Category: Empathogens

An empathogen (sometimes called an entactogen) describes a substance that increases feelings of oneness or emotional openness. They essentially make it easier to feel empathetic towards the feelings of others and more in-tune with how you’re feeling yourself.
The classic king of all empathogens is MDMA, but there are many others, including some of the 2C-X family (2C-B or 2C-C).
LSD, psilocybin, and mescaline can all be considered empathogenic. They make you feel more connected with the world and the people around you.

2C-B-FLY is a psychedelic phenethylamine closely related to 2C-B. It’s widely considered one of the best psychedelics for arousal & sexual connection.

2C-C (4-Chloro-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine) is an obscure psychedelic substance derived from mescaline. Learn about dosage, safety, & effects.

MDMA is more than just a party drug. Evidence suggests MDMA is an effective treatment for PTSD, social anxiety disorder, & more.

2C-E (2,5-dimethoxy-4-ethylphenethylamine) is a synthetic psychedelic substance related to mescaline & 2C-B.

2C-E is considered one of the more challenging psychedelics.

2C-B is a synthetic psychedelic with effects similar to LSD, psilocybin, & MDMA.

Despite being illegal in most parts of the world, 2C-B is one of the most popular mind-altering substances on Earth.

Mescaline is a naturally-occurring alkaloid produced in several species of psychoactive cacti — including San Pedro, Peyote, & Peruvian torch.