Yeti Shroom Strain: A True Albino Teacher Derivative That Packs a Punch

If you thought Hulk was strong, wait till you see the Yeti. This pure-white albino mushroom packs quite a punch. 

By Dan Simms Last Updated: January 16, 2024
Last Updated: January 16, 2024
Artwork By Carina Kuntzsch

Yeti shrooms are a genetic isolation of the more widely-known True Albino Teacher strain developed by an internet-famous mycologist who goes by the forum username Jik Fibs. They’re a resilient strain perfect for inexperienced cultivators who want to grow a strain with above-average potency.

They are morphologically similar to True Albino Teachers. However, most cultivators report that Yeti shrooms have a significantly lighter color, with caps that often feature a yellow or gold tint that True Albino Teachers lack. Like the True Albino Teacher strain, Yeti is also a true albino strain and not leucistic like some other strains with “albino” misleadingly included in the name.

There is a dearth of information about Yeti shrooms compared to more mainstream strains like B+ and Golden Teacher, although that may change soon as more people learn about this variant.

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Yeti Shroom Specs

PotencyAbove Average 💪
SpeciesPsilocybe cubensis
Substrate RecommendationRye Grain or Brown Rice Flour
Sold BySporeslab, Hidden Forest Mushroom Spores

Yeti Strain Potency & Psilocybin Content

Yeti shrooms are considered well above average in terms of psilocybin and psilocin potency.

Out of no less than 7 separate samples sent for analysis, the average psilocybin and psilocin concentration are around 0.88% and 0.13%, respectively. The total tryptamine average is 1.14%.

The strongest of the samples submitted contained 1.56% total tryptamines (dried weight).

These shrooms are very strong. The average Psilocybe cubensis strain holds somewhere between 0.5% and 1% tryptamines total. So the Yeti strain can achieve nearly 50% more potency than the average cubensis.

Some experts believe the key to achieving Yeti’s maximum potency involves keeping them in complete darkness throughout the grow cycle.

The Yeti is even stronger than it’s parent strain — True Albino Teacher — which only contains an average of 0.87% tryptamines.

Yeti Shrooms Genetic Relatives

As mentioned above, the Yeti strain is closely related to the True Albino Teacher strain since the former is claimed to be a genetic isolation of the latter strain. Unfortunately, obtaining more information about Yeti shrooms is difficult since a singular, anonymous mycologist, Jik Fibs, created them.

True Albino Teacher is an isolation of the famous Golden Teacher strain, making Yeti shrooms an indirect descendant of Golden Teachers.

Where to Buy Yeti Shroom Spores

Not every online vendor that sells Golden Teacher or True Albino Teacher spores will also have Yeti spores, although retailers that do are your best bet. As of this writing, only Hidden Forest Mushroom Spores have Yeti spores in stock. 

If you live in Canada, you can check Sporeslab or Spores101, but this strain wasn’t available as of this writing.

Similarly, cultivators in Europe will probably have difficulty finding spores for this strain, but you can check Kosmic Kitchen, The Magic Mushroom Shop, and Viking Spores.

How to Grow Yeti Shrooms

Growing Yeti shrooms is a lot like growing the True Albino Teacher and Golden Teacher strains. Yeti shrooms are a forgiving strain that develops well even in suboptimal conditions, making it a great choice for new and aspiring mycologists. Yeti shrooms also mature relatively quickly, making them resistant to mold and fungal invasions. 

Online forums like Reddit and Shroomery are full of cultivation reports indicating that Yeti spores do well in average temperatures of 15–21ºC (60–70 ºF) and average humidity.

For more information about cultivating Yeti and other magic mushroom strains, check out this comprehensive shroom growing guide.

Similar Strains

Since the Yeti genetics can be hard to come by, some cultivators and users looking for a similar experience will need to turn to other comparable strains. Below, we’ll provide some other magic mushroom strains that should do just that.

Golden Teacher Shrooms

You can think of the Golden Teacher strain as Yeti’s grandfather if you don’t mind waxing poetic.

The Golden Teacher strain is one of the titans of magic mushrooms, and — while it’s not an albino strain like Yeti shrooms are — it offers a similar mellow experience that has earned it a place in the pantheon of psilocybin mushroom history. Golden Teachers are far more readily available than the Yeti genetics, making it a great choice if you don’t want to wait for Yeti to be in stock.

True Albino Teacher Shrooms

Yeti shrooms are an isolation of the True Albino Teacher strain, making True Albino Teacher the most similar strain you can find. As evidenced by True Albino Teacher’s presence in the 2021 Psilocybin Cup and Yeti’s glaring absence, the primary advantage of True Albino Teacher is its availability. However, it also has similar potency and hardiness, making it an excellent substitution for Yeti shrooms for cultivators and users.

B+ Shrooms

Even though Yeti shrooms aren’t genetically related to the B+ strain, it’s still a good alternative if you can’t get your hands on any Yeti spores. According to user reports, the B+ strain is also easy to grow, offers above-average potency, and produces trips with similar audio and visual effects.

Mexican Albino Shrooms

If you’re a cultivator looking for an albino shroom strain that’s relatively easy to grow but can’t get your hands on the Yeti genetics, you can try growing the Mexican Albino strain. It should be noted that this strain isn’t always a true albino, but it produces albino-like shrooms, some of which actually might be albino isolates. In either case, this strain produces pale white shrooms that are as easy to cultivate as the Yeti strain.

Strains vs. Species: What’s The Difference?

Strains are different versions of the same species that may have different physical characteristics based on how they’re grown. The most important thing to remember is that different strains of a single species are all genetically identical.

On the other hand, species are genetically distinct from other species and have different chemistry and biology. It’s not wrong to think of different species as being “more distinct” than different strains of the same species, although different mushroom species may still have many similarities.

The table below provides some examples of strains and species:

Golden TeacherPsilocybe cubensis
Penis EnvyPsilocybe cubensis
Blue MeaniesPanaeolus cyanescens

Final Thoughts: Yeti Shrooms

If you’re looking for a true albino strain that’s easy to cultivate and has above-average potency, the Yeti strain is a sleeper pick that you should check out. It’s one of the most highly recommended strains for new growers due to its contamination resistance and overall resiliency.

Yeti shrooms are slightly more potent than similar strains, especially for a Psilocybe cubensis strain, although most trip reports indicate positive experiences from using their regular dose. Yeti shrooms provide a unique experience for cultivators and users, making them a popular choice for growing and consuming.