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White Rabbit is a relatively new high-strength cubensis strain. Could this potent strain be one of the strongest albino magic mushrooms to date?

The T3 Strain (T3) is unlike any other psilocybe mushroom. Its origins are unclear, but its growth patterns are enough to amaze even the most experienced mycologist.

The Peru strain of magic mushrooms is considered average in terms of potency but is one of the easiest strains to grow at home. Learn what makes this strain so special.

Kathmandu is a Nepalese strain with balanced colonization and above-average potency. It’s definitely one worth checking out if you’re into exotic shroom strains.

Learn what makes the Golden Emperor mushroom strain so popular & how they differ from Golden Teachers. Effects, growth tips, where to find spores, & more.

Contrary to what most people think, Blue Meanies are cubensis shrooms. Click here to learn the truth about this variety and why there’s so much confusion.

It’s fitting that one of the most spiritual hotspots on Earth is also home to such a powerfully psychedelic mushroom.

The Acadian Coast shroom strain’s potency makes it a popular choice for meaningful trips and is shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Click here to learn why.

Albino A+ is creamy white & potent — with more physicality in its high than other strains. Here’s all there is to know about this pearly white psilocybe.