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Sananga eye drops heal & cleanse the eyes. Find out how sananga forest medicine may be useful to support one’s vision & pineal gland.

The Vikings are famed for their navigation, trading efforts, and war achievements. Something they're lesser known for is their use of psychedelic substances…

In January of 2022, the DEA did something they rarely ever do — reversed course on scheduling 5 different drugs — due to public outcry.

Disposable vaporizers are responsible for sending lithium to landfills. This precious Earth metal may reach critical levels just when we truly need it the most.

Trip killers are substances that block or dull the effects of psychedelic substances. Here’s everything you need to know about the pros & cons of trip killers.

Inipi is a traditional Lakota sweat lodge purification ritual and ceremony. Learn about the sacred steps of the sweat lodge ritual and how to prepare for one.

Need a game to play to get high with friends? Check out this list of 25 weed games to get everyone in your group smoking and having a good time.

Psychedelics promise to support the healing of trauma, but current research has failed to observe their effects on people of color and their experience with racial trauma.

Illicit drugs don’t usually go hand-in-hand with responsible parenting, but some experts believe psychedelic experiences can make us better parents.