Patrick McConnell

Patrick McConnell

Patrick McConnell is a freelance writer, circling facilitator, psychedelic integrator and life coach. 

His work is inspired by nature, meditation, yoga, breathwork, psychedelics, and community. But no matter where life takes him, he always comes back to the study of plants — how to grow, consume, and learn from them.

Patrick spent his 20s working as a professional treeplanter reforesting Canada’s remotest regions. He eventually left forestry to study permaculture and regenerative agriculture, going on to work in orchards, organic farms, edible landscapes, and the cannabis industry. 

From esoteric biodynamic to automated hydroponics and shamanic legends to modern neuroscience, Patrick is constantly refining a holistic view of how we can interact with the natural world.

Patrick now lives in the Sacred Valley of Peru, where he studies and writes about psychedelics and plant medicine while facilitating group work and coaching individuals.

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