#18: Beyond the Headlines: Psychedelic Journalism With Shayla Love

Renowned mental health journalist, Shayla Love, sheds light on the current landscape of psychedelic journalism — its unique challenges, ethical dilemmas, and its impact on public perception.
By Tripsitter With Special Guest Shayla Love · Last Updated: May 30, 2024
Last Updated: May 30, 2024

Topics Discussed: Psychedelic bias scales, patents, ethical journalism, psychosomatic illnesses, and the implication of media on public perception.

JustinRo, and James sit down with Shayla Love to discuss topics related to her work as a journalist focusing on mental health, science, and psychedelics.

We explore the importance of integrity in reporting, the challenges of covering psychedelics responsibly, the need for alternative funding models for psychedelic research, and the nuanced debates surrounding their commercialization and therapeutic potential.

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