What Is Lemon Tek?

By Dan Simms Last Updated: April 05, 2022
Last Updated: April 05, 2022

Lemon tek is an advanced technique of preparing magic mushrooms that involves dissolving powdered magic mushrooms in lemon or lime juice. 

Users report faster onset of effects (slightly) and increased psychedelic effects when taking shrooms using the Lemon Tek method.

So how is lemon tek prepared? What does lemon tekking feel like? Are there any risks? 

We answer all these questions and more. 

What Is Lemon Tek?

Lemon tekking basically involves soaking your dried, powdered magic mushrooms in lemon or lime juice for about 15 minutes before shooting the whole thing back like a shot. 

There are 4 benefits of lemon tekking:

  1. The lemon juice helps extract the psilocybin and psilocin out of the mushrooms — making them more bioavailable to the body (faster effects).
  2. The lemon juice speeds up the conversion of psilocybin to psilocin (making the effects stronger). 
  3. The lemon juice masks the bad taste of the mushrooms.
  4. The lemon juice soothes the stomach and reduces the chances of nausea or stomach aches from the mushrooms. 

There are two downsides to lemon tekking: 

  1. The experience doesn’t last as long
  2. You’ll need to wait at least 15 minutes before the lemon tek is ready to consume (not as discrete as other methods)

Does Lemon Tekking Make a Shroom Trip More Intense?

Most people agree that lemon tekking makes a shroom trip more intense, although how much more intense is a matter of debate.

We consider lemon tekking to increase the potency of magic mushrooms by up to 20%. 

It’s not going to double the intensity by any means, and in many cases, you won’t notice a clear difference.

Discrepancies between lemon tekking trip reports likely come from inconsistent dosing since it is hard to control all the variables (how long did the shrooms sit in the lemon juice before consuming, what dose was used, what else did the user eat/drink, factors associated with set/setting, individual size, tolerance, etc.). 

How Do You Make Lemon Tek?

Making lemon tek is straightforward, even if it’s not the most precise process. The only thing you need in addition to your regular shrooms supplies is fresh lemon juice and a small glass.


  • Dried magic mushrooms
  • 1–2 lemons (limes also work)
  • Coffee grinder, herb grinder, or blender
  • A strainer or cheesecloth (optional)
  • A small glass cup
  • A spoon to stir

Step 1: Grind Your Shrooms

Grind the mushrooms into a fine espresso-like powder. The finer, the better, so take extra time to ensure you have an extremely fine and consistent grind. 

How quickly the mushroom powder dissolves in the lemon juice depends on how fine the grind is.

A blender or coffee grinder will work just fine, but a stone mortar and pestle work the best for getting the shrooms into a nice fine powder. 

Step 2: Squeeze Some Fresh Lemon Juice

You can squeeze your lemons with your hands or use a juicer. Either way, collect as much of the lemon juice into a glass as possible and remove the seeds when you’re done. 

Step 3: Mix Your Lemon Juice With Your Shrooms & Wait

Combine your powdered shrooms and lemon juice together in one cup. Give it a stir, so everything is mixed, and then leave it alone for about 15 minutes. 

Step 4: Strain The Lemon Tek (Optional)

At this point, you’ll be left with a dark-colored, mushy liquid. Some people choose to strain the liquid through a mesh strainer or some cheesecloth to remove the little bits of mushies floating around. This will still provide strong psychoactive effects. 

However, most people will just knock the whole thing back as-is — ensuring the mixture delivers the full dose of magic mushrooms. 

Step 5: Drink Up!

No more wasting any time — drink up!

I recommend shooting the whole thing back quickly and following it up with a few sips of water or juice. 

How Long Does It Take for Lemon Tek to Kick In?

The effects of lemon tekking will kick in slightly more quickly than regular shrooms. Most people start noticing the effects after 20–45 minutes (compared to 30–60). 

You can take lemon tek on an empty stomach to further reduce the onset time, although most people find this unnecessary.

How Long Does a Lemon Tek Shroom Trip Last?

The average lemon tek shroom trip lasts for several hours, although it’s typically shorter than the average shroom trip. Durations vary between lemon tek trip reports, but most people say their lemon tek trips last around 4–6 hours (compared to 4–7 hours).

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Interestingly, many lemon tek trips end abruptly, forgoing the waves that many people experience during an ordinary shroom trip’s comedown phase. It’s unclear why this happens, although it is most likely related to the head start lemon tekking gives to the psilocybin to psilocin process.

Is Lemon Tek More Intense Than Taking Shrooms?

Probably, but only slightly. We peg it around 20% more intense (often even less). 

Lemon tek trip reports disagree about some details, but most suggest that lemon tekking offers a significantly more intense experience than shrooms. However, there is little scientific evidence supporting the claims that lemon tekking makes any difference in how the body processes magic mushrooms.

Even though the explanation for why lemon tekking is more intense than taking regular shrooms, it is impossible to say for sure if there is a difference without further study. Anecdotal evidence — while compelling — can be misleading due to the placebo-like effects expectations can have on subjective experiences like taking magic mushrooms.

Can You Microdose With Lemon Tek?

Technically, yes — anything involving sub-perceptual doses is considered a microdose. So as long as you only consume around 0.2 grams or less equivalent, it’s a microdose. 

One method of preparing lemon tek microdoses is to use an ice cube tray and add 0.1 or 0.2 grams of mushroom powder to each cube. Then add enough lemon juice to each tray to cover the mushrooms. Let it sit for 15 minutes, then fill the rest of the way up with water and toss it in the freezer. Each cube is dosed as one microdose. Use one ice cube in a smoothie to dose.

Other Ways to Take Magic Mushrooms

Lemon tek is considered one of the more advanced ways of using magic mushrooms. 

The simplest method is to simply eat the dried or fresh mushrooms whole. They don’t taste great, but they’re palatable if you chase it down with some juice or something sweet. 

You can also make magic mushroom capsules (best option for microdosing), prepare a magic mushroom tea, or add your shrooms to foods such as pizza (just make sure to add them after it comes out of the oven). 

Wrapping Up: Lemon Tek for a More Intense Shroom Trip

Lemon tekking is a popular way to get more out of your magic mushrooms and offers an excellent solution for masking the taste of dried shrooms. 

Soaking mushroom powder in lemon or lime juice may decrease the time it takes your body to convert psilocybin to psilocin, giving your trip a faster start, more intense peak, but slightly shorter duration of effects.

Other citrus juices will work, too — try using orange juice or lime juice instead.