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COMPASS Pathways has been among the most controversial psychedelic companies in the space for around as long as it’s been open — here’s what you need to know

Explore the evolving landscape of patents surrounding psychedelics & research conducted in this field & learn about the associated ethical concerns.

Huachuma Collective is an indigenous-led Peruvian non-profit seeking bio-cultural regeneration of the San Pedro cactus and the traditions using it.

The Amazon rainforest is being destroyed and risks losing not only plants and animals but an ancient culture that Mckenna Academy is working to save.

Is your body and mind suited for psychedelic use? HaluGen, a psychedelic gene test, promises to uncover your sensitivity to psychedelics so you can adjust accordingly.

El Puente is a non-profit receiving funding from Woven Science, encouraging corporate social responsibility and indigenous reciprocity.

Kené RAO seeks to give the Shipibo-Conibo tribe intellectual property rights over their traditions through legal frameworks, Web3, & agroforestry.

Decriminalize Nature, the flagship of drug reform advocacy groups, tries to stay focused amid conflict with local chapters and the co-founder's anti-semantic slant.

The race to create DMT therapies for depression, anxiety, addiction, and other conditions is on. Check out this breakdown of DMT companies.