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Michael Pollan is an American writer, journalist, and professor known for his thought-provoking writing on food, nature, and psychedelic drug use.

The Mystery Fatass is a rare shroom growing unusually thick stems and golden caps. It's known for its high potency, but the trip doesn't feel overwhelming.

Melmac shroom strain is a lab-created variant of the famous Penis Envy mushroom strain. Learn more about its rumored history, effects, and growing tips here.

Mixing herbs with psilocybin-containing mushrooms in capsules, known as Scooby Snax, can be a great way to boost your trip. Here are some popular combinations.

Huautla is a Psilocybe cubensis strain that has a “shamanic” feel. Users report a deep sense of connection to nature and increased spiritual insights.

Astral projection practitioners believe it’s possible to intentionally separate the spirit from the body and travel the world and beyond. Could it be true?

Looking for a psychedelic guide in the palm of your hand? To get lost in interactive art? Or to curate new music? We have a list of the best apps for your next trip.

Living in the moment can allow you to experience and appreciate life fully. Discover how psychedelics can offer temporary insights for living mindfully.

Are psychedelics a secret weapon for athletes? This article explores the trend of using psychedelics to improve athletic performance. Let’s dive beyond the stigma.