25 Weed Games For You & Your Stoner Friends to Play Together

Most people know a handful of drinking games to play at parties, but what about weed games to get you and your smoking buddies high? 

We’ve got you covered

By Dan Simms Last Updated: January 17, 2024
Last Updated: January 17, 2024
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If you’re looking for something a little different for your next smoke sesh, give some of these popular stoner-inspired games a try instead.

A quick disclaimer before we start: like drinking games, weed games can encourage smoking quite a lot and might leave you feeling too high. Make sure you know your limits and don’t be afraid to tap out when you’ve had enough.

1. Medusa

This is a good game to get started with because it’s super simple yet can get out of hand surprisingly fast.

Everyone sits in a circle and looks down at the ground. On the count of three, everyone raises their heads and looks at another person in the circle. If you’re looking at someone who isn’t looking at you, nothing happens. If you and another person happen to look at each other, both take a hit. Simple and effective!

2. Movie High

This one is great for groups that are looking to chill out and relax but still be a bit engaged. First, choose a movie everyone agrees to watch. Next, set a rule that everyone will take a hit when something happens in the movie.

If it’s a cheesy romantic comedy, you can agree to smoke every time two characters kiss. If it’s a slasher, you can smoke every time someone in the movie gets attacked. Base the rule around the movie genre, and try to choose a rule that suits your group. If you’re looking to get seriously high, choose a stoner movie and agree to take a toke every time someone in the movie does. Best of luck with that one.

3. Waterfall

This one was adapted from a classic drinking game. Sit in a circle with your smoking buddies. One person starts the waterfall by taking a hit. As soon as the first person starts toking, the next person in the circle can start. When the first person exhales, the next person can then exhale.

This can be a super challenging game if you have a big group, and you can eliminate players that break the waterfall chain to make it a bit more interesting.

4. Strip Choker

Strip Choker — a play on strip poker — is similar to waterfall, but it’s for friends who are a bit more… open with one another. Everyone takes a hit at the same time. The person who exhales first has to remove an article of clothing.

5. Going On a Picnic

Yes, this is a classic children’s game. At first, it might not seem all that fun, but just wait until the hits start adding up! Sit in a circle, and have the first person say, “I’m going on a picnic and I’m going to bring ___.” The blank should be filled in with a food item that begins with the letter A. Then that person takes a hit. The next person has to say the same thing; only the blank is filled in with the original A-food and a food that starts with the letter B. That person takes a hit.

Continue going until you get through the entire alphabet. Depending on how many people you have, you can choose to take two hits for every new food item to make it more challenging. After a bunch of hits, members of the group will likely start forgetting food items mentioned previously. Set up a penalty for forgetting!

6. Stoney Face

This game starts with everyone getting high, so it’s more of a game to play after your group has smoked. At any point during the session, anyone can yell “Stoney Face,” and everyone has to keep a straight face while looking at each other.

The first one to laugh gets some penalty — like doing pushups, drinking a beer, or even taking another hit — which you decide at the beginning of the night.

7. High Tower

High Tower is basically Jenga, but with a twist. Get a Jenga set and write funny or embarrassing rules on each block, making sure to write them on the face of the block that will be facing downward. Mix up the blocks and set up the Jenga game.

Every time someone pulls a block, they take one (or more) hit and then follow the rule on the block. This is a great way to get super high and have fun in the process.

8. Power Hour

Power Hour is an old-school drinking game where you take a shot of beer every minute for an hour. Instead of a shot of beer, you and your smoking buddies can take a hit of weed to adapt the game to a smoking session.

It’s up to you how you want to keep track of time, but we recommend a Power Hour music playlist where the song changes once every 60 seconds. Take a puff every time you hear the song change.

9. Bong Pong

You’ve probably heard about beer pong, but what about Bong Pong? Same rules, but when your opponents get a ping pong ball in a cup, you and your partner each take a hit — or two, or three.

10. Ash Bomber

For this game, you’ll need a glass, a paper towel, a coin, and a rubber band. Use the rubber band to attach the paper towel to the glass so that it’s stretched over the rim. Place the coin on the paper towel. Take turns taking hits around the table, and each time someone takes a hit, they use the joint or blunt to burn a hole in the paper towel, as big or as small as they choose.

The person whose burn causes the coin to drop gets a penalty — you can set how many tokes you have to take if you drop the coin.

11. Categories

For this game, everyone sits in a circle. The first person to go names a broad category — like plants — and a letter — like R.

You go around in a circle naming things that fit into the category — rutabaga, rhododendron, radish — until someone can’t think of one. The first person who fails gets a “penalty” of a hit or two. You can set a time limit to make the game more challenging.

12. Categories: First and Last

This game is similar to categories, but there’s a twist. You start with a category, and the second person has to say something that falls into the category that starts with the last letter of the previous entry.

For example, if the category is fruits and the first person says guava, the next person could say acai, and the following person could say Indian fig. This is a harder version of categories, so it’s best to make the penalty smaller.

13. Last Man Standing

This is a simple but unforgiving game that should only be played with experienced smokers. Everyone takes a hit to start the game, and then everyone takes another hit when one person in the group says they should. The same person can’t initiate a hit twice in a row.

The last man standing (who doesn’t back out or fall asleep) wins. A fun option is to give the winner a homemade crown and then repeat the game during the next smoke session to see if the winner can defend the championship title.

14. Never Have I Ever

This is another classic drinking game where you go around in a circle saying, “never have I ever ___.” Insert something you’ve never done in the blank. Anyone in the group who has done that activity takes a hit.

You can have fun by targeting other members in your group or keep things relaxed and interesting by saying unique things that others might have done.

15. Classic Video Games

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If your group grew up with video games, play something that is competitive — like Bomberman or Mario Kart. The person who loses each match takes a hit.

16. Green Jack

This game is just blackjack, but the losers of each hand take a hit. This is a fun way to add some competition to your night and still get super stoned.

17. Wheel of Weed

This game requires some foresight and someone who is crafty enough to make a Wheel of Fortune wheel.

You can put anything you want on the pie-piece sections of the wheel, but some suggestions include:

  • Take a hit
  • Pass and puff (take a hit and choose someone else to take a hit)
  • Pass the puff (just choose someone else to take a hit)
  • 420 (everyone takes a hit)
  • Heaven (the last person to raise their hand takes a hit)
  • Hell (the last person to touch the floor takes a hit)
  • Joke (tell a joke or smoke)

You can get as creative as you want with the options.

18. Jammin’

This game is a great way to get everyone super stoned in just a few minutes.

Put on the song “Jammin'” by Bob Marley and take a hit every time he — or the backup singers, if you’re feeling brave — say “jam” or “jammin.'”

19. Buffalo

This game is also adapted from a drinking game. At the beginning of the night, someone declares that the Buffalo game is in effect. For the remainder of the night, if you catch anyone holding a joint, bong, pipe, blunt, or other smoking apparatus in their dominant hand, you can yell “Buffalo.” That person then has to take an extra hit.

20. Obstacle Course

If you and your smoking buddies feel like moving around while you’re high, you can set up an obstacle course — think “the floor is lava” — and place smoking apparatuses around the room.

Everyone has to navigate the room and take a hit from all smoke stations without touching the floor. You can either eliminate players who do touch the floor or give them a penalty of a hit or two.

21. Marijuana McGyver

For this game, everyone gets five to ten minutes to find something in the house to make a bong out of. At the end of the time limit, the group votes on the best one, and everyone takes a hit out of it.

22. Name the Song

For this game, you need access to YouTube, Spotify, or some other music app on a laptop or phone. You go around in a circle, and each player plays a song until someone else recognizes it and calls out the title.

Every other player must take a hit. If you want to make the game extra challenging, you can require the person to call out the name of the song and the artist.

23. High Card

This game is simple, but it’s a great way to get a smoking session started. Get a deck of cards and have each player choose a card at random. Once everyone has chosen, flip the cards over. The person with the high card is the only one who doesn’t have to take a hit.

To make the game a bit more interesting, you can make a rule that states that if there are ties, anyone with a matching card has to smoke, even if they have the high card.

24. Make a Story

This game can be super intense or casual, depending on your group. Go around in a circle and have each player add a word to the story.

The first person that laughs at the story loses and has to take a hit. For a more intense version, have everyone smoke unless it is their turn to add a word to the developing story.

25. Joint Effort

For this game, you’ll need plenty of weed and rolling papers. Start with two random competitors, and have them roll a joint at the same time.

Whoever finishes first wins, and the loser has to finish and smoke their joint or both joints and gets eliminated. This is a great way to find out — finally — who is the best joint roller in your group!

Wrapping Up: Have Fun and Be Safe

All of these weed games should provide fun and interesting ways to spruce up your smoking sessions and get everyone high as a kite. Just be careful when playing these games, as it’s very easy to get uncomfortably high if you’re not a veteran smoker.

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