MycroChips: Why You Should Avoid This Magic Mushroom Edible Brand

MycroChips Chocolate has several red flags. Unfortunately, this company isn’t legitimate and should be avoided.

By Connor McElroy Last Updated: January 17, 2024
Last Updated: January 17, 2024

MycroChips is a psilocybin edible brand that “sells” magic mushroom gummies and chocolate. Unfortunately, several websites pop up, take your money, and disappear. 

The packaging for Mycrochips chocolate and gummies is available to buy in bulk from many Chinese wholesalers, meaning anything can be packaged and sold under the brand name. People have purchased plain, inactive chocolate and gummies, as well as products that appear to contain research chemicals.

This is a high-risk brand — we don’t recommend anyone purchase these products, regardless of the source. 

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MycroChips Specs:

Tripsitter Ranking1/10Scammy company. Avoid at all costs.
Trust Score0/10MycroChips chocolates & gummies are not legit. Vendors selling products under this brand name are likely trying to scam you. 
Potency (mg)N/AThese chocolates likely don’t contain psilocybin.
TasteN/ATaste is irrelevant. Don’t buy this product.

Are MycroChips Legit?

No, we’ve found evidence that MycroChips is not a legit company.

It’s hard to tell whether a particular psilocybin edible is “legitimate” or not because of the legality surrounding magic mushrooms. These products are unregulated and produced unlawfully, meaning they can contain pretty much anything. However, some companies stand out as more genuine than others. Unfortunately, MycroChips isn’t one of these. 

In this section, we usually outline a particular product’s “red” and “green” flags. However, the “MycroChips” brand doesn’t have any green flags, so in this section, I’ll outline why it’s best to avoid them, in no particular order.

1: Packaging Scam

The first red flag is that MycroChips packaging is all over Chinese wholesale marketplaces such as Alibaba, Ali Express, and DHGate. This makes the brand packaging easily accessible, meaning anyone can buy, fill, and sell anything under the “MycroChips” brand.

2: Sold On Scam Websites

The second red flag is the number of websites that appear when you search Mycrochips chocolate or gummies. Many of these websites are known scams. They’re mostly cloned sites branded differently but use the same template, have poor English descriptions, and list the same products. 

Websites that sell MycroChips edibles come and go like the wind. One site will appear, scam people for their money, and disappear before being replaced by an almost identical website. 

3: Poor Reviews

The third red flag is the number of poor Reddit reviews. People have reported purchasing MycroChips and not receiving anything at all, receiving an inactive edible, or consuming an edible and having an experience, unlike any natural psilocybin trip. 

4: Must Buy In Multiples

The fourth red flag is the fact that these bars can only be purchased in multiples, with most “vendors” selling a minimum of five bars for $300 (USD).

5: Extreme Lack of Product Information

The fifth red flag is the lack of information about the source of the psilocybin or any tryptamine profiles of the MycroChips edibles, as well as the utterly ridiculous “info” sections in the product descriptions. 

Here’s an outtake from one:

“Mycrochips Psychedelic Chocolate are best ingested as it delivers a stronger trip. But shrooms chocolate bar, mychrochips make it easier to enjoy every bite as it gets rid of the poor, earthy taste. But the difference is it contains mushrooms and all their psychotropic contents.”

Need I say more?

It’s safe to say that MycroChips chocolates and gummies are not legit. If you’re lucky enough to receive a MycroChips edible after ordering online, it’s probably going to be inactive or, worse, stuffed with unidentified research chemicals. 

Alternatives to MycroChips

Although MycroChips edibles aren’t what they’re cracked up to be, not all magic mushroom edibles are as disappointing. There are a lot of scams and low-quality products in this space, but fortunately, there are a handful of companies manufacturing genuine magic mushroom edibles that are tried and tested. 

Here are some legitimate psilocybin edibles to check out:

1. Blu Bijou Psilocybin Gummies

The Blu Bijou psilocybin gummies come in two flavors — BLU RASP (sour blue raspberry) and Ki-Berry (Strawberry Kiwi). These are some of the best psilocybin gummies on the market. They have been created by “Blu Bijou” in association with the Canadian magic mushroom vendor “Blue Goba.”

Blue Goba is a top-rated shroom vendor that sells a variety of dehydrated and freeze-dried magic mushrooms and a small selection of high-quality psilocybin edibles. Blue Goba tests the potency of its products and uses the same shrooms it sells in its psilocybin gummies. 

Each pack of Blu Bijou gummies contains the equivalent of four grams of Psilocybe cubensis Goldmember shrooms (4000 mg). The packs contain eight gummies, each containing a 500 mg dose of Psilocybe cubensis. The gummies can be divided into microdoses, eaten whole for a light psychedelic dose, or consumed in multiples for a strong psychedelic experience. 

We’ve given the Blu Bijou gummies a 10/10 Tripsitter Ranking and a 10/10 Trust Score. You can buy these gummies through the Blue Goba website (Canada only). 

2. Blu Bijou Psilocybin Chocolate

The Blu Bijou psilocybin chocolate is produced by the same people who make the gummies listed above. Blu Bijou uses Blue Goba’s freeze-dried Goldmember Psilocybe cubensis shrooms to produce these chocolate bars, and they pack a punch. They’re available in two flavors — coconut chocolate and Belgian milk chocolate.

Each 24-square bar contains three grams (3000 mg) of P. cubensis, meaning each square has 125 mg. The squares can be consumed singly for microdosing or in multiples to induce a psychedelic experience.  

We’ve awarded the Blu Bijou psilocybin chocolate bars a 10/10 Tripsitter Ranking and a 10/10 Trust Score. You can buy them on the Blue Goba website (Canada only). 

3. Bright Future Nootropic Gummies

The Nootropic gummies are made by the popular microdose company Bright Future. This company sells a range of microdose capsules, chocolates, tinctures, teas, and gummies.

The Bright Future Nootropic gummies come in three flavors — raspberry daiquiri, mojito, and strawberry lemonade margarita. 

Each 3000 mg pack of gummies contains 10 gummies dosed at 300 mg of P. cubensis each. The gummies can be divided into two or three pieces for microdosing, eaten whole as a macrodose, or consumed in multiples to achieve a full psychedelic dose. 

Bright Future has plenty of followers and positive reviews. The company is transparent about its ingredients and source of psilocybin, and the team is happy to answer customer questions and provide test data. 

We’ve given the Bright Future Nootropic gummies a 9/10 Tripsitter Ranking and a 10/10 Trust Score. You can buy them directly from  Bright Future or the Canada-based magic mushroom vendor Zoomies.

4. Neau Tropics Magic Mushroom Chocolate 

Neau Tropics is a growing magic mushroom edible brand famous for its insanely potent magic mushroom chocolate bars. Neau Tropics chocolate bars come in six-gram (6000 mg), four-gram (4000 mg), and two-gram (2000 mg) options. 

The flavors offered are almost endless, with the standard milk, white, and dark chocolate bars as well as flavors such as strawberry shortcake, cookies and cream, birthday cake, and matcha.

Neau Tropics doesn’t have an online store or website. To purchase their chocolate, customers must message directly through one of their official Instagram accounts: @neautropics or @neautropics.official

Do not trust the products if you see Neau Tropics products available from an online vendor or find a website featuring the brand’s name in the URL. At the moment, there are many fake Neau Tropics chocolate bars and gummies.

We’ve awarded the Neau Tropics psilocybin chocolate a 9/10 Tripsitter Ranking and a 9/10 Trust Score. However, be vigilant about where you buy from — go directly through Neau Tropics only.

5. Neau Tropics Magic Mushroom Gummies

The Neau Tropics magic mushroom gummies (made by the same company as the chocolates above) come in a range of flavors, like peachy lychee, PB & J, mango tajin, and sour green apple. All have a potency of 250 mg of Psilocybe cubensis per gummy

 and come in 4000 mg packs containing 16 gummies. They must be ordered directly from Naeu Tropics by direct messaging them through one of their Instagram accounts: @neautropics or @neautropics.official

Naeu Tropics doesn’t have a company website, and this is the only way to get a hold of their products. Don’t purchase these gummies anywhere other than directly from Neau Tropics — other sources will undoubtedly be selling fakes. 

We’ve given the Neau Tropics magic mushroom gummies a 9/10 Tripsitter Ranking and a 9/10 Trust Score. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe you’re curious about magic mushrooms and need more information. Here are some FAQs we receive, so I’ll answer them next. 

1. Are There Any Risks Associated With Psilocybin Consumption?

Although psilocybin is generally safe if consumed responsibly in a controlled environment, like any substance, it’s not without its risks. Magic mushrooms have a relatively low toxicity and aren’t considered physically addictive like some other substances. The potential risks associated with shrooms come from the effects they induce. 

You can reduce the risks by monitoring dosage, set, and setting closely. Never consume more than you’re comfortable with, and always ensure your set (mindset) and setting (the environment you’re in) are relaxed, inviting, and comfortable. 

With that said, here are some of the risks associated with magic mushroom use:

  • Bad trips
  • Risk of accidents
  • Psychological vulnerability
  • Flashbacks (HPPD)
  • Interaction with medications
  • Legal consequences
  • Risk of misidentification
  • Allergic reactions (mushroom allergies)
  • Individual variability/ sensitivity

2. What’s the Difference Between Psilocybin & Psilocin?

Magic mushrooms contain two psychedelic compounds — psilocybin and psilocin. These two psychedelic tryptamines are extremely similar. Psilocin is the active metabolite of psilocybin. When magic mushrooms are ingested, it’s not the psilocybin that induces the effects — at least not directly.

Psilocin is responsible for the psychedelic experience induced by psilocybin mushrooms.

When psilocybin reaches the liver, it is first metabolized into psilocin. The psilocin then enters the bloodstream, reaches the brain, and interacts with serotonin receptors and the brain’s default mode network (DMN) — producing psychedelic effects. 

Learn more: Shroom Science: Understanding the Differences Between Psilocybin & Psilocin.

3. How Many Different Types of Magic Mushrooms Are There?

There are over 180 known species of psilocybin-producing mushrooms. Most of these species belong to the genus Psilocybe, including the popular Psilocybe cubensis and Psilocybe semilanceata (Liberty Caps), as well as the super-potent Psilocybe azurescens.

Psilocybe cubensis is the most prevalent magic mushroom species in the world. It’s easy to cultivate and is made up of hundreds of different genetic variants (strains). These strains show differences in appearances and tryptamine levels — making each a sort of “species” of its own. 

4. What’s the Strongest Strain of Psilocybe cubensis?

P. cubensis is made up of hundreds of different strains. These strains exhibit differences in tryptamine levels. Although most strains produce total tryptamine levels between 0.60% and 1.20%, a handful of strains are remarkably more potent.

The strongest strain of Psilocybe cubensis is Penis Envy (PE). This strain is worlds apart from others and can produce total tryptamine levels of over 2.90%.

The Penis Envy strain is so popular that it has been cross-cultivated several times to create the “Penis Envy series.” The PE series contains the most potent strains of P. cubensis. One strain in the series that’s renowned for its impressive tryptamine levels is Tidal Wave — a cross between Penis Envy and the B+ strain.

The Tidal Wave strain famously won the Spring 2021 Oakland Hyphae Psilocybin Cup with a staggering total tryptamine level of 3.80% — over four times as potent as the “average cube.” 

Although Tidal Wave can produce remarkable tryptamine levels, it’s not easy to grow a shroom as potent as the 2021 Psilocybin Cup winner. The average home cultivator is more likely to produce potent shrooms from the original Penis Envy strain.