We live in an increasingly absurd timeline... who better to unpack that and examine it than an absurdist satirical content creator.

Ketamine is sparking a revolution in mental health treatment unlike anything we've seen this century — but the burning question remains: Is it a genuine breakthrough or all hype?

Keri joins us to discuss the year-long investigation with the LA Times into the Mexican counterfeit pharmaceutical industry, and some wilder stories from her trips down there.

With the right context, guidance, & integration — psychedelics can be an invaluable tool for healing deep psychological & emotional trauma.

We're ringing in 2024 with a few drinks. In this ep, we have a candid chat about alcohol, weed, and other drugs.

Ketamine dose for pain depends on many factors, such as the method of administration, type of pain, and how an individual responds to it.

Ketamine sedation doses are variable and depend on the procedure, method of administration, and how an individual tolerates ketamine. 

Ketamine is a common drug used for sedation. The safety profile is favorable in comparison to other anesthetics for short procedures. Here’s how it works.

Ketamine treatments for depression come in many different forms. Intravenous,..