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One of the best ways to consume magic mushrooms is through infused chocolate. Let's check out the best and worst magic mushroom chocolate bars on the market today.

The Wonder magic mushroom chocolate bars are high-quality psilocybin edibles that are guaranteed to send you to space. Learn more about the brand in this guide.

The Fun Guy chocolate bar brand raises several red flags. Learn about why these magic mushroom chocolates disappoint and a few legitimate alternatives.

The BetterU Bar is a “magic mushroom” edible that looks good at first glance but disappoints in reality. Luckily, not all shroom chocolates are the same.

The Good Trip chocolate bars look great at first glance, but they may not be as trippy as they seem. Before buying this magic mushroom edible, read this guide.

The Hero mushroom chocolate bar is a psilocybin edible that packs a punch. It's good for microdosing and psychedelic doses, but is it safe? Let's find out.

MycroChips magic mushroom chocolates and gummies are unsafe and shouldn’t be trusted. This brand name is used to scam people out of their hard-earned money…

Gone are the days of sourcing shrooms from a street corner; they're much more accessible now. Let's take a look at where you can buy magic mushrooms online…