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Is cannabis legal in Bosnia and Herzegovina? What about psychedelics like LSD, psilocin, DMT, and ketamine? This article explores the current drug laws in BiH.

In states where marijuana is illegal, hemp-derived cannabinoids are booming. Here’s how these legal forms of THC are transforming restrictive states.

Buying drugs in Portugal can be a gamble. While the government decriminalized all drugs, selling them is still illegal. It's not illegal to sell FAKE drugs, however.

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French Guiana changed its drug laws in 2020, but drugs are far from being decriminalized. Here's how the laws apply to psychedelics and what to expect if caught.

Don’t get too excited. Penalties are reduced, but not much.

After a fight by local activists that began more than two years ago, Port Townsend City Council approves a resolution to support decriminalizing psychedelics.

After failing to pass a bill to decriminalize psychedelic plants in July 2021, two months later, the City Council of Arcata unanimously approved the measure.

Are psychedelics legal in Estonia? Which are their therapeutic benefits? Keep on reading and find answers to these questions and more.