The Willy Wonka Mushroom Chocolate Bar: A Golden Ticket to an Altered State?

The Wonka mushroom chocolate bar has several red flags. Unfortunately, this “psilocybin” chocolate bar isn’t as sweet as it first appears…

By Connor McElroy Last Updated: January 17, 2024
Last Updated: January 17, 2024

The Wonka magic mushroom bars are made using the same molds and packaging as the legitimate confectionary brand, “Willy Wonka.” The chocolate bars look almost identical, but the “Wonka shroom bars” reportedly induce psychedelic effects. 

At first glance, the Wonka mushroom bars are enticing, but they’re extremely high-risk. It’s unlikely that any of these chocolate bars contain psilocybin from natural sources (magic mushrooms). Instead, they’re likely completely inactive or contain a psychedelic research chemical such as 4-AcO-DMT.

Wonka molds and branded packaging are available to buy everywhere. A quick search on Amazon, DHgate, or Alibaba will return hundreds of items that allow people to make counterfeit Wonka bars. This makes it impossible to know what you’re buying when purchasing a Wonka shroom bar online. 

Willy Wonka Mushroom Bar Specs:

Tripsitter Ranking1/10Nothing about these chocolates feels legit.
Trust Score1/10These chocolate bars aren’t legitimate. The contents of the Wonka-branded packaging could contain anything. 
Taste5/10These chocolates are made from milk chocolate.
CostVariesThe price varies way too much to list here. This is common with scammy products.
Potency Per Bar (mg)3500 mg/barThis works out to roughly 0.30 grams per square.
Sold ByN/A Many sketchy “pop-up” vendors sell Wonka shroom bars.

Are Willy Wonka Mushroom Chocolate Bars Legit?

In short, no. Although some Wonka mushroom bars may contain traces of psilocybin from magic mushrooms, it’s impossible to tell which (if any) are legit. Due to how widespread Wonka chocolate molds and packaging are, anyone can manufacture and sell “mushroom chocolate” under the brand name. 

The contents sold inside the Wonka-branded packaging are inconsistent. Reports from psychonauts who’ve tried the chocolates show that some bars are completely inactive, some induce a pleasant high similar to magic mushrooms, and others induce a “synthetic” psychedelic experience that likely stems from a research chemical such as 4-AcO-DMT.

There’s no legitimate website advertising real Wonka mushroom bars. Instead, these chocolates are sold through several different online vendors, many of which operate for just a few months before disappearing. 

The vendors we’ve found selling Wonka bars also sell other “magic mushroom” edibles that raise concerns. These websites often sell brands such as PolkaDot, Mibblers, and Shroomburst alongside Wonka chocolate bars. These brands have a few things in common — the packaging is widely available for bulk purchase, and the contents are inconsistent.

No tryptamine test data is available for the Wonka mushroom chocolate bars, and it’s impossible to track down a single manufacturer of these products. This makes it impossible to know what you may receive if you order them online. It’s wise to steer clear of the Wonka bars, even if they’re available from your local “trustworthy” magic mushroom vendor.  

The Potency of the Wonka Mushroom Chocolate Bar

Most Wonka mushroom chocolate bar packaging is labeled with “3.5 grams per bar,” indicating that they contain 3.5 grams of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms or something similar. However, as we’ve mentioned, the packaging is available for purchase across the web, so it’s impossible to know how potent the bars really are. 

Some report experiencing intense psychedelic trips after consuming as little as three squares of this chocolate, whereas others report eating entire bars without any noticeable effects. 

What Do Willy Wonka Mushroom Chocolate Bars Taste Like?

Most Wonka bars contain plain milk chocolate that’s either inactive or laced with an unidentifiable psychedelic substance — natural or synthetic. 

Some packages come with Wonka-branded molded chocolate bars inside, with the word “Wonka” stamped inside each square. Others come with a generic, unbranded bar inside. Which type of milk chocolate bar is received depends on the creativity of the person manufacturing it.

This type of inconsistency is yet another red flag. If these bars were legit, they’d all taste and look the same. Luckily, some other psilocybin edible brands are more consistent and trustworthy…

Alternatives to the Willy Wonka Mushroom Bar

Although the Willy Wonka mushroom bars aren’t legit, a handful of brands sell high-quality psilocybin chocolates made from real P. cubensis mushrooms. 

Here are a few better alternatives if you’re looking for genuine magic mushroom chocolates:

1. Blu Bijou Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar

These chocolate bars are made by Blu Bijou and utilize Goldmember Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms from the popular Canadian magic mushroom vendor Blue Goba. The mushrooms used are freeze-dried, which, according to Blue Goba, preserves more of the active tryptamines and provides a full-spectrum experience after consuming the chocolate.

These bars come in a choice of two flavors — Belgian milk chocolate and coconut chocolate. Each bar contains 3000 mg of magic mushrooms divided into twenty-four 125 mg squares. A single square is a microdose, two is a macrodose, and three or more will induce psychedelic effects. 

The Blu Bijou chocolate bars are available only through the Blue Goba website for Canadian shipping. 

Any other vendors claiming to sell these products are likely illegitimate. We’ve awarded the Blu Bijou psilocybin chocolate bars a 10/10 Tripsitter ranking and a 10/10 trust score for the company’s transparency, undisputable psilocybin source, and quality and flavor of the chocolate bars.

2. Neau Tropics 6-Gram Mushroom Chocolate Bar

Neau Tropics is famous for its potent six-gram magic mushroom chocolate bars, which come in a range of flavors, from regular milk and dark chocolate to more intriguing creations such as matcha and strawberry shortcake. 

Each bar contains 6000 mg of whole Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, divided into 16 portions containing a 375 mg dose each. Each square portion can be divided to create microdoses, eaten whole as a macrodose, or consumed in multiples to induce a psychedelic trip.

The Neau Tropics six-gram magic mushroom chocolate bars must be purchased directly from the company. Several fakes that look identical to Neau Tropics products appear on the Internet. This company doesn’t have a website or supply online vendors with products. Any website that features the brand name in the URL is a scam. 

You can purchase Naeu Tropic chocolate bars by contacting the team through one of their Instagram accounts: @neautropics or @neautropics.official

We’ve given the Neau Tropics 6-gram chocolate bars a 9/10 Tripsitter Ranking for their high potency and vast flavor range and a 9/10 Trust Score for the company’s reputation and clear psilocybin source.

3. Blu Bijou Jewels (½ Gram Chocolates)

The Blu Bijou Jewels are made from the same freeze-dried Psilocybe cubensis Goldmember mushrooms used to manufacture the Blu Bijou chocolate bars. They are made from Belgian milk chocolate and have a rich, sweet flavor and smooth texture. 

These bite-sized chocolate jewels are available in packs of six or twelve — each piece containing 500 mg (0.5 grams) of P. cubensis. Eat them individually for a light psychedelic dose, or consume them in multiples for a stronger experience. 

Like the chocolate bars, the Blu Bijou Jewels are only available for Canadian shipping through the Blue Goba website. We’ve awarded them a 10/10 Tripsitter Ranking for flavor, potency, and consumption convenience and a 10/10 Trust Score for the company’s transparent ingredient list and legitimate psilocybin source. 

4. Bright Future Magic Chocolate

The Magic chocolate bar from Bright Future is a quality psilocybin chocolate bar made using organic ingredients and Canadian-grown Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. These bars come in a choice of dark chocolate with sea salt or original milk chocolate. Each contains 3000 mg of magic mushrooms and is split into ten squares containing a 300 mg dose each. 

One square will induce a light psychoactive dose, and three or more will induce psychedelic effects. Bright Future is a reputable microdose brand that manufactures a range of magic mushroom capsules, teas, tinctures, and edibles. The company has a good reputation and hundreds of happy customers. 

We’ve awarded Bright Future Magic chocolate a 10/10 Tripsitter Ranking for its flavor and potency and a 10/10 Trust Score for the company’s reputation, transparency, and natural psilocybin source. 

You can buy the Magic chocolate directly from Bright Future or the online shroom dispensary Zoomies

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s all we’ve got to say about the Willy Wonka mushroom chocolate bars, but you may have a few more questions. Here are four FAQs about magic mushrooms, edibles, and psilocybin.

1. What Are Magic Mushroom Strains?

There are over 180 species of psilocybin-producing mushrooms on the planet, but the most prevalent is Psilocybe cubensis. This species is easy to cultivate and is a common choice among commercial growers and psilocybin edible manufacturers. 

Psilocybe cubensis is made up of several different “strains.” Strains are genetic variants within a single species. P. cubensis strains can look vastly different from one another and produce varied tryptamine levels. Some strains produce wide, fat mushrooms, while others produce tall, slender ones. 

Some strains, such as Penis Envy, produce total tryptamine levels of up to 3%, and other strains, such as Hillbilly, produce less than 0.40% total tryptamines. Although Psilocybe cubensis strains can look and feel different from each other — often looking like entirely different species — they all belong to the same family. 

Read More: What Shrooms Are the Strongest? Top Strains & Species Ordered by Potency.

2. Can You Make Shroom Chocolate At Home?

Yes. You can make shroom chocolate at home, and it’s surprisingly easy. It’s often better to make shroom chocolate yourself because you can never be 100% sure about the ingredients in the edibles available online. 

When you do it yourself, you can be sure of the ingredients and quality of the magic mushroom used and the dosage per square of chocolate. 

There are a few different ways to make magic mushroom chocolate, but the easiest way is to purchase a ready-made chocolate bar, melt it down, and combine it with finely ground shrooms before setting it in a chocolate mold. It’s also possible to make magic mushroom chocolate completely from scratch, but this takes more time, a few more ingredients, and expertise. 

Learn How to Make Magic Mushroom Chocolate: How to Make Magic Mushroom Chocolate: 4 Simple Recipes.

3. What’s the Best Way to Take Magic Mushrooms?

There are several ways to take magic mushrooms. Consumption can be as simple as chewing up and swallowing a dose of dried shrooms or as complex as extracting the active ingredients and making tinctures or edibles. 

The best way to consume magic mushrooms ultimately depends on what the individual wishes to achieve from the experience. For microdosing, the best way to consume magic mushrooms is by taking capsules. Capsules are a discrete, tasteless, and convenient way to consume an accurate microdose. 

When taking a psychedelic dose of magic mushrooms, the individual has several options. Chewing up whale shrooms works, but they can cause stomach discomfort, and the larger amount of organic matter needed for a high dose can be unpleasant to eat. 

Improve the taste of whole shrooms by using a method known as Lemon Tek. Simply soak the mushrooms in lemon juice for 20 to 30 minutes before consumption; this breaks down the cell walls and metabolizes a large portion of the psilocybin. This can help reduce stomach discomfort and speed up the onset of the shrooms. 

For people who are particularly sensitive to magic mushrooms and experience nausea and severe stomach discomfort after consumption, magic tea may help. Shroom tea removes the need to consume any organic matter. The water is infused with the actives, and the mushrooms are strained. This speeds up the onset of effects dramatically and reduces stomach discomfort and feelings of nausea. 

Learn how to make shroom tea: How to Make Shroom Tea: Step-by-Step Guide.

Edibles are great for microdosing and consuming psychedelic doses of magic mushrooms. You can buy psilocybin-infused gummies and chocolates online or make them at home. A range of other edibles can be cooked in the kitchen with some imagination and a few ingredients. The key to cooking with magic mushrooms is to keep the heat low.

Edibles are perfect for people who hate the taste of shrooms and want a convenient and accurate way to do them. 

Related Topics:

4. Can You Microdose With Magic Mushroom Chocolate?

Magic mushroom chocolate can be a convenient way to consume sub-perceptual doses of psilocybin. Shroom chocolate can be divided into accurate microdoses, making consumption far more enjoyable and less conspicuous.

Some magic mushroom chocolates, such as those made by Blu Bijou, are divided into microdoses. Users can achieve a psilocybin microdose (125 mg) by simply eating a single square of chocolate. Other brands divide the chocolate bars into psychedelic doses. Squares from these bars may need to be cut in halves or thirds to achieve a microdose. 

Other psilocybin edibles, such as gummies, can also be used for microdosing. Gummies often come in sub-perceptual doses, but those that contain more than 200 mg of P. cubensis may need to be divided into smaller doses.