Good Trip Chocolate Reviewed: A “Good Trip” or Another Scam?

The Good Trip chocolate bar raises several red flags. This isn’t a legitimate shroom brand, but we do know of a few better alternatives…

By Connor McElroy Last Updated: March 21, 2024
Last Updated: March 21, 2024

The Good Trip chocolate bar is advertised as a “magic mushroom” edible containing four grams of shrooms per bar. However, we have reason to believe this isn’t the case. 

We think the Good Trip chocolate bars contain some kind of research chemical. In this read, we’ll be digging deep into this magic mushroom chocolate brand by looking at the red flags raised, claimed potency, and the vendors selling the chocolates. We’ll also look into three legitimate alternatives that use Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms and high-quality ingredients in their chocolate bars.

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Good Trip Chocolate Specs:

Tripsitter Ranking (0/10)0/10Not a high-quality psilocybin edible
Trust Score (0/10)0/10Illegitimate company with poor-quality products
Potency Per Gummy (mg)4000 mgLabeled as “4 grams of magic mushrooms,” but it’s unlikely they contain genuine psilocybin shrooms
TasteN/ATaste varies depending on who made the chocolates 
CostN/APrices vary from vendor to vendor — a key indication of a scammy product
Sold ByN/ANo legitimate vendors are selling these chocolate bars

Are Good Trip Chocolates Legit?

In short, no. These “magic mushroom” chocolate bars aren’t legit — the brand raises several red flags. 

Here’s why you should avoid Good Trip chocolate bars:

1. Use of Generic Packaging 

Chocolate bar packaging branded as “Good Trip” can be found easily on Alibaba and DHgate for bulk purchases. This means anyone can purchase the packaging and fill it with any type of chocolate, whether inactive or laced with some research chemical. 

This is one of the most worrying red flags. Good Trip Chocolate isn’t a single company but rather a brand used by several different psychedelic chocolate manufacturers. It’s impossible to know who has made the chocolate and what the contents are. 

2. Inconsistent Descriptions 

The information on the Good Trip packaging and vendor descriptions is inconsistent and vague. 

There’s a lack of information on ingredients and a lot of inconsistency on the packaging. Some bars state “4000 mg,” and others state “Albino Penis Envy,” “contains mushrooms,” or “4 g psilocybin.” 

Vendor descriptions and information on the Good Trip Mushroom Bar website are even less clear. Most descriptions don’t say anything about the contents of the chocolate, let alone the amount and type of mushrooms used. 

3. Sold By Illegitimate Vendors 

We’re yet to find a legitimate vendor in the United States or Canada that sells the Good Trip chocolate bars. 

We’ve only found them for sale from unknown vendors and pop-up websites with “scam” written all over them. The websites we’ve seen Good Trip chocolate listed on also sell other “magic mushroom” edibles that raise red flags, such as the Shroomburst gummies, Wonka Mushroom Bars, PolkaDot, and MycroChips chocolate.

4. Poor Customer Reviews

There are tons of negative reviews about Good Trip chocolate. You only have to head over to Reddit to find a trail of inconsistent trip reports from people who’ve tried this shroom chocolate brand. 

Some people have eaten over half a bar and experienced no effects at all and others have eaten just a few squares and experienced a synthetic-feeling high that’s not comparable to natural psilocybin. 

The inconsistency in trip reports is worrying. Although some praise Good Trip chocolate’s effects, we’ve yet to find a 100% positive review. Even those praising the psychedelic effects of a bar they’ve purchased doubt they contain psilocybin from natural sources.

The Potency of Good Trip Chocolates

Most of the Good Trip chocolate bars are labeled with “4000 mg of psilocybin” per bar. 4000 mg of pure psilocybin is outrageously potent — a gram of dried Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms contains less than 10 mg of psilocybin. We assume they mean “4000 mg of magic mushrooms” rather than pure psilocybin. 

Some of the bars are also labeled with “contains 300 mg of THC.” However, THC’s not mentioned in any of the product descriptions on the Good Trip Mushroom Bars website or any other vendor websites. 

As mentioned, we don’t believe that the Good Trip chocolate bars contain any psilocybin from magic mushrooms. They may contain THC from cannabis, but any psychedelic element is likely from synthetic sources. 

Who Sells Good Trip Chocolate Bars?

The Good Trip chocolate bars are for sale from a range of dodgy-looking online vendors. None of them sell real dried magic mushrooms — only edibles. 

These vendors seem to sell the same products — One Up chocolate bars, PolkaDot bars, Magic Kingdom chocolate, and Willy Wonka shroom bars. All of these brands have one thing in common — they’re all illegitimate, poor-quality edibles that don’t contain natural psilocybin. 

All of the online stores selling Good Trip chocolate bars appear to be cloned — they contain the same products, written language, and similar designs. 

Alternatives to Good Trip Chocolate

Although the Good Trip chocolate bars aren’t legitimate psilocybin edibles, some brands sell genuine magic mushroom chocolate bars. 

Here are three of the best magic mushroom chocolate bars online the market:

1. Neau Tropics Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar

Neau Tropics has gained considerable popularity over the last couple of years. The brand is most famous for its highly potent 6-gram chocolate bars, but it also offers a range of gummies and chocolates in different potencies and flavors. 

The Neau Tropics chocolate bars come in 2000 mg “Mini” bars, 4000 mg regular-sized bars, and the super-potent 6000 mg bars. They’re available in a wild variety of flavors with everything from standard milk and dark chocolate to strawberry shortcake, matcha, and cookies and cream.

All Neau Tropics’ products contain “whole fruiting bodies” from Psilocybe cubensis and are made with care in small batches. These bars can be purchased directly from Neau Tropics by contacting one of their official Instagram accounts: @neautropics or @neautropics.official

We’ve awarded the Neau Tropics chocolate a 9/10 Tripsitter Ranking and a 9/10 Trust Score but be cautious where you source it from. Avoid purchasing Neau Tropics-branded chocolates outside of their social media accounts. There are several fakes on the market being sold by online “pop-up” vendors in the United States and Canada.

2. STEM Mushroom Chocolate Bar

The STEM magic mushroom chocolate bars come in a variety of flavors and two potency options: 3000 mg and 6000 mg. The 3000 mg bar is divided into 15 pieces, each containing a 200 mg dose. The 6000 mg bar is divided into six pieces, each containing a 1000 mg dose (equivalent to one gram of dried Psilocybe cubensis). 

STEM uses a combination of two Psilocybe cubensis strains in their chocolate — Blue Meanies and Penis Envy. These strains are renowned for their potency, making for a strong edible regardless of whether you pick the 3000 or 6000 mg option. 

These chocolate bars come in a range of intriguing flavors, from standard milk and dark chocolate to cookies & cream and raspberry crème. They can be purchased directly from STEM or the Canadian shroom vendor Blue Goba

We’ve awarded these chocolates a 10/10 Tripsitter Ranking and a 10/10 Trust Score. They are some of the best legitimate shroom chocolates on the market. 

3. Blu Bijou Psilocybin Chocolate Bar

The psilocybin chocolate bars by Blu Bijou are made in conjunction with the popular magic mushroom vendor Blue Goba. They use Blue Goba’s lyophilized (freeze-dried) Psilocybe cubensis Goldmember mushrooms. 

They’re available in two flavors: Belgian milk chocolate and coconut chocolate. The bars contain 3000 mg of magic mushrooms and are divided into 125 mg squares (24 in total). A single square is the perfect microdose, two to three is a good macrodose and eight or more will induce psychedelic effects. 

You can buy the Blu Bijou chocolate bars directly from Blue Goba. Avoid purchasing these edibles from elsewhere, as they’re only stocked at this vendor. 

We’ve awarded these chocolates a 10/10 Tripsitter Ranking and a 10/10 Trust Score for the brand’s legitimacy and the undeniable use of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Shrooms

Check out the answers to some of the frequently asked questions we received below if you want to learn more about magic mushrooms, psilocybin edibles, and other psychedelics…

1. How Can I Grow Magic Mushrooms at Home?

Growing magic mushrooms at home is easier than you might think. Psilocybe cubensis is a resilient psilocybin mushroom species that can be cultivated successfully by complete beginners with little knowledge or equipment. 

The easiest way to grow Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms from spores is to use a cultivation method known as “PF Tek” (Psilocybe Fanaticus Technique). 

This cultivation technique involves sterilizing a growing medium such as “BRF,” which is a combination of brown rice flour, vermiculite, and water. The substrate is mixed, and a series of glass mason jars are filled before being “cooked” in a pressure cooker for around 30 minutes until sterile. 

These jars are left to cool before being inoculated with Psilocybe cubensis spores and left to colonize over two to three weeks in a simple incubator. The resulting “mycelium cakes” are then removed and left to produce magic mushrooms in a “fruiting chamber.”

The mushrooms will sprout and mature from the mycelium, where they can be harvested as they mature and consumed fresh or dried for storage.

Learn more: How to Grow Magic Mushrooms: The Easy Way

2. What Is a Trip Sitter?

A trip sitter is someone with psychedelic experience who can watch over an individual who’s going through a psychedelic experience. 

The trip sitter’s role is to ensure the person having the experience remains in a good set and setting. They will be able to guide the individual through difficult periods of the trip, ensure they remain safe, and take action if they put themselves or others in danger. 

Ideally, a trip sitter will have experience with psychedelics themselves so they can empathize and understand what’s happening in the mind of the person who’s tripping. 

3. How Do Psilocybin Chocolate Bars Compare to Raw Shrooms?

Psilocybin chocolate bars contain psilocybin, psilocin, and other tryptamine compounds found in magic mushrooms — at least, they should do if they’re legitimate. Therefore, eating a dose of a magic mushroom chocolate bar will induce the same effects as the equivalent dose of raw magic mushrooms…

…But how do the two consumption formats compare? Is one better than the other?

If you’re purchasing online or from an unknown source, raw shrooms are definitely safer in terms of quality. It’s easier to see whether a real mushroom is genuine than telling if a psilocybin chocolate bar is. It’s only possible to tell exactly what’s inside a shroom chocolate bar if you or someone you know made it. 

Raw shrooms are also cheaper than magic mushroom chocolate bars and can be consumed in a variety of ways. You can make your own chocolate, gummies, tea, or eat them whole. Legitimate shroom chocolates are expensive compared to raw shroom and they’re a lot less diverse. 

Providing the raw mushrooms and shroom chocolates are both high-quality and the effects are the same. Which format you prefer, ultimately comes down to what you want to do with the shrooms and how you like consuming them. 

4. What’s Better: Shroom Chocolate or Shroom Gummies?

Magic mushroom chocolate and mushroom gummies are similar. They’re both tasty edibles that contain psilocybin, and they ultimately achieve the same result — a psychedelic experience.

Which edible format is “best” comes down to your personal preference. 

Gummies usually contain more psilocybin by weight than chocolates. They’re small, don’t melt, and are convenient to take. Most shroom gummies are fruit-flavored and usually have a smooth texture with no earthy notes because most don’t contain any organic matter — utilizing a psilocybin extract. 

Most shroom chocolates tend to contain less psilocybin by weight than gummies, but some brands make extremely potent bars. They come in a range of flavors but usually contain ground mushrooms — giving them earthy notes and a noticeable texture.