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Santo Daime is a religious group that uses ayahuasca as part of its ceremonies. Check out this article to learn what it’s all about.

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Six different methods for smoking DMT.

Information on safety, dosage, techniques, and tips on achieving a breakthrough experience.


DMT is fast-acting but short-lived. It takes effect immediately when vaped but rarely lasts longer than 45 minutes. DMT remains in the body for up to 24 hours.


DMT is surprisingly common in nature. It’s found in various plants, animals, and even a few species of sea sponges. Here are 18 plants that contain DMT.

The simplest method of making DMT is to extract it from plants like Mimosa hostilis (MHRB), but it can also be synthesized. Here are 3 ways to make DMT.

A DMT vape pen is an e-liquid vape infused with psychoactive doses of DMT. Are DMT vape pens safe? Learn everything you should know about DMT vapes.

5-Bromo-DMT (5-bromo-N,N-dimethyltryptamine) is commonly referred to as SpongeBob DMT due to its presence in several species of sea sponge.