40 Fungus Jokes & Puns We Promise You’ll Be Lichen

Whether these jokes make you cringe or chuckle is up to you — but one thing’s for sure, there’s mushroom for improvement. Here are 40 fungi-related jokes to tell your mycophilic friends. 

By Justin Cooke Last Updated: August 28, 2023
Last Updated: August 28, 2023

For this post, I spent weeks paneling my friends to send me their best fungus jokes. Many obliged, but quite a few were a spore-sport about it and said my project was too much truffle to be worth the effort.

I persisted, but a few of them told me they’re lichen me less and less.

This page is a work in progress. As I started writing, I realized there wasn’t enough shroom to include every joke I could find — so here’s the condensed version with the most cap-tivating jokes I could muster.

If you have any other jokes you think should be included on the list, send your jokes to feedback@tripsitter.com

Classic Mushroom Puns

Let’s ‘mush’ forward and explore some classic puns that have spored countless laughs over the years.

1. Why did the mushroom go to the party?

— Because he was a fungi!

2. Why didn’t the fungi go to school?

— They were too much of a mold-fashioned crowd!

3. Why did the mycologist become a comedian?

— Because he knew the yeast he could do was make people laugh!

4. What do you call a fungi that makes music?

— A decomposer.

5. What did the grumpy old fungus say to the young plant?

— I’m lichen you less and less every day!”

6. Why did the fungi leave the party?

— There wasn’t mushroom!

7. What room has no doors, walls, or floor?

— A mushroom.

8. What did the mushroom say when he was running late? 

Amanita minute.

9. Why did the gourmet chef give up on foraging for wild mushrooms?

— He found it was just too much truffle to be worth the effort!

10. What do you call a photo of a mushroom? 

— A stalk photo.

11. Which vegetables goes best with jacket potatoes?

— Button Mushrooms.

12. What did the mushroom request when booking his hotel?

— A shroom with a view, please!

13. Why is it impossible to have a conversation with a female mushroom?

— Because shiitake too much.

14. How do you tell a good mushroom from a toxic mushroom?

— Have your friend try it first.

15. What does a mushroom buy when it’s having a mid-life crisis? 

— A spores car.

16. Why do mushroom children behave so well?

— They don’t want to get in truffle.

17. Why did the mushroom get promoted at work? 

— It was more than cap-able for the job.

18. What did the mushroom say to two mycologists in love? 

— Get a shroom.

19. Why did the mushroom get stuck in traffic on the way to work?

— It was mush-hour.

20. What do mushrooms enjoy eating around a campfire?

— S’pores.

21. What’s a vampire’s favorite soup?

— Scream of mushroom

22. Where do baby mushrooms grow before they are born?

— In the mushwomb!

23. Why did the fungi and the algae get married? 

— They took a lichen to each other!

24. Why are polypores always the last to leave?

— They’re really good at sticking around.

25. Why did the polypore become a musician?

— Because it wanted to be in a band, not just on a log!

26. Why did the mycologist break up with the polypore?

— Because it was too shelf-centered!

27. Why is mold never a hit at social gatherings?

— Because even though it’s well-cultured, it has a tendency to spread too quickly!

28. Why wasn’t the mold worried as he stood at the edge of a cliff?

— Because falling was the yeast of his concerns!

29. Why don’t mushrooms ever share? 

— Because they’re a little bit shelf-ish!

30. Why was the cordyceps bad at relationships?

— Because it was too controlling!

31. Why did the cordyceps go to therapy?

— Because it had attachment issues!

32. Why was the lion’s mane mushroom always invited to parties?

— Because it was the mane attraction!

33. What did the mycologist say to the psilocybin mushroom?

— I must admit, you’ve altered my perspective!


I tried to write/find some good mushroom one-liners, but most of them were a bit cap-ricious!

34. Mycologists are the most virtuous scientists. They’re all obsessed with morels!

35. I didn’t used to like mushrooms. But now they’re growing on me.

36. Our local woods are full of mushrooms right now. I’m always tripping on them.

37. I took my final exam on magic mushrooms… I passed with flying colors!

38. Never argue with a mushroom; they’re real spore losers.

39. I wanted to grow my own mushrooms, but I couldn’t find the spore time.

40. Mushroom humor may be a niche market, but it’s growing all the time.

Mushroom Memes

Why did the mushroom meme get so many likes?

— Because it was stuffed with humor!

The mushroom meme lexicon is endless and continues to develop. Outside of our favorite mushroom meme of all time — the Shrigma Male — here are a few of the fungus-related memes we’ve been inoculated with so far:

1. Mushroom Pizza

2. Get Ripped!

3. Virtual Reality

4. Vision go Brrrrrr

5. The Fabric of Reality

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