What is Alpha,N-DMT? (α,N-DMT)

Alpha,N-DMT doesn’t exhibit the fantastic effects of other tryptamines but might have utility as an MAOI or precursor to other active compounds.

By Patrick McConnell Last Updated: January 13, 2024
Last Updated: January 13, 2024

Alpha,N-DMT or α,N-DMT (α,N-dimethyltryptamine) is a DMT analog synthesized by Alexander Shulgin and documented in his book TiHKAL.

Shulgin experimented with the molecule on himself, but the effects did not impress him, and he ended his second trip report with a simple “Why?”

Despite lacking the elf-infested fireworks of N, N-DMT, the compound may be of interest to some as a monoamine oxidase inhibitor or as a precursor to other active alkaloids.

Shulgin suggests that α,N-DMT, and its relative, the hallucinogenic α-MT, both show some of the symptoms shown by other MAOI in the beta-carboline family [1].

Alpha,N-DMT: Specs & Techincal Details

Active IngredientAlpha,N-DMT (α,N-dimethyltryptamine)
Level of RiskModerate
Most Common Side-EffectsDizziness, Loss of Appetite, Alertness
Duration of Effects6-8 Hours

Guidelines for the Responsible Use of α,N-DMT

  1. 🐍 I understand why psychedelics should be treated with respect
  2. ⚖️ I’m familiar with the laws surrounding psychedelics in my country & state
  3. 🍄 I’m familiar with and confident in the dose I’m taking (dose range for Alpha,N-DMT is 50-100 mg)
  4. 🧪 I’ve tested a sample of the substance I’m using with a drug-testing kit
  5. 💊 I’m not mixing any medications or other substances with Alpha,N-DMT
  6. 🏔️ I’m in a safe & comfortable environment with people I trust
  7. 🐺 One of the members of my group is responsible and sober (AKA a trip sitter)
  8. ⏳ I have nothing important scheduled for after the trip
  9. 🧠 I’m in a sound & healthy state of mind

What’s The Dose of α,N-DMT?

The only known trip reports of α,N-DMT are Shulgins from TiHKAL. He shares notes from a 50 mg dose and a 75 mg dose while listing the dose as 50-100 mg [2].

Shuglin took both doses orally and provided no data on smoking or intravenous routes of administration.

Dosage Breakdown for α,N-DMT

  • Threshold Dose — 50 mg
  • Standard Dose — 75 mg
  • High Dose — 100 mg

What Does α,N-DMT Feel Like?

Based on Shulgin’s notes, it doesn’t appear that α,N-DMT has any particularly psychedelic properties.

He mentions feeling “wakeful and alert,” “a bit light headed,” and as if he was “wearing glasses with the wrong prescription.”

At his higher 75 mg dose, he reported “compulsive sneezing” and feeling “quite uncomfortable.”

His writing compares the drug to speed but “without the virtues” while mentioning some clenching of the jaw and having no appetite.

The key features of α,N-DMT include:

  • Alterness
  • Physical discomfort
  • Loss of appetite

How Long Does α,N-DMT Last?

Based on the reports, the trip seems to last 6-8 hours. Shulgin reports that physical discomfort lasts for several hours but that sleep wasn’t greatly disturbed.

How Strong is α,N-DMT Compared To Other Psychedelics?

Compared to N,N-DMT, and related analogs α,N-DMT appears to be very weak with little to no visual distortions, euphoria, or really anything very pleasant to report.

Is α,N-DMT Safe?

The safety of α,N-DMT is unknown.

Shuglin mentions no significant alterations to his pulse; however the origins of significant physical discomfort are unknown.

While more tryptamines and their safety profiles are accumulating data, α,N-DMT is a mystery.

Testing Alpha,N-DMT

Because α,N-DMT lacks sought-after characteristics in designer drugs like hallucinations, stimulant properties, or euphoria, it has not made a splash in the online research chemical market. Because of its apparently extreme rarity, no specific test for α,N-DMT exists.

However, it is theoretically possible to test for the presence of indoles or for other contaminates.

Side Effects of α,N-DMT

Both of Shulgin’s entries about α,N-DMT include mention of physical discomfort.

He also mentions a sense of lightheadedness. The higher dose includes excessive sneezing and having no appetite (as he was unable to eat some quiche.)

Is α,N-DMT Legal?

Generally speaking, α,N-DMT is not a scheduled substance. However, some jurisdictions may consider it an analog of DMT and, therefore, illegal.

How Does α,N-DMT Work?

Studies of the pharmacokinetics of α,N-DMT do not exist.

One might assume it works like other tryptamines on the serotonin system. However, the source of its unique effects is unknown, and its potential being an MAOI has no confirmation, although Shulgin mentions it could be a fruitful area of experimentation.

Shuglin’s suggestion that the relative α-DMT could be an MAOI has panned out [3]. He also adds that alterations of α,N-DMT could lead to the creation of unexplored compounds potentially active in man.


Answering your most common questions on alpha-N,DMT…

1. Where Can I Buy α,N-DMT?

As far as we can tell, no research chemical distributors offer α,N-DMT, presumably because it does not offer effects like the euphoria or hallucinations many users seek.

2. Is α,N-DMT the Same Thing as N,N,DMT?

No, α,N-DMT is separate from N,N,DMT and does not appear to share any of its characteristic effects.


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