How Much Does LSD Cost?

Expect to pay around $10–$20 for a single tab of acid where its use is widespread and up to $40 where it’s harder to find.

By Dan Simms Last Updated: January 11, 2024
Last Updated: January 11, 2024

LSD prices can be confusing to the uninitiated. Seemingly identical products can cost different prices, and it’s not clear at a glance why.

This article explains all of the factors that determine how much LSD can cost, including potency, delivery method, and where you live.

What’s the Average Cost Per Hit of LSD?

The average cost per hit of LSD is anywhere from $10-$20, although it depends heavily on the delivery mechanism and potency. This works out to around $0.13 per µg of LSD (estimated). 

Some places in the US and Europe can expect to pay up to $40 per tab, and in Australia it’s common to pay closer to $50 for the same amount. 

Different forms of LSD have different potency levels, so comparing costs would ideally be measured per microgram to put products on the same footing. Unfortunately, the dose varies significantly from one tab to another, making it difficult to accurately determine the cost of LSD per µg.

A standard dose of LSD is said to be around 80 µg, but some samples have tested as high as 180 µg.

Based on the information available, we can estimate the rough cost of LSD according to the availability of LSD (corresponding to legal status) and potency (based on low, medium, or high potency acid tabs). 

Estimating the cost of LSD according to legal status and potency: 

Legal Status & AvailabilityLow Potency (~80 mcg)Moderate Potency (~120 mcg)High Potency (~180 mcg)
Places Where LSD Is Decriminalized & Widespread$10/tab ($0.13/µg)$15/tab ($0.13/µg)$20/tab ($0.11/µg)
Places Where LSD is Illegal, but Common$20/tab ($0.25/µg)$30/tab ($0.25/µg)$40/tab ($0.22/µg)
Places Where LSD is Strictly Banned & Hard to Find$30/tab ($0.38/µg)$40/tab ($0.33/µg)$50/tab ($0.28/µg)

What Factors Affect the Price of LSD?

It’s impossible to quote a single price for LSD because it varies depending on where you live, how much you buy, the delivery mechanism, and potency. Below is a price breakdown based on each of these factors.

Prices vary naturally with location depending on unknowable factors like local supply and demand and the cost of living. However, one factor that plays a major role in determining LSD’s prices is its legal status.

LSD is banned in most of the United States and Canada, meaning that users must locate black-market dealers and purchase tabs discreetly. Most dealers charge a premium for the additional risk they’re taking, and prices can be 20–30% higher where LSD is illegal. 

Places where LSD is decriminalized — such as Oregon, California, Washington DC, and Vancouver, Canada — usually enjoy lower prices because of the lower risk associated with its possession and sale. Supply is often higher in these places as well, encouraging competition and driving prices down. 

2. Order Quantity

Buying in bulk is a great way to save money since most dealers will offer you a discount if you buy more. 

You don’t have to worry about tabs going bad as long as you’re storing your LSD properly, keeping them in an airtight container at room temperature, or in the fridge or freezer for longer periods of time.

Many people purchase one to two tabs at a time and wind up paying significantly more in the long run, so consider placing larger orders and setting it aside if you know you’re going to use it eventually.

Ideally, you should use your acid within three years of purchasing it to get the most out of it. The longer you wait, the weaker it becomes. 

3. The Delivery Method

Different delivery methods have different prices that depend on the demand for the product. Some less common items like sugar cubes usually cost significantly more than blotter paper, for example.

A) What Does a Vial of Liquid LSD Cost?

A vial of liquid LSD usually contains 100 doses and costs between $200 and $500. Liquid LSD is less convenient than tabs and degrades potency more rapidly, so buying in bulk isn’t always possible. 

However, vials are usually less expensive than blotter paper on a per-microgram basis.

B) What Does LSD Blotter Paper Cost?

Blotter acid is the most popular way people take LSD. Full sheets contain around 900 tabs or doses each and sell for anywhere from $2500–$6,000 if you buy the whole sheet or around $10 per tab.

C) What Do LSD Micro Dots Cost?

Micro dots aren’t nearly as popular as they used to be, so the price fluctuates more than with other dosing methods based on supply and demand. Micro dots usually cost between $2 and $10 for a single 80-100 microgram dose. 

D) What Do LSD Sugar Cubes Cost?

Although they can be slightly more expensive in some cases, sugar cubes cost about the same as tabs. A sugar cube carrying a single hit of liquid LSD usually costs between $15 and $30.

E) What Do LSD Gel Tabs Cost?

LSD gel tabs are the least common delivery method, as they are relatively new to the psychedelic scene. Given their novelty, they typically fetch the highest prices. They also tend to be stronger than other methods, which raises the total price even if the price per microgram stays constant. Gel tabs usually cost between $15 and $40 per hit.

4. Potency

Potency is the most important factor that determines LSD’s price. Highly potent products are often sought after, making them more expensive per microgram than regular-strength options. 

Although unadulterated liquid LSD has a predetermined potency, tabs, micro dots, sugar cubes, and gel tabs can all vary by tens or even hundreds of micrograms each.

Many people pay a premium for high-potency hits, so don’t expect 350-microgram gel tabs to be only three to four times more expensive than standard 100-microgram tabs. They’re usually much more expensive. 

Similarly, microdoses often cost more per microgram as well. Since the demand for these products is low, dealers often raise the prices to make them worth their while.

Wrapping Up: How Much Should You Pay for LSD?

LSD prices depend on many things, making them difficult to estimate in general. Your location, local supply and demand, potency, legality, and delivery method are the most important factors that determine how much you’ll pay for LSD. 

In general, you can expect to pay between $10 and $20 per hit of LSD in places where LSD use is widespread and upwards of $40 or $50 where it’s strictly prohibited and hard to find. 

Remember to compare prices on a per microgram basis since higher potency products will be more expensive. Niche items like extremely high or low potency tabs usually cost more per microgram since their demand is lower.

LSD users who live in one of the few places where it has been decriminalized will often find that prices are considerably lower due to decreased risk for dealers and a greater supply.