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The Ban Phang Ka strain is extremely aggressive and is capable of producing big yields over several flushes. Want to find out more about this Thai strain?

A new species of magic mushroom has been discovered, and it has been named after the legend Paul Stamets — introducing the small but mighty Psilocybe stametsii.

Mexicana cube shrooms are slightly more potent than your typical Mexican magic mushroom. From spores to shrooms, learn how to cultivate and enjoy this strain.

Golden Halo is a relatively new addition to the spore market. It has unclear origins but is gaining popularity thanks to its fast colonization speed.

Wollongong is an Australian Psilocybe cubensis strain that, until recently, was confined to its country. Now it's available from spore vendors across the globe.

Thai is another Psilocybe cubensis strain that John Allen discovered in the 90s. This exotic shroom is ideal for the cultivator with little experience.

Trans Envy was made by accident. Often, the best things in life aren't planned, and this is definitely a happy accident. Let's take a look at this potent cube.

Stropharia was originally falsely classified as an entirely different species of psychedelic shroom. So, why was this strain of P. cubensis misidentified?

The Mystery Fatass is a rare shroom growing unusually thick stems and golden caps. It's known for its high potency, but the trip doesn't feel overwhelming.