Neau Tropics Gummies: The Future of Magic Mushroom Candy?

Neau Tropics makes some of the best magic mushroom gummies around. They are a legitimate, low-key company taking the shroom edibles world by storm…

By Connor McElroy Last Updated: January 17, 2024
Last Updated: January 17, 2024

The Neau Tropics gummies are made by the same company famous for their 6-gram magic mushroom chocolate bar.

These gummies aren’t as potent, but with 250 mg per gummy, they’re great for macrodosing, and you don’t need too many to induce a psychedelic experience. We started to feel pretty strong effects around the four-gummy mark. Eight gummies were very intense.

Neau Tropics is a reputable company in our books. There are very few red flags when we look at their gummies and chocolate treats. However, some fakes are floating around the market, so be vigilant when purchasing products labeled “Neau Tropics.” 

Neau Tropics Gummies Specs:

Tripsitter Ranking9/10Overall, one of our favorite magic mushroom gummies.
Trust Score9/10Legitimate company that uses real psilocybin mushrooms. Beware of fake “copycat” products.
Taste10/10Sour Green Apple, Peachy Lychee, Mango Tajin, & PB & J.
Cost7/10Reasonably priced compared to similar products.
Potency Per Gummy (mg)250 mg4 grams (4000 mg) of whole P. cubensis fruiting bodies in each pack.
Sold ByNeau TropicsDM the official Neau Tropics Instagram account — this company doesn’t have a website.

Are Neau Tropics Gummies Legit?

It’s impossible to tell whether a specific magic mushroom edible is 100% legit. These products are unregulated and illegal — even in Canada, where the market is booming. 

Without individually testing each psilocybin edible purchased, it’s impossible to know for sure whether the edible contains psilocybin sourced from magic mushrooms or a similar synthetic research chemical. However, some companies are more reputable than others. Neau Tropics is one of these companies. 

We’re pretty impressed with the Neau Tropics brand as a whole, but let’s take a look at the red and green flags we’ve discovered:

Red Flags 🔻

There are very few red flags for the legitimate Neau Tropics brand. However, several copycats are reproducing Neau Tropics packaging and selling inactive gummies and chocolate or products containing psychedelic research chemicals under the brand name. 

Neau Tropics doesn’t have a website. If you come across a website with Neau Tropics in the name, it’s a scam. If you want to purchase legitimate Neau Tropics gummies or chocolates, contact them through their Instagram or X (formally Twitter) page.

Green Flags 💚

Neau Tropics has a large social following, and several big names in the space support them. Neau Tropics chocolate and gummies have also been mentioned and tested on a few large podcasts. Joe Rogan has mentioned Neau Tropics, and they’ve been featured on the “Bad Friends” podcast with Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino. 

The team is also open to questions and is transparent with their ingredients. Although they don’t have a website, Neau Tropics’ social media accounts provide a wealth of information, and the team is happy to answer any queries.  

This company has a growing following of loyal, happy customers who keep returning for more. Although Neau Tropics operates in a “low-key” way, they appear legit. They’re not afraid to promote their products and are advocates for the recreational and medical use of psilocybin mushrooms.

The Potency of Neau Tropics Gummies

Neau Tropics gummies come in packs of 16. Each pack contains the equivalent of four grams of whole Psilocybe cubensis fruiting bodies — this works out to 0.25 grams (250 mg) per gummy. 

For microdosing, split the gummies in half. For macrodosing, take a whole single gummy. For a true psychedelic dose, take three or more gummies. 

The beauty of the Neau Tropics gummies is the dosage control. Individuals who want to experience the psychedelic effects of psilocybin can consume three or four gummies, wait an hour or so, and then increase the dose incrementally, one gummy at a time.

What Do Neau Tropics Gummies Taste Like?

Neau Tropics gummies come in four flavors: sour green apple, peachy lychee, mango tajin, and PB & J. 

The entire range of gummies is 100% vegan, all-natural, and organic. They have a soft, gummy texture with a powdered sugar coating. Although there are whole, ground mushrooms in these gummies, the strong, fruity flavors cover up their earthy taste. 

Where to Buy Neau Tropics Gummies

Naeu Tropics doesn’t have a physical website. If you see a website claiming to be “Neau Tropics,” don’t trust it — they’ll either sell you a fake product or take your money and run. 

Neau Tropics gummies can be purchased by sending them a direct message through one of their official Instagram accounts: @neautropics or @neautropics.official

Alternatives to Neau Tropics Gummies

Although Neau Tropics is fantastic, they’re not the only legitimate company making psilocybin gummies from real magic mushrooms. 

If you’re in the market for some psilocybin gummies, check out these three alternatives:

1. Blu Bijou Magic Mushroom Gummies

The Blu Bijou magic mushroom gummies come in two flavors — BLU RASP (sour blue raspberry) and Ki-Berry (strawberry kiwi). These gummies have been developed by Blu Bijou using lyophilized (freeze-dried) Psilocybe cubensis Goldmember mushrooms supplied by Blue Goba. 

Blue Goba is a popular Canada-based magic mushroom vendor that sells high-quality dehydrated and freeze-dried mushrooms as well as a range of legitimate psilocybin edibles. 

Each pack of Blu Bijou gummies — regardless of the flavor — contains 4000 mg of P. cubensis in total, spread across eight individual gummies dosed at 500 mg per piece. The gummies can be divided for a microdose, eaten whole for a light psychedelic dose, or consumed as multiples for a true psychedelic experience. 

We’ve awarded the Blu Bijou gummies a 10/10 Tripsitter ranking for their remarkable taste and potency and a 10/10 trust score for their transparency with ingredients and psilocybin source. You can purchase these gummies directly from Blue Goba (Canadian shipping only). 

2. Bright Future Nootropic Gummies

The Bright Future Nootropic gummies contain genuine psilocybin and come in a choice of three tantalizing flavors — raspberry daiquiri, mojito, and strawberry lemonade margarita. They are sold in 3000 mg packs of 10 gummies, with each gummy containing a 300 mg dose of Psilocybe cubensis

The gummies can be split in half for microdosing, eaten whole for macrodosing, or consumed in multiples to induce a psychedelic trip. 

Bright Future is a legitimate brand with a large following. They have hundreds of happy customers and openly label the ingredients used in their range of products. 

We’ve awarded the Bright Future Nootropic gummies a 9/10 Tripsitter Ranking and a 10/10 Trust Score. You can buy them directly from Bright Future or the magic mushroom vendor Zoomies (Canada only).

3. Euphoria Psychedelics Magic Mushroom Gummies

Euphoria Psychedelics is a seemingly legitimate brand with some unusual (in a good way) psilocybin gummies. These gummies are sold individually and molded to resemble an eight-block Lego brick. Each whole gummy contains 1000 mg of “magic mushrooms,” which can be consumed whole for a psychedelic experience or split into eight 125 mg microdoses. 

These gummies come in three flavors — blue raspberry, red cherry, orange, and watermelon. They can be purchased from the Canada-based psychedelics vendor Zoomies. 

There’s not a lot of information on the source of psilocybin that Euphoria Psychedelics uses in their gummies. However, the brand sells a range of tea blends containing whole, dried Psilocybe cubensis shrooms, so we’re pretty certain they use similar mushrooms in their edibles. 

The company has received positive feedback through vendor reviews and reports on magic mushroom subreddits. The only complaint we’ve seen is that they’re a little on the weak side. If you’re looking to consume a strong psychedelic dose, two or more whole gummies may be required. 

We’ve given the Euphoria Psychedelics gummies a Tripsitter Ranking of 8/10 for their unique “Lego brick” concept, potency, and flavor options. They get a 7/10 Trust Score — this could be improved if they were more transparent with their source of psilocybin and ingredient lists. 

4. Moons Magic Mushroom Gummies

The Moons magic mushroom gummies are available from Dose in a range of flavors, including blackberry, lychee, mango, and passionfruit. They come in 3000 mg packs, with each pack containing 20 gummies that are individually dosed with 150 mg of Psilocybe cubensis

This company is transparent with the ingredients used in the gummies, and user reports claim that the high induced by the Moons gummies is “natural” and “soft,” like a trip on raw P. cubensis shrooms. 

We’ve awarded the Moons psilocybin gummies a Tripsitter ranking of 8/10 and a Trust Score of 7/10. These gummies appear legit and are sold by a reputable Canadian magic mushroom vendor (Dose).   

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re interested in buying shroom edibles, you might have other questions. Here are the answers to some common FAQs so you can be fully prepared. 

1. Does Psilocybin Show Up on Drug Tests?

Most roadside and employment drug tests don’t react to psilocybin or any other compounds found in magic mushrooms. Psilocybin-specific test kits do exist, but it’s rare for employers and the police to test for the substance because of its low risk of abuse. 

Typical drug tests check for the presence of THC (found in cannabis), cocaine, amphetamines, and opiates. More “invasive” drug tests that check the blood for the presence of illegal substances can also detect barbiturates, benzodiazepines, MDMA, methadone, and phencyclidine (PCP)

With that said, it’s incredibly irresponsible to consume psychedelic doses of magic mushrooms in the workplace, while in control of heavy machinery, or while behind the wheel of a car. 

2. Can You Take Magic Mushrooms While on Medication?

It’s unwise to combine magic mushrooms with other substances. Some medications may react with psilocybin negatively. Combining shrooms with medication should be approached with caution.

Psilocybin affects serotonin levels in the brain. Combining it with other drugs that impact the same regions, such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) or monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), can lead to serotonin syndrome — a potentially serious condition.

Antidepressants and pain medications in the benzodiazepine class can interfere with the effectiveness of magic mushrooms. In fact, many people use benzos as “trip killers” — a means to stop a trip when the experience takes a dark turn. 

Combining benzodiazepines and mushrooms is unwise. It can lead to a reduction in the effectiveness of both substances and could lead to unpredictable reactions.

Other medications, such as antipsychotics and anxiolytics, may also react with psilocybin, potentially reducing the effectiveness of both substances and leading to unpredictable reactions. 

The way most medications interact with psilocybin is not yet fully understood. It’s unwise to combine magic mushrooms or psilocybin edibles with any form of medication.

3. Why Are Set and Setting Important When Tripping on Magic Mushrooms?

Set and setting are crucial to get right when using magic mushrooms because they significantly influence the overall psychedelic experience.

Here’s what they are and why they’re so important:

  1. Set — Set refers to the individual’s mental state when taking magic mushrooms. Shrooms can intensify emotions and thought patterns, making the set extremely important. If the individual is in a dark, stressed, or anxious state of mind, they may have a challenging experience (a bad trip) on mushrooms. The set should be calm, collected, and open for a pleasant experience. 
  2. Setting — Setting refers to the physical surroundings in which the individual consumes magic mushrooms. The setting helps keep the individual in a good mindset. Make the surroundings comfortable and inviting by laying out blankets, creating dim, atmospheric lighting, and playing soothing music. This will help enhance the experience and put the individual on the path to an enjoyable experience. 

4. How Should You Store Magic Mushroom Gummies?

Magic mushrooms naturally lose potency over time. The psilocybin and psilocin within them break down, lessening their psychedelic effect. The same goes for psilocybin gummies — they will become less potent over time. 

Correctly storing your raw shrooms and magic mushroom gummies will reduce the rate at which the active alkaloids break down. Store them in airtight containers and leave them in a cool, dark place. Gummies may be stored in the refrigerator (do this if the manufacturer recommends it), but this can alter the taste and texture of the gummies.