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Are you interested in growing your own weed? This detailed guide helps you start on the right foot and takes you from germination to harvest.

Gourmet and psychedelic fungi can be expensive to buy and not particularly fresh when bought in-store. Luckily, many species can be grown at home for minimal investment.

Knowing when to harvest magic mushrooms is an essential skill for the forager and cultivator alike. Let’s look at how to tell if a shroom is ready to pick…

Grow your own mushrooms at home using a bag of microwaveable, pre-cooked rice and a little bit of patience! Here's how to grow with Uncle Ben's tek.

Magic mushrooms have been used in Denmark for centuries. However, the laws regarding their use changed in 2001, making them a little harder to come by…

There are more than 180 different species of psychedelic mushrooms spanning several genera.

Learn about more than 100 different strains of magic mushrooms.

If magic mushrooms aren't stored properly, they become susceptible to mold, bacteria, & loss of the active ingredients. Learn how to store your shrooms properly.

The first step to growing magic mushrooms is to buy spores online. Learn where to buy spores and what to do with them when they arrive.