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California is struggling to remain at the forefront of ending the war on drugs. Will a new effort to legalize some psychedelics put them back on top?

Decriminalization — removing the penalty without legalizing the action — of drugs is in effect in British Columbia, but harm reduction advocates have concerns.

Despite being rather conservative, Oklahoma recently announced a vote on adult-use legalization of cannabis. What does this mean for the rest of the country?

After several years of trying, psychedelic advocates finally succeeded in getting the Australian government to legalize MDMA and psilocybin for therapeutic use.

Nearly two dozen U.S. cities have decriminalized plant-based hallucinogens, but so far Berkeley is the only city proposing to decriminalize synthetic LSD.

New York is working to reshape the way it regulates psychoactive substances. Passability is up for debate, but A114 is leading the charge to reform psychedelics.

California enacted a ban on flavored nicotine products, becoming the second state to do so. Are they driving people back to more harmful options?

AOC and other leaders have been trying to get psychedelic and marijuana reform through in a must-pass bill without success. Here’s how it went down.

Colorado is once again willing to push the needle forward in ending the War on Drugs. Prop 122 decriminalizes some cases of small amounts of psychedelic drugs.