As a prodrug for nordiazepam, oxazolam has a nearly identical pharmacological profile to that benzodiazepine. Learn the intricacies of said profile here.

α-PPP is a synthetic cathinone with moderate popularity amongst the psychonaut community. Learn about its effects, toxicity, and characteristics in this article.

TIMA-2 is known to produce a unique combination of effects that has little to do with those of more traditional psychoactive phenethylamine compounds.

TMA-6 is a psychedelic empathogen very similar to the popular DOX compounds like DOB and DOI. Here’s what makes this Shulgin-developed psychedelic unique.

Like PMA, PMMA is a substituted amphetamine with a poor reputation amongst users because of its high level of toxicity and nasty side effects.

One of the three first-generation substituted cathinones, MDPV remains one of the most popular compounds in its class (and possibly the most potent).

DON has been both praised and scorned by the psychonauts. If done correctly, DON can lead to a great experience, but it can also backfire on less experienced users.

DOPR doesn’t have the best reputation when compared to other DOX compounds. Its reputed tendency to cause nasty side effects has led to minimal popularity.

DOET is one of the lesser-known DOx compounds synthesized by Alexander Shulgin. It produces powerful hallucinations but comes with considerable body load.