Mibblers Mushroom Sweet Tarts: Are They Legit? We Don’t Think So

There’s very little information available about the Mibblers psilocybin edibles. The likelihood of them being legitimate is low.

By Connor McElroy Last Updated: January 17, 2024
Last Updated: January 17, 2024

Mibblers “Mushroom Sweet Tarts” are hard candies intended for people who want to microdose psilocybin. These small, pill-shaped candies seem promising at first glance, but closer inspection raises several red flags. 

We’re not convinced that these “magic mushroom” edibles are legit. We believe they’re completely inactive or contain a research chemical such as 4-AcO-DMT that mimics the effects of psilocybin. If you’re in the market for legitimate magic mushroom edibles, we recommend Blu Bijou, Neau Tropics, or Bright Future.

Mibblers Specs:

Tripsitter Ranking (0/10)1/10We do not believe these gummies are legit. Avoid at all costs.
Trust Score (0/10)1/10These magic mushroom candies have several red flags. We don’t believe they contain psilocybin from natural sources. 
Taste5/10“Sweet Tart” flavor. We haven’t found any complaints specifically about the taste of these gummies.
Cost1/10Overpriced for what you get.
Potency Per Candy (mg)UnknownDescription states “2000 mg per bag.”
Sold ByN/AThese edibles are only available from “pop-up” online vendors that appear to be scams.

Are Mibblers Legit?

In short, no. Mibblers isn’t a legitimate magic mushroom edible brand. 

This brand has several red flags that tarnish its reputation. The first red flag is that we’ve found Mibblers branded packaging on wholesale websites such as DHGate and Alibaba. This means anyone can buy the packaging, fill them with their own edibles, and sell them online. 

There’s no way to tell what the Mibblers packaging contains. Those manufacturing these products could fill them with legitimate psilocybin candy (unlikely), inactive edibles, or candy laced with a research chemical similar to psilocybin, such as 4-AcO-DMT.

The lack of reputable magic mushroom vendors stocking Mibblers Sweet Tarts is also alarming. We’ve only found these candies on scammy-looking websites. Many of these “vendors” are selling Mibblers alongside other known fake magic mushroom edibles such as Neau Tropics copies, PolkaDot chocolates, and MycroChips edibles. 

The product descriptions on these websites are also cause for concern. There’s no information on the source of psilocybin, tryptamine testing, or even the milligrams of psilocybin per candy. Any reputable company will (at least) list the potency of their products to help people gauge dosage. 

Mibblers doesn’t have a branded website or legitimate social media account with any substantial following either. Reddit is also swamped with negative reviews of Mibblers Sweet Tart candy, and the consensus is to avoid the company entirely. 

It’s safe to say that Mibblers candy is not a legitimate brand. We don’t recommend or endorse these products. 

Potency of Mibblers

The potency of Mibblers candy is a bit of a mystery. As stated, we don’t believe that anyone selling edibles under this brand is filling the bags with legitimate “magic mushroom candy.”

Most of the pop-up vendors selling Mibblers state that they contain 2000 mg of psilocybin or “two grams of mushrooms” — none of them state which mushrooms are used. 

The number of candies inside the packaging isn’t listed, nor is the potency of each edible, making it impossible to gauge how many candies are needed to achieve a microdose, macrodose, or psychedelic dose. 

What Do Mibblers Taste Like?

Mibblers candy is labeled as “Sweet Tart Candy.” They’re a sweet and sour candy with a hard, crunchy texture. The exact flavors or ingredients used in their production aren’t listed. 

No doubt, Mibblers taste good, but that doesn’t mean you should eat them. According to reports, the candies don’t appear to have any traces of organic mushroom material or taste remotely like mushrooms. 

Alternatives to Mibblers

Although Mibblers Sweet Tarts aren’t legit, and we advise against purchasing and consuming them, legitimate brands that use Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms in their products do exist. 

If you’re interested in trying magic mushroom candies that actually contain tryptamines from psychedelic shrooms, have a look at these four alternatives:

1. Blu Bijou Magic Mushroom Gummies

The Blu Bijou magic mushroom gummies make a fantastic alternative to the Mibblers candy. These gummies utilize Goldmember Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms from Blue Goba — a reputable Canadian magic mushroom vendor. 

These gummies come in two flavors: BLU RASP (sour blue raspberry) and Ki-Berry (Strawberry Kiwi). Each 4000 mg pack contains eight gummies, each containing 500 mg of Psilocybe cubensis. Split the gummies into four microdoses, consume them whole for a light psychedelic dose, or take two or more for a strong psychedelic trip.

We’ve given these gummies a 10/10 Tripsitter Ranking for their potency, flavor, and legitimacy. They get a 10/10 Trust Score for the transparency of Blue Goba and their willingness to share the ingredients and source of psilocybin in the gummies. 

The Blu Bijou gummies can be purchased in Canada from the Blue Goba website. They offer guaranteed countrywide shipping in discreet packaging and free shipping on orders over $149. 

2. Neau Tropics Magic Mushroom Gummies

The Neau Tropics magic mushroom gummies come in a range of intriguing flavors. The peachy lychee, PB & J, mango tajin, and sour green apple gummies come in 3000 mg packs containing ten gummies dosed at 300 mg (P. cubensis). 

Neau Tropics gummies can be divided into microdoses, consumed singly for a macrodose, or consumed in multiples to induce a psychedelic trip.

This brand seems to sell legitimate magic mushroom edibles. However, several fake products on the market use Neau Tropics packaging. The real Neau Tropics brand functions through social media only. 

The only way to purchase these gummies is to contact the team through one of their official Instagram accounts — @neautropics or @neautropics.official

Neau Tropics doesn’t have a website. If you find a branded website selling branded gummies, they’re fakes and should not be trusted. 

We’ve awarded the Neau Tropics magic mushroom gummies a 9/10 Tripsitter Ranking and a 9/10 Trust Score. However, anyone purchasing these products must be cautious of where they order them from.

3. Bright Future Nootropic Gummies

Bright Future is a legitimate psilocybin microdose company based in Canada. They sell a variety of microdose products, including their “Nootropic gummies.” Bright Future has a great reputation and a loyal following. 

The Bright Future Nootropic gummies contain 300 mg of Psilocybe cubensis per gummy and come in three flavors — raspberry daiquiri, mojito, and strawberry lemonade margarita. The gummies can be split in half for microdosing, consumed whole for macrodosing, or combined to induce a psychedelic experience. 

Bright Future lists the ingredients for all its products and is transparent about the source of psilocybin. We’ve given the Nootropic gummies a 9/10 Tripsitter Ranking and a 10/10 Trust Score. You can buy the Nootropic gummies directly from Bright Future or the Canadian vendor Zoomies.

4. Euphoria Psychedelics Psilocybin Gummies

The Euphoria Psychedelics gummies are unlike any other magic mushroom candy on the market. Rather than being sold in packs of multiple gummies, these come with just one 1000 mg shroom edible. The gummies are shaped into eight-block Lego bricks that can be consumed whole (equivalent to one gram of P. cubensis) or split into eight to create 125 mg microdoses. 

These gummies are available in three flavors: blue raspberry, red cherry, orange, and watermelon. There isn’t a whole lot of information on the contents of these gummies. However, the brand (Euphoria Psychedelics) also sells a variety of different psilocybin products that contain whole Psilocybe cubensis pieces, meaning that they likely use real shrooms in their gummies. 

From Reddit reports and reputable vendor reviews, we’ve established that this company and its Lego brick gummies are legit. We’ve awarded the Euphoria Psychedelics psilocybin gummies an 8/10 Tripsitter Ranking and a 7/10 Trust Score. 

You can purchase the Euphoria Psychedelics gummies from the Canada-based online magic mushroom vendor Zoomies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s all we can tell you about Mibblers, but here are some FAQs about shrooms and psilocybin.

1. Is Psilocybin Addictive?

Any substance can be habit-forming, but some substances are more addictive than others. Psilocybin has a relatively low risk for abuse and isn’t physically addictive like many other substances are. 

Substances that are highly addictive, such as cocaine, opiates, and nicotine, activate a pleasure center in the brain known as the brain’s “reward system.” When this happens, the brain associates the substance with pleasure. The brain thinks it “needs more” of what makes it feel “rewarded” — making the substance addictive. 

Psilocybin — the key psychedelic compound found in shrooms — doesn’t activate the brain’s reward system, so it’s not addictive in the same sense. After using magic mushrooms, it’s improbable for the person to be drawn to using more in the near future.

2. Can You Grow Magic Mushrooms at Home?

Yes. It’s surprisingly easy to grow magic mushrooms at home. 

The easiest species of psilocybin mushroom to grow is Psilocybe cubensis. This species can be cultivated using a simple method known as the “Psilocybe Fanaticus Technique” — PF Tek for short. 

This technique involves inoculating a growing medium in a series of glass jars with spores, allowing them to colonize with mycelium, and removing the resulting “mycelium cakes” before fruiting them and harvesting the mushrooms. PF Tek is remarkably easy to perform, even for complete beginners. 

You can learn how to grow shrooms using PF Tek in this article: How to Grow Magic Mushrooms: The Easy Way.

3. Can Psilocybin Help With Mental Health Conditions?

Several scientific studies have outlined the effectiveness of psilocybin in the treatment of some mental health conditions. Psilocybin has proved effective in the treatment of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), severe depression, and anxiety [1]. Psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy has also helped people with alcohol and drug addictions successfully defeat substance addiction [2]. 

Many people claim microdosing psilocybin also helps with ADHD by improving focus and attention and can regulate mood in people with depression and stress disorders. 

Although there’s a way to go in terms of scientific research into the effectiveness of psilocybin for mental health disorders, the current evidence is intriguing, and hundreds of people claim that psilocybin-assisted therapy or routine microdosing has helped them battle their conditions. 

4. Can Magic Mushrooms be Harmful?

Although magic mushrooms are generally safe if used responsibly in a controlled environment, like any substance, they can be harmful if abused. 

Here are some of the risks associated with magic mushroom use:

  • Bad trips
  • Risk of accidents (confusion from your surroundings)
  • Psychological vulnerability
  • Flashbacks (HPPD)
  • Interaction with medications
  • Legal consequences
  • Risk of misidentification (when foraging magic mushrooms from the wild)
  • Allergic reactions (mushroom allergies)
  • Individual variability and sensitivity


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