#2: A Pinch of Salt, A Pound of Prohibition: The History of Drug Control With Vincent Rado

How an ancient salt tax from 4000 years ago formed the foundation of modern-day drug prohibition.

By Tripsitter Special Guest Vincent Rado · Last Updated: October 13, 2023
Last Updated: October 13, 2023

Vincent Rado — a self-proclaimed Drug Epistemologist — joins us to talk about how a salt tax 4 thousand years ago in ancient China created a domino of effects culminating in the modern war on drugs.

(Don’t worry, he’ll also explain what the hell a “drug epistemologist” is.)

Vincent walks us delicately through 4000 years of drug policy to show how, at its core, it’s all about how people treat other people. Along the way, we discuss the influence of drug policy on the French and American revolutions and our “cultural amnesia” of lessons we should have learned long ago.

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