How Much Is An 8th of Weed? We Did the Math, So You Don’t Have To

Even if you know how much an eight of weed is, you might not know how long it will last or if it’ll be enough. Avoid party fouls and plan ahead.

By Phil Dubley Last Updated: January 23, 2024
Last Updated: January 23, 2024

Before legalization, the marijuana market was radically different. But one aspect leftover from the black market days is the different sizes. Maybe you heard of a character in a TV show or one of your friends talking about an “eighth” of weed without understanding how much it is.

The eighth is the best-selling amount in dispensaries, and it’s also the standard in informal transactions. Let’s look at how much it weighs, how far it will go, and how much it might cost. 

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How Much Is An Eighth of  Weed?

One-eighth equals 3.5 grams of marijuana.

Growers and vendors still use slang terms and euphemisms from the pre-legalization days to refer to weed sizes. However, most of the confusion comes from measuring it with the imperial and metric systems at the same time.

Since weed is lightweight and the imperial system isn’t practical for weighing small quantities, people often use the metric system instead. For example, dealers used to sell weed in nickel and dime bags, which carried 0.5 and 1 gram each.

While most Americans are familiar with the weight of an ounce, it might be harder to figure out how much an eighth of an ounce is on the fly. That’s why knowing the 3.5 grams number saves you a headache.

For reference, 3.5 grams of weed is enough to roll around seven average-sized joints.

Naturally, this will vary depending on how much weed you use — but newcomers to the cannabis world should keep that number in mind.

How Much Does An 8th of Weed Cost?

It’s hard to give a clear-cut answer regarding the price of an eighth of weed due to how varied the cannabis landscape is. On average, it’s between $30 and $40 in legal retailers but varies by location.

California is an outlier regarding weed prices, and you can get legal eighths for as low as $20. Since it was the first state to legalize medical marijuana in 1996, its market has had plenty of time to expand, and its farmers have been able to invest in high-quality facilities to increase their yields.

In states with less competitive markets, like Illinois, or with suffocating tax structures, such as Washington, the price of an eighth can go above $60.

New Jersey has similarly high prices due to the size of its market. The state is slow to give licenses to retailers, cultivators, and manufacturers, most of which are conditional. This creates a market with high demand and low supply — making prices skyrocket.

Despite the steep prices in some states, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get top-shelf weed from dispensaries. Due to their small size, growers consider them the perfect way to introduce their products and woo potential customers.

Other Portions of Weed:

Factors That Influence the Price of An 8th of Weed

As you might have noticed, weed prices depend on many factors, ranging from regulations to growing conditions, and they can create a perfect storm that results in overpriced marijuana.

1. Cannabis Quality

Like most market goods, cannabis growers produce different quality buds to satisfy customers’ diverse needs. Some might be looking for the lowest prices without much emphasis on the weed’s potency, but there’s a large number of cannabis connoisseurs.

These customers demand top-shelf products that may call for smaller, more controlled productions. The additional labor that goes into them, the higher operating costs, and the smaller yields make them more expensive than the average bud.

2. Taxes & Overhead

One perceived downside to cannabis legalization is how prices increase once the state applies taxes to its sales. This problem is particularly noticeable in states with high taxes on weed, such as Washington.

However, black or grey market purchases offer no protections to their customers as they are illegal. While you may find lower prices for the same amount of weed, you’re liable to get lower-quality buds or less than what you paid for if you’re not cautious.

Cannabis taxation is a nuanced topic of discussion, but some states tackle the issue by offering tax deductions to businesses, hopefully lowering prices.

3. Supply & Demand

Problems with supply and demand are growing pains in newer cannabis markets, especially if the state isn’t efficient in giving out licenses. Demand rises as acceptance and legalization spread across the country.

Some states have legalized weed without considering demand, resulting in uncompetitive markets that lack the supply needed to tackle it. This increases prices and can push customers to the black market, rendering the policy ineffective.

How Long Does An 8th of Weed Last?

An eighth of weed can last over a month if you’re an occasional smoker. Sporadic use combined with low tolerance allows you to get high with smaller amounts, especially if you have top-shelf nugs.

If you’re a more frequent smoker, it can last between one and two weeks since your tolerance will be higher, forcing you to use more weed. When buying weed, it’s crucial to think about how much you’ll use.

If you don’t smoke often, you might be better off buying a gram so it doesn’t lose potency sitting around. Conversely, you probably want to avoid frequent trips to the dispensary if you run through an eighth quickly. In this case, you might be better off investing in a zip or half zip.

FAQs About Weed 

Here are answers to a few questions people often ask when buying weed. If you have questions we didn’t answer, check the website or let us know!

1. How can you stretch an 8th of weed?

If you’re a regular smoker on a tight budget, you can buy a one-hitter pipe to use less weed, reducing your waste compared to poorly rolled joints. If you have a higher tolerance, consider building a homemade gravity bong, which can get you stoned from one hit.

2. How do you store an 8th of weed?

Weed stays fresher inside an airtight container that’s kept in a cool, dark spot. Any glass jar with a tight lid will preserve it and lock away the smell. You can also get opaque containers online or in smokeshops if you don’t want your relatives or roommates peeping into your stash.

3. How many joints can you roll with an 8th of weed?

Properly rolled joints carry anywhere between 0.3 and 0.8 grams, so you can probably get around seven of them from an eighth. If you usually smoke blunts, you can roll three at most since they carry over a gram of weed.