#17: Psychedelic Satire: Crafting Community Through Comedy With Dennis Walker

We live in an increasingly absurd timeline… who better to unpack that and examine it than an absurdist satirical content creator.
By Tripsitter With Special Guest Dennis Walker · Last Updated: May 30, 2024
Last Updated: May 30, 2024

Topics Discussed: The importance of satire in helping to frame community values, the overcapitalization of psychedelics, puppeteering, self-important gurus, ethical media, the power of humor in social critique, and more.

JustinRo, and James sit down with Dennis Walker — who many consider the “court jester of the psychedelic renaissance.” He’s the host of the Mycopreneur Podcast, co-founder of Mycoday Mushroom Chocolates, and an outspoken vocal advocate for mental health awareness.

In this candid discussion, we cover the role of sharp satire and comedy in highlighting key issues within the psychedelic community.

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