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Two bills in West Virginia are making their way through the conservative-dominated government. Here’s what they propose and how they harshen restrictions.

Vermont introduced two measures that would significantly alter their attitude toward drugs. Let's discuss what they say, along with their potential and shortcomings.

ATAI Life Sciences' failed R-ketamine study in January caused a stock freefall, revealing both the volatility and greed of the corporate psychedelics sector.

Biden recently announced major rollbacks to the accommodations put in place during the pandemic. Here’s what it means for patients

After increasing reports of ineffective ADHD medication, we reached out for more information. Here’s what we found and some possible explanations.

In November 2020, Oregon legalized the medical use of psilocybin starting January 2023. New efforts to delay or ban the program get rural support and urban opposition.

Days after Oregon published its final rules for psilocybin clinics, Senator Steiner introduced a bill overturning key rights advocates had fought hard for.

As more states legalize the sale of marijuana, banking regulations restrict many from operating. Women- and minority-owned businesses are often hit hardest.

California is struggling to remain at the forefront of ending the war on drugs. Will a new effort to legalize some psychedelics put them back on top?