MXPr (Methoxetamine Analog)

By Enrique Santos Last Updated: June 19, 2023
Last Updated: June 19, 2023

MXPr — also known as methoxpropamine — is a synthetic dissociative and, to a lesser degree, stimulant, and hallucinogenic drug. It belongs to the drug family known as the arylcyclohexylamines, which houses some of the most well-known dissociative compounds available, including both ketamine and PCP (phencyclidine).

Although initially developed as an antidepressant, nowadays, the use of MXPr is exclusively recreational. Its effects profile has been compared to ketamine, but the most comparable compound in terms of effects profile is MXE (methoxetamine).

MXPr Specs

Chemical Name2-Oxo-3′-methoxy-PCPr
Level of RiskModerate to High
Most Common Side EffectsPsychosis, Seizures, Anxiety, Paranoia, Agitation, Confusion. Increased heart rate and blood pressure, Palpitations, Chest pain, and Difficulty breathing.
Duration of EffectsTwo to five hours
Estimated Threshold DoseUnknown
Common DoseUnknown
Legality/StatusResearch Chemical
PubChem ID:155817932

Tripsitter Safe MXPr Guidelines

  • 🐍 I understand why arylcyclohexylamine should be treated with respect
  • ⚖️ I’m familiar with the laws for substituted amphetamines in my country & state
  • 🍄 I’m familiar with and confident in the dose I’m taking
  • 🧪 I’ve tested a sample of the substance I’m using with a drug-testing kit
  • 💊 I’m not mixing any medications or other substances with MXPr
  • 🏔 I’m in a safe & comfortable environment with people I trust
  • 🐺 One of the members of my group is responsible and sober (AKA a trip sitter)
  • ⏳ I have nothing important scheduled for after the trip
  • 🧠 I’m in a sound & healthy state of mind
  • ❤️ I don’t have any underlying health issues — don’t take MXPr if you have underlying heart, neurological, or psychiatric disorders
  • 👭 Use the buddy system — MXPr can remove your inhibition and allow you to make unsafe decisions, always stay with people you trust, and never go out alone
  • 🌵 I understand the risk of dehydration — it’s easy to become dehydrated while on MXPr, so make sure you’re drinking a cup of water every hour while using MXPr
  • 🦻 Protect your hearing — music can be intoxicating while on MXPr, so protect your hearing and bring ear protection before you go out to a club or concert

What Are The Effects of MXPr?

Given its status as an arylcyclohexylamine and its close structural similarity with MXE, we can be reasonably sure as to the broad contours of MXPr’s effects profile. MXPr displays the traditional dissociative, stimulant, and hallucinogenic properties usually associated with other substances in its class.

Arylcyclohexylamine produces a distinctively intense, chaotic, and hard-to-describe dissociative experience. Apart from the loss of motor control and the sometimes manic and even psychotic states these compounds can produce, these dissociative experiences are often depicted in strange terms. Hearing things like “I was walking behind myself” or “I was unaffected by time” is not unusual.

However, this is true for pretty much all arylcyclohexylamines. Instead, what seasoned dissociative users truly want to know is how the subjective effects produced by MXPr stack up against other substances in its class.

Unfortunately, MXPr has not been studied in peer-reviewed journals, and even the discussion in designer drug forums only is quite lacking. Usually, this points to a disappointing effects profile as not many people feel the need to discuss their experiences, but it could also mean other things, like difficulty acquiring the drug due to synthesizing difficulties.

What little we were able to find on MXPr was not very encouraging.

Several users reported that, in comparison to MXE, the drug lacked euphoric potential. Also, it seems that although the dissociative effects are quite clear, there is also limited potential for a ‘hole-like’ experience. In psychonaut lingo, a ‘hole’ refers to a state of intense dissociation, usually needing a high dose to be achieved.

One user described his experience with MXPr as such:

I laid in my bed with chill tunes to enjoy the dissociation, but it was lacking something. I love the full body massage that ketamine gives you while you are floating through the wonderful Close-Eyed Visuals (CVEs), but nothing happened. There was only the feeling of dissociation, so I dosed 20 mg again because I wanted to cross dimensions. But these 20 mg only made the dissociation stronger. It felt very cold without euphoria and no CEVs. I craved a hole-like experience and redosed 30 mg again, so I had about 100 mg MXPr within an hour. Now the full body massage began, and it was more joyful than before. But still, no CEVs or alternated thoughts, only cold dissociation. […] It was the most unsatisfactory dissociative experience in my life ever.

Until the conversation surrounding MXPr begins to perk up, there is truly very little we can state with confidence. However, from what little is available, it seems MXPr is a somewhat disappointing compound and does not produce the euphoric effects of MXE.

Is MXPr Addictive?

When it comes to the addictive potential of MXPr, there is nothing we can really say except what is already known about arylcyclohexylamine compounds as a whole.

Arylcyclohexylamine drugs, as strong dissociative compounds, display a more attenuated potential for addiction when compared to more popular recreational substances such as alcohol and cocaine.

Even though arylcyclohexylamines utilize some of the same mechanisms of action as these other, more addictive drugs – and thus should technically hold the same capacity to produce physical addiction symptoms – they are simply not as addictive.

We suspect the strong dissociative nature of their effects has a lot to do with this. As with pure psychedelic compounds, intense dissociative trips just do not stimulate the psychology of addiction in the same way as pure stimulants or pure depressants do.

However, this, of course, does not mean that someone cannot become addicted to arylcyclohexylamine. They absolutely can, especially if they’re using them to cover up some kind of psychological disturbance in their lives.

It should be noted that arylcyclohexylamines do have the ability to produce physical dependence and even withdrawal symptoms. As with other compounds in its class, MXPr likely presents cross-tolerance with all dissociatives, meaning that after the consumption of MXPr, all dissociatives will have a reduced effect.

Is MXPr Safe? Risks & Side-Effects

MXPr — and arylcyclohexylamine as a whole —can be considered to be relatively safer than pure stimulants like cocaine and pure depressants like benzodiazepines or barbiturates.

However, if MXPr is consumed recklessly and risk factors are not avoided, it can definitely result in harm.

The most dangerous aspects of arylcyclohexylamine come from their effects on dopamine and serotonin, which may include:

  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Seizures
  • Psychosis & delusional thought patterns
  • Dehydration & hyperthermia
  • Overdose
  • Serotonin syndrome
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Sexual dysfunctions
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Disinhibition & increased risk-taking behavior