC Vape Cart

Area 52 believes ethnobotanicals are a tool for accessing higher levels of thought and creativity — something we definitely tend to agree with here at Tripsitter.

The best experiences always start with the best ingredients.

Area 52’s HHC Vape Cart comes with a full gram of distillate, 900 mg of which is pure hexahydrocannabinol (HHC). This is a hydrogenated version of THC that is more potent and stimulant than delta 8 THC.

The remaining content is a mix of trace cannabinoids and terpenes that provide a rounded vaping experience without any nasty surprises. You’ll find yourself relaxed and focused after a dose: the optimal mental state to chase your creative callings.

Likes & Dislikes: Area 52 HHC Vape Carts:

  • ✅ Area 52 is consistent with posting third-party lab tests for all products
  • ✅ Made with premium all-glass & ceramic cartridges (CCELL Brand)
  • ✅ Fits all standard 510 threaded vape batteries
  • ✅ Free priority shipping available
  • ✅ Excellent track record for providing premium cannabinoid products
  • ✅ Pure, single-cannabinoid carts flavored using real cannabis terpenes
  • ❌ A little on the high-end for a vape cart, but worth it for the premium feel

Product Specs:

Total Weight1000 mg
Distillate TypePure HHC + Terpenes
Total Cost$60
Third-Party Tested?Yes ✅

2. TRĒ House Live Resin Green Crack Cart

TRĒ House Live Resin Cart

TRĒ House Green Crack cart contains 900 mg of delta 8 mixed with live resin.

Distillate oils come from dried, cured buds, but live resin carts come from flash-frozen, processed raw plant material. They’re potent in natural terpenes and taste and feel almost identical to the raw cannabis flower.

This brand provides lab test results on its website and offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if you somehow dislike its products.

Likes & Dislikes: TRĒ House Live Resin Green Crack Cart:

  • ✅ Brand is consistent with independent lab testing
  • ✅ 60-day money-back guarantee
  • ✅ Installment options are available for all products
  • ✅ Live resin extracts have delicious fresh cannabis flavor
  • ❌ Charges a $7 payment to check your age before buying

Product Specs:

Total Weight1000 mg
Distillate TypeLive Resin with Delta-8 THC
Total Cost$15
Third-Party Tested?Yes ✅

3. TribeTokes Delta 8 Full-Gram Carts

TribeTokes Delta 8 Full-Gram Cart

TribeTokes is a woman-owned and managed company with a variety of cart choices. Its delta 8 THC full-gram carts come in two varieties: liquid live resin and full-spectrum distillate oil with plant-derived terpenes.

The live resin carts come in six different strains, or you can choose from a selection of 18 strains for your distillate carts, each with unique effects. Spoiled for choice, right?

This vendor offers some of the highest-quality and top-shelf carts without fillers or contaminants. It tests everything through third-party lab tests and posts the results on its webpage.

You can only mention two bad things about this product: it’s on the expensive side for its THC content, and there are just too many choices. If you’d like a recommendation, go for its live resin rainbow sherbet (hybrid). It has a balanced profile and hits like a truck.

Likes & Dislikes: TribeTokes Delta 8 Full Gram Carts:

  • ✅ Lots of options available
  • ✅ High-quality ingredients without fillers
  • ✅ Third-party lab-tested products
  • ❌ THC content is low, at 70% for most products, according to lab tests

Product Specs:

Total Weight1000 mg
Distillate TypeDelta-8 THC
Total Cost$60
Third-Party Tested?Yes ✅

4. Eighty Six Golden Milk THC-P Cart

Eighty Six Golden THCP Cart

If you love mint, then you really, really shouldn’t miss out on Eighty Six’s Golden Milk Cart.

This cart contains a gram of distillate with over 90% concentration of cannabinoids. The active compounds are delta 8 THC and tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THCP).

THCP has a stronger affinity to endocannabinoid receptors than any other naturally ocurring form of THC. Some studies suggest a binding affinity as much as 33 times stronger than delta-9 THC — however, in practice the effects are only about 3–5 times stronger gram for gram.

This means the high from this cart will creep up on you quickly and leave you properly stoned for quite a long time. It also means side effects are much more likely — so be careful! Don’t rush into this pen. Take one puff at a time and wait for the effects to kick in to see how you feel before going back for more.

This brand has just one glaring downside — it uses BLINC cartridges, which have the unfortunate tendency to clog.

Likes & Dislikes: Eighty Six Golden Milk THC-P Cart:

  • ✅ Exceptionally potent cartridge (likely too strong for many)
  • ✅ Free shipping on orders over $75
  • ✅ 30-day money-back guarantee
  • ❌ BLINC style carts tend to clog more easily than others

Product Specs:

Total Weight1000 mg
Distillate TypeDelta-8 & THCP
Total Cost$25
Third-Party Tested?Yes ✅

5. Canna River Cherry AK HHC Cart

Canna River HHC Cart

You’ll find three ingredients in Canna River’s Cherry AK HHC cart: one gram of premium distillate with over 85% HHC, USP-grade terpenes for a rounder experience, and a remarkable cherry flavoring (unknown source).

This cart definitely isn’t the strongest on the market, nor does it have a “premium feel” like the other brands on this list — but for $15 it’s an excellent budget-friendly option.

Canna River is diligent with testing its products through a third-party lab and holds an ISO 9001 certification — which is a breath of fresh air in the notoriously negligent alt-cannabinoid industry.

Likes & Dislikes: Canna River Cherry AK HHC Cart:

  • ✅ Decent budget option (not the most premium, but not poor quality either)
  • ✅ Fits all standard 510 vape batteries
  • ✅ Large selection of flavors (Cherry is just our favorite)
  • ❌ Cart has a cheap feel to it but holds up fine in use
  • ❌ Not as pure as other brands on this list (only 85% purity)

Product Specs:

Total Weight1000 mg
Distillate TypeHHC
Total Cost$15
Third-Party Tested?Yes ✅

6. BudPop Grape Runtz Delta 8 Cart

BudPop Delta 8 Cart

BudPop is a great middle-ground in terms of purity/potency and cost. At $40 per cart it’s more expensive than the cheaper brands, but not as premium as brands like Area 52 or TribeTokes.

This cart comes in several different flavors, which tend to change throughout the year — but this Grape Runtz version is our favorite so far. It’s made using high-grade delta 8 with around 900 mg of active delta-8 (90% purity).

Like most brands on this list, you can also save a bit more money if you order in bulk.

Likes & Dislikes: Budpop Grape Runtz Delta 8 Cart:

  • ✅ Middle-ground in terms of quality and price
  • ✅ Free and fast shipping available in the US
  • ✅ All products come with third-party lab testing
  • ❌ Most options use artificial flavoring

Product Specs:

Total Weight1000 mg
Distillate TypeDelta-8 THC
Total Cost$40
Third-Party Tested?Yes ✅

Quick Brand Comparison

Product NameActive IngredientsTotal CostThird-Party Testing
Area 52 HHC Vape CartridgePure HHC + Terpenes$60
TRĒ House Live Resin Green Crack CartDelta-8 THC + Live Resin$15
TribeTokes Delta 8 Full-Gram CartsPure Delta-8 THC$60
Eighty Six Golden Milk THC-P CartTHCP + Delta-8 THC$25
Canna River Cherry AK HHC CartPure HHC$15
BudPop Grape Runtz Delta 8 CartPure Delta-8 THC$40

What to Look for When Buying 1-Gram Carts Online

There are many things to consider when buying vaping carts. 

Compatibility is one, as not every cart fits every battery. But safety should be your first concern, as this market has grown a lot, giving room to dozens of sketchy vendors who prey on uninformed customers.

Then there are the prickly issues like potency. What’s better: a distillate of HHC or live resin delta 8 carts? Simply looking at the numbers isn’t enough — you need to understand the nuances.

Here’s a quick breakdown of each of these aspects:

1. Battery Compatibility

Most carts work with 510-thread batteries since they are the most common. However, some brands, like VFIRE pods or STIIZY, use proprietary batteries. To avoid additional expenses, you must ensure the cart you purchase is compatible with your equipment.

Other things to consider are capacity and size. Small batteries have around 280 mAh, while the largest ones reach 900 mAh. You’ll have to choose between having a portable battery or one that lasts long.

2. Safety & Contamination Risks

As with any market that has exploded in popularity in the past, THC vapes have attracted poor actors aiming to get a fast buck. One way they do it is by diluting their products.

One of the usual suspects is vitamin E acetate, which thickens the diluted distillate and becomes a harmful gas when heated [1]. You should always check the ingredients on the packaging. Safe carts should only contain resin or distillate, cannabinoids, and terpenes.

The best THC vendors always offer third-party lab tests of their products. But look at these tests closely and make sure the batch numbers match your cart.

3. Purity & Potency

Not all carts are the same; your mileage will vary even with top-shelf quality stuff. Why? Because different cannabinoids have different potencies. For example, delta 9 THC is more potent than delta 8 THC [2].

There are other, less common cannabinoids like HHC, which sits between the previous two in potency, or THC-P, which is more potent than all others. Or at least that’s what vendors claim — as there are no studies backing it up yet.

The extraction method also matters: distillate is stronger than live resin, but it may last less and offer a ‘flatter’ or ‘cleaner’ experience.

How Long Should a 1-Gram Cart Last?

There’s no singular answer to this question — factors like draw length (how long each inhale takes), frequency of use (rapid uses drain the tank faster), and the quality of the internal heating element can all impact how many puffs you get out of a single cartridge.

The best way to answer this question is to standardize one puff to 2 full seconds. If you like to inhale for more time or simply have stronger puffs than the average, your cart will run out quicker.

That said, a one-gram cart holds around 150 two-second puffs or 300 one-second puffs.

From there, your cart’s duration will depend on your habits. Do you usually take 2 to 4 puffs late at night to calm your mind before sleeping? Then, you can expect your cart to last around two months. Are you a heavy user trying to get zooted? Then your vape probably won’t last more than a week.

Why Are 1-Gram Carts So Popular?

One-gram carts are by far the most popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts because they last longer than the older half-gram cart style. They’re cheaper than buying smaller quantities of cannabis flower and have a lower risk of clogging than two-gram carts.

Why Do Some 1-Gram Carts Advertise 900 mg Cannabinoids?

You may have noticed in our ranking that, while all products were full-gram carts, some had a “900 mg cannabinoid” label. Brands aren’t trying to scam you out of 100 mg. The opposite is true: those carts tend to be the most potent on the list.


If a cart has a 90% concentration, it doesn’t mean the manufacturer diluted it with additives — with premium brands it usually means the product has been further enhanced with terpenes.

You’ve probably felt the entourage effect before but couldn’t name it. It’s the experience of pure cannabis products, where several little effects accompany the high: relaxation, calm, euphoria, focus, etc.

These effects come from all the other compounds in marijuana and are lost when taking pure THC extracts [3]. That’s why live resin feels more potent than most distillates while having a lower percentage of THC. It’s also the reason why good vendors add terpene to their distillates.

FAQs: 1-Gram Distillate Carts

Still have questions? Maybe we will answer them next. Otherwise, feel free to reach out to us!

1. How many hits are there on a 1-gram cart?

There are around three hundred short puffs (1 second) on a 1-gram cart or 150 moderate ones (2 seconds). Long puffs further reduce the total duration a vape cart will last.

2. What color should the cart be?

Light amber or yellowish-gold is a sign of well-refined and filtered oil. Dark colors inside the cart could mean the oil is getting old, or worse, that’s full of impurities.

Some carts have a red tinge to them, and others are perfectly clear. None of these colors suggest something is wrong with the cart.

3. Why do I feel a burnt taste from my cart?

Assuming your oil is high-quality, the burnt taste comes from the cart’s coil overheating and burning the contents. This happens when there’s an excessive voltage — try to keep your cart at 3 volts or less when the coil is unsaturated.

Space your puffs to allow the wick to absorb more oil, and if your vape is 95% gone, throw it away. There’s too little oil for it to work as intended.

4. Can 1-gram carts be refilled?

Most 1-gram carts are designed for single use and should not be refilled for safety and quality reasons. Attempting to refill a cart can lead to leakage, poor performance, or damage to the coil, affecting the vaping experience. However, some manufacturers offer refillable cartridges; ensure you follow their guidelines closely if you choose to refill.

5. Is it normal for the oil level in my cart to go down when not in use?

A slight decrease in oil level when not in use can happen due to small amounts of evaporation through the wick. However, significant drops should not occur and might indicate a leak. Ensure the cart is stored upright and check for any signs of leakage (sticky or oily sides, grease stains in your pockets, or visible distillate on the bottom of the cart where it connects to the battery).

6. What does it mean if my cart is clogged?

Clogging occurs when residue from the vaporized oil collects and solidifies in the cart’s airway. This is more common in high-potency THC carts and with thicker oils.

To prevent clogging, take shorter puffs and store your cart upright in a cool, dry place. If it clogs, gently heating the cart with a hairdryer can help dissolve the blockage.


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