Bix Mex Magic Mushrooms Explained

Mild and manageable, Bix Mex Magic Mushrooms are perfect for beginners — if you can get ahold of them.

By Kat Lubiano Last Updated: January 16, 2024
Last Updated: January 16, 2024

Some believe the Bix Mex mushrooms share a common lineage with the mushrooms used by the Aztec people in religious ceremonies. The first sample was collected in Northern Mexico around the area the Aztecs once lived.

The Aztecs and other ancient central and south American groups referred to psilocybin-containing mushrooms as “god’s flesh” or “the flesh of the gods” [1].

While this is a romantic name for magic mushrooms, this term may be yet another mistranslation of Nahuatl, the region’s native language, for the word “teonanacatl,” which simply means “sacred mushroom” describing the fleshy mushroom fruit [2].

The Bix Mex strain is known to have milder visual effects and feel more manageable than other Mexican Psilocybe cubensis strains available today. The potency of this shroom is about average for what you can expect from this species — making it an excellent starting point.

Of course, every experience is different, and some people find Bix Mex to be just as powerful as any strain in high doses — But if you’re looking for a smoother, less vehement trip, Bix Mex is a dependable option.

Unless you live in Canada, this particular strain is difficult to find online.

Bix Mex Specs

PotencyAverage 🍄
SpeciesPsilocybe cubensis
Sold BySporeslab, Spores 101, High Desert Spores, Mushroom Prints

Bix Mex Strain Potency & Effects

It’s hard to report a particular strain’s potency accurately — its effects can vary drastically within one strain depending on the growing techniques, conditions, and how the mushrooms are stored.

Bix Mex is a moderately potent P. cubensis strain when grown in the right conditions. In terms of potency and effects, common comparisons to this shroom are Golden Teacher and Thai Koh Samui mushrooms.

Bix Mex is known for its consistent and manageable potency and uplifting experience. It produces mild visual hallucinations, along with a sense of euphoria and enhanced creativity. 

The overall effect of Bix Mex is typically happy and energetic, making it an excellent choice for social gatherings or creative endeavors. So if you’re looking for a strain that will lift your mood and help you see the world in a new light, Bix Mex is worth checking out.

Where To Buy Bix Mex Mushroom Spores

Unlike Golden Teachers or Koh Samui, Bix Mex spores are a little more challenging to come by, but if you can get ahold of some — you’re in for a treat, as they’re relatively easy to grow and deliver a great trip.

List of all spore vendors

Another place to source rare spores is on the /r/sporetraders Reddit forum. Here you can connect with other shroom enthusiasts and trade spores, grow tips, and buy all the supplies you might need to help you get started.

How to Grow Bix Mex Magic Mushrooms

Don’t be intimidated by growing your mushroom garden — all you need is a sterile environment, some spores, and patience.

Growing magic mushrooms is a five-step process: preparation, inoculation, incubation, and fruiting.

Here’s a quick overview of the process:

  1. Preparation: First, you must create a sterile environment for your spores to thrive. Everything from the tools to the substrate (typically a grain) must be clean to ensure that the bacteria don’t outcompete the mycelium in the environment.
  2. Inoculation: Once your equipment is sterilized, it’s time to add the spores to the growing environment you’ve created.
  3. Incubation: Once the spores have been added, it’s time to let them do their thing. Mushrooms like dark, humid environments.
  4. Fruiting: After a few weeks of incubation, you should start to see mushrooms starting to form. Once they’ve reached a decent size, they’re ready to harvest!
Bix Mex Grow Kit

Once you see the caps on your Bix Mex shrooms open, it’s time to harvest. And we recommend doing this quickly because this strain is known to produce a lot of spores, which means that once the veils burst, it releases the spores everywhere. This isn’t exactly bad for you, but it can make your crop look black and dusty.

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Similar Strains To Bix Mex

If you’re having a bit of trouble sourcing Bix Mex mushrooms, we have a few recommendations that are easy to grow with similar effect profiles.

Golden Teacher

Golden Teacher is easily recognizable for its distinct golden caps and long stems, which also come from Mexico.

This P. cubensis strain is a popular choice for beginner growers because they’re easy to cultivate and can produce a lot of mushrooms with little effort.

Regarding potency and effects, Golden Teacher and Bix Mex tend to be about the same with a moderate to potent psilocybin content, which is why they’re ideal for first-timers. 

With Golden Teacher, you’re in for a classic mushroom experience that fosters a sense of openness, clarity, and feelings of peace.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui shrooms are named after the island in Thailand from which this strain was discovered.

Although Koh Samui is found naturally across the Pacific Ocean from Mexico, it shares many similarities with the Bix Mex and other Mexican mushrooms. Both strains have unique rhomboid-shaped spores and the ability to store food reserves in its mycelium.

The Koh Samui mushroom is a grower’s dream because of its resistance to contamination, fast-growth cycle, and high crop yield.

Compared to Golden Teacher and Bix Mex, Koh Samui tends to feel more energetic than calming and, in higher doses, can produce much more profound auditory and visual hallucinations. Still, it’s many people’s favorite for experiencing mystical experiences and is often used in psychedelic therapy.

Huaulta (Oaxaca)

Huaulta magic mushrooms grow locally in the Huautla de Jimenez region of Mexico, with a rich history of use with the native people for spiritual experiences. 

Many say this strain has a “shamanic feel” because it delivers an incredible sense of euphoria and enhances one’s connection to nature and others.

Strain vs. Species: What’s The Difference?

We, humans, like to place everything into boxes. It helps us make sense of the world and understand our place in it.

Regarding the wonderful world of fungi, the categorization business can get a bit tricky, so let’s get back to basics. 

Organisms with the same genetic makeup are called “species.”

But sometimes, two members of the same species can drastically differ in their growth habits, appearances, or chemical makeup. These are called “strains.”

The term “strain” refers to a genetic sample that produces an observable and repeatable set of traits. So, two strains of the same species have significant differences in how they look or behave. 

The difference between strains and species is that strains are genetically identical but exhibit different phenotypical responses to their environment. In other words, the differences in growth habits and chemical makeup are due to epigenetic factors rather than genetic differences.

When it comes to magic mushrooms, there are hundreds of different strains to choose from. Each one is slightly different in terms of chemical and physical growth characteristics. Some strains have higher levels of psilocin, while others have more psilocybin. Many also exhibit unique growth characteristics in color, stem size, cap size, or resistance to disease and bacteria.

However, not all mycologists are convinced that certain “strains” mean much with psilocybin mushrooms in terms of potency and effects, as the psilocybin content tends to depend more on the growing conditions of the fungi.


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