Fun Guy Chocolate Bar Reviewed: Why You Should Avoid This Brand

These “magic mushroom” chocolate bars aren’t legitimate. Trip reports are inconsistent, descriptions are vague, and we believe they could contain research chemicals…

By Connor McElroy Last Updated: March 21, 2024
Last Updated: March 21, 2024

The Fun Guy chocolate bars contain “4 grams of psilocybin mushrooms.” However, we’re not so sure this is the case. 

While researching this shroom brand, we’ve uncovered several red flags and don’t believe a legitimate psilocybin source is used in their edibles. The Fun Guy chocolate bars look great at first glance, but poorly-written descriptions, a lack of ingredient information, inconsistent trip reports, and the availability of bulk packaging are worrying, to say the least. 

In this article, we’ll assess the Fun Guy chocolate bar in depth, examining its legitimacy, taste, and claimed potency. We’ll also examine four better alternatives that utilize genuine psilocybin mushrooms.

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Fun Guy Chocolate Bar Specs:

Tripsitter Ranking0/10False claims and lack of potency information.
Trust Score0/10Illegitimate “psilocybin” edible that likely contains synthetic research chemicals.
Potency Per Bar (mg)4000 mg“4 grams of psilocybin mushrooms” — these chocolates likely don’t contain psilocybin.
TasteN/ATaste is irrelevant — poor quality product.

Are Fun Guy Chocolate Bars Legit?

No. We don’t believe the Fun Guy chocolate bars are legitimate. We’ve found no evidence that these chocolate bars contain psilocybin from magic mushrooms. They likely contain potentially harmful psychedelic research chemicals or are completely inactive. 

The Fun Guy brand has several red flags. Here’s why we believe them to be illegitimate:

1. False Claims & Poorly-Written Descriptions

The first red flag is the false claims the brand makes in the product descriptions. 

The brand claims that all their chocolates are third-party lab tested but doesn’t display the results anywhere on the website or in descriptions on vendor websites. After emailing three times requesting lab results with no response, I’m fairly confident the claims are straight-up lies. 

Bold claims such as “Funguy Chocolate Bars are one of the most in-demand mushroom chocolate bars in the U.S.A at the moment” are also made. This isn’t the case, and any reputable company wouldn’t make these absurd claims in its product descriptions. 

The quality of the language on the official Fun Guy website is also terrible. The text is full of grammatical mistakes and sentences that simply don’t make sense. 

Phrases like this show that the brand lacks knowledge of magic mushrooms or psilocybin: “The Funguy Chocolate Bars are made from the funguy mushrooms. The funfuy mushroom is a psilocybin-rich plant that has being used for decades far before the production of the funguy.”

2. Lack of Ingredients Information

If the poorly written descriptions and false claims weren’t enough, there’s also a lack of information on ingredients. 

Ingredient lists exist nowhere on the official Fun Guy website or the websites of vendors that distribute the chocolates. The brand doesn’t even list the flavor of the chocolate bars or label the packing with anything that indicates they’re psychedelic.

3. Inconsistent Trip Reports

The third red flag is the inconsistency in trip reports. 

Several people have tried these chocolate bars and taken to Reddit to report their experiences. Some people report experiencing intense psychedelic experiences from a single piece of chocolate, and others report feeling nothing from eating an entire bar. 

Many people also report eating a Fun Guy bar and feeling effects completely different from psilocybin. 

One person said, “I had one of these took 3 the first time and 5 about a week later, both trips were horrible. Probably had some wacky research chemical instead of psilocybin, just made me delirious and felt like I was drowning.” Another said, “Ate one piece and I like to trip. I just went to sleep and felt like jello weird not the best didn’t see anything.”

4. Packaging Available for Bulk Purchase

Another red flag is how accessible empty Fun Guy chocolate packaging is. With a quick search, you’ll find Fun Guy branded packaging for bulk orders from Alibaba and DHgate. 

This allows anyone to purchase the empty packaging and fill it with any kind of chocolate, be it inactive or laced with research chemicals. 

5. Sold by Illegitimate Vendors

Everywhere that sells Fun Guy mushroom chocolate bars also sells other known fake psilocybin chocolates. Almost all of the online vendors distributing these bars also sell PolkaDot shroom chocolate and Wonka bars — two known fake shroom chocolate brands. 

The official Fun Guy website even sells counterfeit magic mushroom edibles branded as “stem” — a clear ripoff of the legitimate shroom brand “STEM.”

The Potency of the Fun Guy Chocolate Bar

The Fun Guy chocolate bars don’t have any information about psilocybin or “magic mushroom” potency on the packaging. However, descriptions on the official Fun Guy website and other dispensaries that sell the edibles state that each bar contains “4 grams of psilocybin mushrooms” (4000 mg).

Each bar is split into four triangular pieces containing 1000 mg per piece. As I’ve said, we don’t believe these bars contain psilocybin mushrooms. Instead, they likely contain a research chemical such as 4-AcO-DMT

It’s impossible to say exactly what the “active” component of the Fun Guy chocolate bar is. When looking at trip reports on Reddit, we’ve found a lot of inconsistency. Some people report little to no effects from consuming an entire bar, whereas others report intense psychedelic experiences from as little as two segments. 

The inconsistency in trip reports proves, at the very least, the lack of quality. It’s difficult to know whether a single “1000 mg” triangle will send you spiraling into an intense psychedelic trip or have any effect at all.

What Do Fun Guy Chocolate Bars Taste Like?

The Fun Guy chocolate bars could be either milk or dark chocolate… Why the uncertainty? Well, the company doesn’t provide any information on taste or ingredients.

Usually, poor quality shroom chocolates taste pretty good because they’re either normal, inactive chocolate or contain tasteless synthetic compounds rather than organic earthy-tasting shrooms. However, the Fun Guy chocolate bars taste pretty awful according to reports.

One user said, “Mine tasted like armpit, maybe there’s a niche market for them.” Another claimed it “had a musky, chemically taste and the trip was mild.” 

Alternatives to the Fun Guy Chocolate Bar

Although the Fun Guy chocolate bar may not be as “fun” as anticipated, a few other companies are making genuine psilocybin chocolates that work. 

Here are four psilocybin chocolates that are made using real magic mushrooms:

1. Blu Bijou Psilocybin Chocolate Bar

The Blu Bijou psilocybin chocolate bars contain a total of 3000 mg (three grams dried) of magic mushrooms. They’re divided into 24 segments, each dosed at 125 mg (a microdose). They come in a choice of two flavors: Belgian milk chocolate and coconut chocolate.

These chocolate bars are made using lyophilized (freeze-dried) Psilocybe cubensis Goldmember mushrooms from the famous and reliable Canada-based vendor Blue Goba. By utilizing lyophilized magic mushrooms, the company claims that the chocolates have a fuller spectrum of effects, meaning the experience is almost identical to consuming freshly harvested mushrooms. 

You can buy the Blu Bijou psilocybin chocolate bars directly from Blue Goba. We’ve awarded these chocolates a 10/10 Tripsitter Ranking and a 10/10 Trust Score for the undeniable psilocybin source, high potency, and unrivaled quality. 

2. STEM Mushroom Chocolate Bar

The STEM mushroom chocolate bar comes in various intriguing flavors such as matcha, peppermint, cookies & cream, and lavender essence vegan dark chocolate. The bars are available in three and six-gram potency options and utilize a combination of Blue Meanie and Penis Envy Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. 

The three-gram chocolate bars are divided into 15 pieces, each containing 200 mg of magic mushrooms — a macrodose. The six-gram bars are divided into six pieces, each containing 1000 mg of magic mushrooms — a mild psychedelic dose. 

You can purchase the STEM mushroom chocolate bars from the Canadian magic mushroom vendor Blue Goba. We’ve awarded these chocolates a 10/10 Tripsitter Ranking and a 10/10 Trust Score.

3. Bright Future Magic Chocolate

Bright Future is a reputable microdose brand that sells a range of gummies, microdose capsules, and chocolates in Canada. They have hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied customers and are transparent about their psilocybin source — using dehydrated Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms.

The Bright Future Magic chocolate is made using P. cubensis mushrooms. Each bar contains 3000 mg — split into ten squares dosed at 300 mg each. They’re available in two flavor options: original milk chocolate and dark chocolate with sea salt. 

The Bright Future Magic chocolate bars can be purchased directly from Bright Future or the popular magic mushroom vendor Zoomies. We’ve awarded the Magic chocolate bars a 9/10 Tripsitter Ranking and a 10/10 Trust Score. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Shrooms

That’s all I have to say about the Fun Guy chocolate bar. If you want to learn more about magic mushrooms and their potential benefits, I’ve answered a few questions we frequently receive below. 

1. How Many Different Types of Magic Mushrooms Are There?

More than 180 species of psilocybin-producing mushrooms have been discovered so far. Many of these species belong to the genus Psilocybe, but psychedelic species also occur in other genera. 

The most prevalent species of magic mushroom — and the one used in most psilocybin edibles — is Psilocybe cubensis. This species is easy to cultivate in an artificial environment, which makes it the perfect choice for amateur growers and commercial cultivators. 

P. cubensis is made up of hundreds of different genetic variants. We call these variants “strains.” Although these strains often produce vastly different characteristics, they all belong to the same species. Some strains are remarkably potent such as Penis Envy (capable of producing over 2.50% total tryptamines), and other strains produce little more than 0.20% total tryptamines, such as the Hillbilly strain

The most potent species is Psilocybe azurescens, which is capable of producing total tryptamine levels of up to 3% — an average of 1.78% psilocybin and 0.38% psilocin. 

2. How Do Edibles Compare to Magic Tea?

Psilocybin edibles and magic mushroom tea are similar. They both induce psychedelic effects and help mask the earthy taste of the mushrooms. However, the onset time and the duration of the impact differ between the two consumption formats. 

Magic mushroom tea contains no organic matter or food content. This speeds up the onset time considerably because the psilocybin reaches the liver and metabolizes to its active counterpart, psilocin, much faster. After consuming shroom tea, the effects begin to kick in after just 20 minutes and peak after an hour to an hour and a half. The effects also wear off faster, typically ending after four hours (depending on the dose consumed). 

Shroom chocolate contains finely ground magic mushrooms or a psilocybin extract. Either way, these edibles contain matter that must first be digested before the psilocybin is metabolized in the liver. The effects of shroom chocolate kick in 45 minutes to 1.5 hours after consumption (depending on dosage). They peak around the two to three-hour mark and can last up to eight hours. 

3. What Other Psilocybin Edibles Exist?

It’s not just magic mushroom chocolate bars that have grown in popularity. Although the sweet, trippy bars are definitely one of the most common psilocybin edibles on the market at the moment, there are a range of other treats available for those who want to microdose or have a psychedelic trip without eating raw shrooms. 

Magic mushroom gummies are close to psilocybin chocolate in terms of their popularity and prevalence. These sweet treats provide accurate doses of psilocybin in a small gummy carrier which the individual can chow down on discreetly and conveniently. Gummies come in a range of potencies from 150 mg up to 1000 mg of Psilocybe cubensis

Other “psilocybin edibles” available online include microdose and macrodose capsules, magic mushroom tea blends, shroom cookies, coffee, and psilocybin hot cocoa blends. 

You can also make magic mushroom edibles at home, meaning the options are only restricted to imagination…

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4. Can You Grow Magic Mushrooms at Home?

Yes. It’s possible to grow magic mushrooms at home, and it’s surprisingly simple. 

The easiest species of psilocybin-producing fungi to grow is Psilocybe cubensis. This species is resistant to contamination and colonizes substrate quickly and aggressively. With the right technique, P. cubensis mushrooms can be grown from spore to mushroom in as little as three weeks. 

The easiest way to grow Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms is to utilize a technique known as PF Tek (Psilocybe Fanaticus Technique). This technique requires a few pieces of equipment, time, and knowledge. 

The basic process involves filling mason jars with a growing medium such as rye grain, birdseed, or a mixture of vermiculite, brown rice flour, and water (BRF). The jars are then sterilized and inoculated with P. cubensis spores before undergoing two weeks of incubation in a warm, stable environment. 

After a couple of weeks, the jar will be white with mycelium. These mycelium cakes are then removed and fruited inside a “fruiting chamber,” where they will continue to produce mushrooms for the following weeks. The mushrooms are harvested as they mature until the mycelium cakes eventually succumb to mold. 

Learn more: How To Grow Magic Mushrooms: The Easy Way.